Easy Drawings Step by Step

easy drawings step by stepIt is a rainy day and you have a house full of restless children. Teaching drawing will keep them busy and entertained. Maybe you harbour a secret desire to be a Pixar animator yourself.  Or your husband always wanted to be Charles Schultz, the Charlie Brown and Snoopy animator. With these easy drawings step by step tips, the whole family can realize their artistic ambitions by the end of the day!

Drawing simple characters is a good way to learn the basics and secrets of drawing. Creating an art school for kids is easy and fun. We have developed three easy drawing projects to fill the day. If you can draw circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles, you can do these drawing exercises.

Drawing Animals

First, let’s draw a cute kitten.

  1. Start by drawing an imaginary line around a kitten’s face.  What shape is it? It is a wide oval shape.  Draw the oval shape. The height is about two-thirds of the width.
  2. Draw a vertical line through the middle of the kitten’s face.
  3. Draw a horizontal line about one-third up from the bottom.
  4. Let’s draw the nose. At the intersection of these two lines, draw a small triangle pointing downwards.
  5. Next, we will draw the cheeks and tongue. Draw two circles for the cheeks one on each side of the nose below the horizontal line.
  6. The tongue is centered over the vertical line. Draw an oval shape below the circles. The top of the oval overlaps with the bottom of the two circles.  Now erase the oval lines inside of the two circles.
  7. The eyes are two large raindrops pointing downward on a slant towards the nose.  The degree of the slant of each eye is the same as that of the respective sides of the triangle.  If you were to extend the sides of the triangle, they would run through the middle of the eyes.  For the eyeballs, draw a smaller raindrop within each eye.
  8. For the ears, draw two large triangles on the top of the head on either side of the vertical line.  The sides of the triangle are slightly rounded, just like a kitten’s ear.  For the folds of the ear, draw a vertical line parallel to the innermost side of the ear about one-quarter of the width of the ear.
  9. Do not forget the whiskers!  From the middle of the cheeks, draw horizontal lines extending past the side of the face. Meow!
  10. Now you can color your cat.  Is he a tabby cat?  Draw a few a horizontal lines on the forehead. like a tiger’s stripes.  Or does he have leopard spots?  Or maybe he is a Siamese cat with dark circles around his eyes and dark ears.

If you can draw shapes, you can draw animals.  To draw other animals, start by outlining the shape of the animal features.  Have fun!

For more practice in simple characters, check out Easy Drawing Tutorials.

Drawing Cartoons

People love drawing the Simpsons.  This crazy family is one of the easiest cartoons to draw.  Let’s start with Bart.  Once you have mastered Bart, the rest of the Simpson clan is easy.  Bart’s face is most often drawn turned slightly to one side.  In this drawing, Bart’s face is turned to his right.

In these instructions, right and left, refer to your right and left.

  1. Start by tracing the shape of Bart’s head with your finger.  What shape is it?  A rectangle.  Correct.
  2. Draw a rectangle on a slight left angle.  The right vertical line is slightly higher than the left vertical line.
  3. For his neck, draw a small rectangle positioned sideways, with the longest sides running horizontally.
  4. To fill in the face, imagine four vertical lines running down the face. Draw a hard vertical line down the first line from the right side of the face.  The left side of the face is now three-quarters of the width and the right side is one quarter.
  5. Imagine there are 8 horizontal sections running down the face.  You may lightly draw in the six middle lines, or use a ruler to mark their place. From the top, draw a hard horizontal line over lines 1 and 5.
  6. Centered over line five on the left side of the face, draw a circle whose right side touches the vertical line in the centre.  The width of the circle should be about three-quarters of the width of the left side of the face.  On the right side of the face, draw a slightly smaller circle that overlaps the left eye and on the right side extends an equal amount past the face.  Draw a black dot in the centre of each circle.
  7. Under the eyes, draw an oval for the nose.  One quarter of the nose is on the left side of the face. Three quarters of the nose is on the right side of the face.  On the right side, slightly overlap the bottom of the right eye.
  8. For ears, on the left side, draw a semi-circle between the horizontal line and bottom of the face.  On the right side, draw a semi-circle half the size of the left ear just above the right eye.
  9. For the mouth, place your pencil on the bottom left corner of the face. Move your pencil to the right one-fifth the way across the face.  Draw a small line slanted to the right.  Burt now has a small smirk on his face.
  10. For the hair, draw triangles, or vertical spikes, across the top one-eighth of the head, so the hair is between the top of the head and the first vertical line.
  11. Erase your vertical and horizontal construction lines.  You are finished.  Color Burt’s face yellow.

Now you are ready to draw the whole Simpson clan.  Start by outlining the shape of each character’s face with your finger.  Then, outline and draw the shapes of all the facial features.

Whether or not you plan to have your own comic strip, Drawing Cartoon Characters is fun and relaxing, and you can add some humor, which can be therapeutic.  For more training in easy drawings step by step, the Beginners Guide to Drawing Cute Cartoon Characters takes beginners from building faces to building bodies in two hours.

Draw a Game Character

Do you want to be a Manga artist? Next, we are going to learn how to draw a game character.  What types of characters do you want to draw?  Draw your avatar.  Draw characters for an online game.

  1. Draw an oval shape for the face.
  2. Draw a vertical line down the middle of the face. Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the face. Divide the bottom half of the face into four quarters horizontally.
  3. At the intersection of the vertical line and middle line of the bottom half, draw the nose. Draw the sides of a triangle pointing downwards. On the upper right tip of the triangle, draw a vertical line to the half way marker. Draw the same vertical line on the left side. You should have formed a long rectangle for the middle of the nose. For the nostrils, draw half a triangle on both sides of the nose. The triangle starts above the quarter marker and ends about halfway up the rectangle.
  4. We will use the horizontal middle line of the face as the guide for drawing ears. Just above the middle line, on the right side, draw a rectangle that ends just above the quarter point marker. Now redraw the outer vertical line of the rectangle so that it runs parallel to the contour of the face. Draw an ear on the left side. The ears run from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose.
  5. The mouth is an almond shape whose bottom dips slightly below the quarter horizontal marker. Draw a horizontal line through the mouth. The upper lip should be thinner than the bottom.
  6. For the eyes, on the halfway horizontal marker, draw circles for the eyeballs placed in the middle of either side of the face. Draw almond shapes around the eyeballs. Draw a vertical line from the bottom of the ear to the forehead. The length of the almonds runs from just before the nose rectangle to this vertical line.
  7. Form the eyelids, draw a line above and parallel to the top of the almond. Draw the eyebrows.
  8. Draw the hairstyle.
  9. Once the facial features are in place, round out and shade the features.

If you want even more of a challenge, from have head to body to full blown animation, enroll in 2D Video Game Character Animation for Beginners.

Drawing the Head on An Angle

This head is drawn on a left angle.

  1. Take a photo of a face on a left angle.
  2. Start by drawing a perfectly round circle on the image using the top of the skull as your guide.
  3. On the right side of the circle, draw an oval shape inside the circle. Imagine a vertical line running from the top to the bottom of the circle divided into six even parts.   The oval starts at one-sixth from the top and ends at one-sixth from the bottom.
  4. Inside the oval, draw a line from the top of the ear to the top of the eyebrow, and extend it to the far side of the circle.
  5. Starting from the bottom of the oval, draw a parallel horizontal line.
  6. How do you find the nose? Sketch in the side of the face and chin. Draw a vertical line from the point of the chin to the forehead. The nose tip is at the intersection of this line and the bottom horizontal line.
  7. Sketch in the rest of the face.

Once you have drawn the circle, oval and line from the top of the ear to the eyebrows, you can draw a face on any angle. As you move the head to the left, the oval becomes wider. As you move the head to the right, the oval becomes narrower.

As you move the head up to look at the sky or down to look at the earth, follow the ear-to-eyebrow alignment. From this marker, you can sketch the rest of the face.

Practice with the avatar heads below.  Use the skull as a guideline to find the perfect circle.  Draw the oval.  Then, draw the angle line from the ear-to-eyebrow.  You can use this template for head angles when drawing characters.

Easy Drawings Step by Step

In a future article, we will look at easy drawing tips for bodies. Meanwhile, here are more ideas for easy drawings step by step.  If you want to work on characters, enroll in Quick and Quirky Characters – Learn in an Hour.  If you want to move beyond characters, nature is a favorite subject of ink drawers.  Draw flowers and other inspirations from nature while receiving instruction in Pen & Ink Drawings for Beginners.