3 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids!

easy magic tricks for kidsThe world is a magical place for a child. There is always something new and exciting to learn. Many children and adults are amazed and fascinated by magic tricks. There is something exciting about being able to do the impossible. Did you know that kids can learn how to do magic tricks? You may think that is hard to believe when you see some of the exciting things magicians can do. Kids too can learn to become magicians. With enough practice they will be able to impress anyone they meet. The key is to start small with some easy magic tricks for kids. Once they have mastered these simple magic tricks you can try some more advanced ones. You may even end up learning a few easy magic tricks to impress your adult friends. Most people love a good magic show!

1. Magic Card Trick Introduction

Here is a simple card trick that you can easily learn. You can use any deck of cards and it doesn’t require any prep work beforehand. In this card trick you give the spectator three cards to choose from. They pick one of the cards from the three cards. You then put all three cards back into the card pile one at a time and shuffle the deck. Then pull out and reveal the card that was chosen by the spectator.


  • Deck of cards

How it’s done:

You can start by having a spectator look at the deck so they can see it is an ordinary deck of cards. Next have them shuffle the deck for you. When they hand the deck back to you, hold it upright so that the card fronts are facing your audience.

Pull up the second, third, and fourth cards from the back of the deck to display them. Do not pull the cards all the way out, just high enough for people to see the cards. Keep one card on the top of the deck hidden behind the other three cards. Your audience doesn’t know that card is there. It’s a secret!

Now ask one of your spectators to select one of the cards by pointing at the first, second, or third fanned card. Then ask them to remember which one they chose, one, two, or three. Once they select a card, gather the cards together at the top of the deck. Remember to keep the secret card on top of the other tree.

Based on the card that the spectator selected, you will select that many cards from the top of the deck and place them somewhere in the middle of the deck. It is important to do this step with the cards facing down so that everyone can only see the back of the deck. Do this one card at a time saying the number of the card you are placing in the middle of the deck. Do not show the cards to your audience. They don’t know that their card will actually be left on top.

Now you can say a magic word or tap the top of the deck and tell them that their card has magically risen to the top. Flip the card over and hold it up for them to see! There are all kinds of other really cool card tricks your kids can learn if they enjoy them.

2. Spoon Bending

Here is a trick you can perform at any restaurant. For this trick you are going to bend an average spoon for your spectator. Just when they think you have bent the restaurant’s spoon you will magically return it to normal, showing no harm was done to the spoon. This can be done with any spoon anywhere!


  • Spoon

How it’s done:

The key to performing easy magic tricks for kids like this is all in how you hold the spoon while “bending” it. Grab the spoon and hold it with both hands closed around the handle. Make sure that the spoon isn’t peeking out the top of your hands. Now place the bottom bowl of the spoon, open side up, onto the table. As you begin to press down on the spoon you allow the handle to slide along the inside of your hand until it reaches the bottom of your palm. This makes it look like the spoon is bending from the spectator’s point of view, even though you are not bending it at all. Your other hand that appears to be gripping the spoon is hiding the spoon handle sliding in your first hand.

This will take some practice to get right, so that no one can tell what the spoon is doing in your hands. Once you have bent the spoon, simply lift it up off the table I both hands and flip it back over so that everyone can see the spoon is still straight. This is a perfect trick to show everyone at a family dinner. If you have grandma and grandpa in town visiting, give it a try in front of them. They will think this is a much harder trick, and never know it is one of the easy magic tricks for kids.

3. Sawing a Lady in Half

Before you get worried that your child will be using a saw this is a much simpler version of the trick. You will not need a stage, saw, or a volunteer. This is a similar trick using a paper and cutting it in half. Your child will be using a pair of scissors for this trick.

The magician takes a paper doll and puts it inside of a paper tube. The spectators will be able to see her head and feet sticking out of both ends. The magician then cuts the paper tube in half. When the doll is pulled out you can see that she is still in one piece!


  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Envelope
  • Scissors

To do this trick there is a bit of preparation that needs to be done. First close the envelope and cut off the ends. You want the tube to be about four inches in length. You will also need to cut a strip that is about 1.5” wide from the piece of paper. Cut it across the width of an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper so that it will be 8.5” inches long.

Now flatten the tube and cut two slits into the bottom of it. You want to make the slits wide enough for the paper doll to fit in. This is the secret to making easy magic tricks for kids like this work. Now you are ready to preform your magic trick for everyone!

Take the paper tube and slide the doll into it. Once the doll enters the tube pass her through the first slit and out the back of the tube. As the doll is pushed further into the tube you will need to push her back inside of the tube using the next slit in the tube. From the back of the tube the paper dolls middle section will be outside of the tube.

Now you begin to cut the envelope tube in half. Make sure that the bottoms of the scissors are between the paper doll and the envelope. You only want to cut the envelope and not the doll! Make sure you hold the doll and envelope face up so that no one can see the back. Once the envelope is cut in half hold the two pieces together and slide the paper doll back out of the envelope. Show everyone the two pieces you cut and that the paper doll is still in one piece.

You can even allow people to examine the paper doll if you want to. Just make sure that you crumble up and toss the envelope as quickly as possible. You don’t want people asking to see it. Remember it has the slits you cut in the back and will give your trick away. To repeat easy magic tricks for kids like this you will need to grab new supplies. This trick can only be performed once unless you have prepared a few envelopes in advance.  You can always show them one of your other great magic tricks!

Now that you have some fun easy magic tricks for kids to can teach them to your own kids. Help them master their magic skills and impress friends and family with the great trick you just learned. If they really enjoy watching and learning new tricks, teach them some more simple magic tricks to become a great magician. If they really enjoy being a magician and learning how the tricks are done you can even show them how movie tricks are done. They are bound to be fascinated by the way we create visual effects for movies. It’s almost like being a magician! If you find out that these easy magic tricks for kids are not for your kid, you can always try something else like training your dog to do tricks. Kids love animals and will have a blast helping to teach your pet new tricks!