Easy Hairstyles for Work: Looking Immaculate Quickly and Seamlessly

Easy Hairstyles for WorkWe all know how important it is to look our best at work, especially when aiming for that top promotion. It’s not just about the clothes that you wear to the office, however, as it is the entire package. It’s the shoes on your feet; the makeup on your face and the hair on your head. Only once you’ve taken all aspects of your outfit into account can you feel 100% sure that you’re looking your best! If you want to learn more about easy hairstyles for work, you should enroll in this Udemy course, Makeup, Hair and Beauty Genius, by Marie Claire.

Looking immaculate for your office environment is critical, but it can also take time. Unless you’re planning on waking up two hours before work starts, every morning, then you need some quick fixes. Here are some of the best, quick and easy hairstyles for work that will help you look tip top (and maybe even secure that promotion).

The Top Knot

The Top Knot became a huge fashion statement over the last year, with many celebrities and models rocking this look. Not only is it fashionable, but it looks smart and presentable for work too. It can take just a matter of minutes to get the perfect top knot, giving you more time to enjoy your mornings. This style works well with slightly dirty hair, so you do not need to wash and blow dry in the morning! Make sure that your bun is high up on your head and that all stray hairs have been swept away. Here’s the step by step instructions for the perfect top knot:

  1. Brush your hair straight upward, as if you were to put it into a high ponytail.

  2. Pull the freshly brushed hair to the top of your head (a good top knot should sit flat at the top, not too far back).

  3. Secure with an elastic band so that it looks like a high pony.

  4. Twist the hair in your ponytail around until it forms a bun, before securing with a hair elastic. Keep the knot smaller than your fist for a more professional look.

  5. Cover with with a light mist of hairspray to keep your locks in place all day.

Bangs Pinned Back

Pinning your bangs back is the perfect way to look presentable, as well as keeping your hair away from your face. There’s nothing professional about bangs hanging in front of your eyes when you’re trying to work. Carry bobby pins around with you and you’ll be able to recreate this look whenever you need it; perfect for sprucing up tired hair in the afternoon. For the best pinned back bangs follow these steps:

  1. Brush your hair through, so that it is sleek and natural looking.

  2. Grab a three-inch section from the front of your hair (the bangs) and separate it from the rest.

  3. Pull that section back, twisting the ends gently to create a smaller surface for the bobby pins to hold.

  4. You can create a bigger front by pushing the section forward slightly, or leave it so that it is almost flat on your scalp.

  5. Secure with bobby pins, and you’re ready to go!

Sleek Side Pony

This is one style that you can use for any occasion; whether it’s to impress at the office or for a night out with the ladies after work. A sleek side pony says that you mean to do business, but that you like to let your hair down every once in a while. It can take just a matter of minutes to complete and works best with clean and shiny hair. Here’s how to get it done:

  1. If you’ve just washed your hair then ensure to blow-dry and brush downwards, to get that sleek starting point.

  2. Use a little bit of Argan Oil on your fingertips and run through your hair to create double the shine.

  3. Brush all of your hair to one side, using a soft paddle brush. Ensure there are no strays anywhere, that could ruin your look!

  4. Use a hair elastic to secure your pony to the side, letting it sit just on your shoulder or slightly lower.

  5. Finally, you can tousle some of the front strands and bangs in order to slightly relax the look. Alternatively, leave it as it is and get ready to impress.

 High Volume Up-Do

Adding volume to your hair does not need to involve lots of backcombing, hairspray and split ends. You certainly don’t want to look like you’ve forgotten to brush your hair in the morning! If you want a high volume hairstyle for work, that retains that professional vibe; then there are ways to achieve this. Before you start combing your roots and adding lashing of hairspray follow these simple steps, for the perfect high volume up-do:

  1. Grab a large section of your hair from the top; the same amount you would use if doing a half up, half down style.

  2. Brush from your forehead back, to hide your parting and to give the front a smooth look.

  3. Use a hair elastic to loosely secure the top section – somewhere between the roots and the tips is perfect. Remember, keep it loose!

  4. The section from the hair elastic downwards (including the elastic) can now be crammed underneath the rest of your hair, at the crown of your head. Make sure it is all hidden nicely.

  5. Secure around the bottom of your up-do using bobby pins and finish with a small amount of hairspray, to keep your style in place. You’ll love how great your hair looks and feels, especially compared to backcombing.

So, there you have it; four incredibly easy hairstyles for the office, that will take minutes, not hours. Next time you are running late for work, but still want to look your best, just follow the directions to your favorite style, and you’ll be ready in no time! In addition, keep your appearance in tip-top shape by taking these Udemy courses, Decades of Beauty and How to Be a Perfect 10: Improve Your Inner and Outer Beauty. Futhermore, for warm-weather beauty tips, you should read this Udemy blog, Summer Beauty Tips That Work for All Women.