Easy Hairstyles For School: Sleep In and Look Great!

Easy Hairstyles For SchoolYou wake up at 6 am and hit snooze consistently every 15 minutes until 7:15 am.  Once you realize how close it is to 8, you jump out of bed and throw on a t-shirt and jeans while slapping your favorite watch onto your wrist. You grab your book bag, keys, and before you rush out the door – you have a quick look in the mirror.  You see: disaster.  You look like you just got out of bed, because, well—you did!

No matter if you are in twelfth grade, going for your Master’s degree, or a work professional – chances are, this scenario has happened to you at one time or another.  However, fear not sleepy bed heads!  We have just the perfect easy hairstyles for school just for you!  Read on to see how you can achieve a fun and easy look minutes before you walk out the door.

Easy School Hairdos for Short Hair

People seem to think that once you have short hair, all of your hair problems will be solved.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Although short hair may seem like less maintenance, sometimes it is the complete opposite.  Short hair definitely requires a solid amount of attention.  However, with these fun and easy hairstyles for short hair, you will look like you had an easy breezy morning.  Check these out:

The Pixie Do: Short pixie cuts are always trendy, no matter what the season.  They look clean, put together, and low maintenance.  If you have a short cut, to achieve a pixie look, simply blow dry your hair forward with your fingers.  This will help to define your layers and keep the hair around your face looking soft and feminine.  Some women might think that pixie cute would make them look boyish, but they can actually accentuate your feminine features quite nicely.  Finish off your look with a cute headband or barrette to achieve a feminine and soft look.

Soft Curls: Soft curls around your face will be sure to achieve a sweet and soft look without looking overly pampered.  To add a few curls in your hair, simply part some strands to their side of your face.  Take a 1” curling iron, and randomly grab pieces of hair to curl throughout your head.  This should not take too long since you hair is short.  Finally, use a straightening iron, or the same curler, and flatten out your bangs.  Make sure that you run your fingers through your hair to de-tighten your curls for a more relaxed feel.

Half-Up Do: Half-up dos can be a cute look for short hair as well; especially if your hair reaches down past your chin.  Simply blow dry your hair and toss it around a bit to give it some volume.  However, if you are in a hurry, feel free to omit this step.  Take the top half of your hair back and secure it with some bobby pins.  If you have very thick hair, feel free to use a rubber band for position.  However, bobby pins will keep your look looking more relaxed and breezy.

Bed head: Here is a fun way to rock the look you wake up with!  If you are not a morning person, wash your hair the night before, braid your hair into two French braids while still wet, and go to sleep.  Simply wake up in the morning and un-do your braids for a fun wavy texture!

Easy School Hairdos for Long Hair

Long hair might seem like more of a hassle, but you have more lee-way and more options since you have more hair to work with.  There are plenty of ways you can look put-together without having to set back your alarm clock.  Here are some great options:

Braided Do: Simple or messy braids will give you a sweet and romantic look any day.  Choose whoever braid-type you desire, however, fishtail braids are becoming a popular go-to braid choice.  Once you finish off your braid, pull down a few strands of hair around your face for a flowing and whimsical feel.  Braids do not have to be perfect—messy braids make for a fun and chic look.

Waves: If you have long hair, you might have heavy hair too.  An easy way to lighten up your look a little bit is through waves.  You can do this be easily wrapping about 1 inch of your hair around a curling iron.  Work through most, or all, sections of your hair depending on the look you want to achieve.  Once you are done, brush out your curls for a soft and “beachy” feel.

Braided Bangs: Although this look can be for short hair as well, it is easier to achieve with longer hair because of the amount you have to work with.  It is a great way to keep your bangs out of your face while adding a fun difference to your look.  Simply section out a piece of your bangs and being braiding.  Keep braiding until you reach the end of your other ear, and keep it secured into your head with some bobby pins or a hairclip.  Feel free to style the rest of your hair any way you would like!

Side Pony:  Ready for an eighties flashback?  The side pony is a fun way to add some kick to a regular ponytail look.  Brush all your hair to one side of your head.  Pull all your hair together behind your ears and secure it with a rubber band.  Make sure that your side pony tail is falling onto your chest.  Secure all loose strands with hairspray or bobby pins, and rock this throwback look!

No Need to Get Up Early!

So, remember, do not feel overwhelmed if you have 20 minutes or less to put together a cute-do before rushing out the door.  These looks will be sure to satisfy any of your time-constrained needs.  For any other hair-related issues, be sure to check out Udemy’s helpful online courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home.  Style away!