For employees to succeed at work, it’s essential they not only have access to learning, but also have the right support from their company through dedicated L&D professionals, managers, and peers who each play a role in facilitating an employee’s growth. These individuals can provide the guidance and support needed to help employees see what skills they need to develop next and how it’s tied back to their current goals and future opportunities. 

Here at Udemy for Business, we recently made it even easier for L&D leaders to drive learning and help all employees reach their potential by introducing a number of new features to course assignments.

Introducing a new Assigned Courses page

L&D leaders can leverage a central repository to view all courses that have been assigned to employees. From here, they can see who is assigning courses and which courses are being leveraged the most.

Setting a due date to drive completion

To ensure learners have a completion goal associated with their learning and deadline to work towards, assigners now have the option to set a due date when making a course assignment. 

If a course assignment includes a due date, users will see the recommended due date in their course assignment email. Users will also receive an email reminder at the midway point between the date the course was assigned and the due date to keep them motivated. 

Monitoring progress on Assigned Courses

Our Course Insights dashboard now includes information on course assignments, such as progress on assigned courses by assignee, assigner, and due date (if applicable).

Unassigning a course 

If a skill is no longer relevant for an employee or a course assignment was made by mistake, assigners can now easily unassign the course. Unassigning a course will remove the course from the employee’s home page. If the employee has not yet started the course, this action will also unenroll them from the course as well.

A smarter ‘Assigned to You’ unit 

One of the first things an employee sees when they log into their Udemy for Business account is the ‘Assigned to You’ unit. Now, courses are ordered based on most recently assigned. Archived and completed courses are removed from this unit to ensure learners see the most relevant courses first.

Notifications of course assignments

When a course is assigned to an employee, they will be notified via email immediately. The email will be sent from the Assigner and will indicate which course has been assigned to them as well as the due date if applicable. If a due date is set, employees will also receive a reminder email at the midway point from the date the course is assigned to them to the actual due date.

Looking forward, our team is dedicated to ensuring we not only continue to provide the most relevant and fresh content employees need to prepare for whatever comes next, but also to provide the tools and features L&D leaders can leverage to adequately support their employees in achieving their personal learning goals and overall business objectives.

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