Dreams, What Do They Mean? An Easy Interpretation Guide

dreams what do they meanIf you have ever had an especially clear or vivid dream, then you already know how profoundly these night time experiences can effect you.  The strong emotions and clearly remembered imagery have a certain way of coloring your thoughts and actions the next day, every but as much as your waking experiences do.   A dream about a significant other cheating on you might cause you to behave in a hurt and upset manner all day (much to the chagrin and confusion of your partner), while a steamy, romantic dream about a coworker might have you suddenly thinking about them in an entirely different light.

Many believe there is a science to dreams, and most of it can be explained with the help pf psychology.  Psychology is the study of the human mind, and you are not likely to find the mind in a more unfiltered state than while dreaming.  In fact, some of the objects and experiences we encounter in dreams are so common, and so universal that experts have assigned specific meanings to some of them.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common dream symbols, and what they mean.

Feeling Trapped

dreams what do they meanIn your dream, maybe you are stuck inside a small room, or unable to get up from a chair.  These feelings of being trapped can sometime segue quite literally into the feelings you are experiencing in your waking life.  Is it possible that you were promised a promotion six months ago, but have never heard anything about it since?  Is your romantic relationship stifling you?  While these dreams of feeling trapped can sometimes be intense and frightening, they are really just your brain’s way of telling you that you deserve better, because you are worth more.  Consider these dreams carefully, and see of there are any steps you might take to progress beyond these real life obstacles.

Nudity or Nakedness

dreams what do they meanOkay, so tell me if this one sounds familiar: you’re sitting in math class, or you are up in front of a crowd, about to being an important presentation, when you slowly begin to realize that you are naked.  The remainder of the dream is spent either trying to cover yourself up, or coming up with a believable reason why you showed up to school like this.

These dreams are the result of a fear of exposure.  Perhaps you fear that you are inadequate in some way  be it romantically, professionally or academically.  It could also be that you do not have faith in your own abilities, and you are afraid that someone will find out that you are a fraud.  These dreams suggest an issue with self esteem.  Taking a moment to explore your feelings might lead you to discover you are in need of a confidence boost.  Listen to yourself in these instances, and see if you can turn these feelings around for the better.


dreamswhatdotheymeanSeeing or feeling yourself fall in a dream can be one of the most jarring, and easily remembered images we experience (the falling sensation often being the thing that wakes us up).  These dreams often signify a loss of control or the fear of failing.  Are you trying to solve relationship problems?  Is there a class in school that has you feeling lost and overwhelmed?  Often these waking feelings of emotional free fall can translate quite literally in our dreams.

In these cases, often the best thing you can do is look to those around you for help.  Don’t suffer in silence, but rather try opening up to friends, coworkers, classmates or your partner, and speak openly about the fact that you need some extra support.  Whether that support comes in the form of training classes, a tutor, or some couples counseling, it is bound to help you feel more empowered.


dreams what do they meanAnother common dream symbol is that of a house.  Sometimes, you may be back in the home you grew up in.  Other times, you may be in a house you are familiar with, but something is strange or different about it.  Is there an extra room you never noticed before?  Are the stairs upside-down?  Seeing houses in your dreams symbolizes your inner psyche, or your state of mind.

Have you ever had that dream where you know you are in a friends house, but you are being told it is your own?  There can be feelings of frustration in those dreams, and maybe even some mistrust of the person telling you this.  Perhaps the house you dream about is a sprawling and complex labyrinth of rooms and hallways – this may indicate a desire to understand your own mind, and have more control over it.  Reflect on what the people and objects seen in the house mean for you, and why they might have shown up as being “on your mind”.


dreamswhatdotheymeanSeeing someone die (or perhaps, seeing your own death) in a dream can be a startling, and emotional experience.  Even if all you see is indirect imagery such as gravestones, a casket, or an empty hospital bed, in your state of dreaming, it is clear that someone you love is gone.  When you wake up, and realize that the person you dreamed about is still living, the feelings of relief can be profound.

While these images are sometimes scary, and often very sad, seeing death in a dream typically does not symbolize an actual death at all.  Rather, death in dreams is a symbol of change.  Sometimes even profound change.  Has your life gone through upheaval recently?  Or are you about to?  Moving to a new city, leaving a long time job, divorce, marriage, a new baby – these are all things which might trigger a grim set of dreams.  Rest assured, this is not a precognitive vision.  It’s more that your subconscious mind has a hard time being subtle.


dreams what do they meanSpeak to anyone, anywhere, and I’ll bet you they’ve had a weird dream involving teeth.  Perhaps their teeth were all crooked in the dream, or even falling out.  Sometimes you might see images of yourself with broken or otherwise damaged teeth, and sometimes you may have more teeth than you should.  These are grotesque and often disturbing images which can leave you feeling uncomfortable about yourself the next morning.

Seeing images of your teeth looking unnatural in dreams can signify an overall concern about your appearance.  It may be related to a little holiday weight gain, or even just a generalized feeling of getting older.  These dreams are telling you to take a positive and proactive approach to your own health.  When you are doing more to ensure that you are fit, you are going to feel much better about yourself, and deservedly so.


dreamswhatdotheymeanWell, we can’t very well have a blog about dream interpretations without talking about those sex dreams.  Everything from the hot and steamy to the bizarre has its way of showing up in your dreams unexpectedly, and it can often leave you wondering what it was all about.

While dreaming about sex can absolutely be boiled down to the simple desire for more meaningful and loving physical intimacy, it may also just be feelings of connection with a person.  Why on Earth did you see yourself with the guy who works at the bank?  Maybe it’s because he cracked a joke that really made you laugh, or because he is always so nice, and you look forward to seeing him.  As I said earlier, sometimes your brain just has a hard time being subtle.