Does He Like Me by His Body Language: 10 Clever Clues

Does he like me body languageMost girls have absolutely no idea when a guy is interested in them. It’s understandable to be clueless when it comes to picking up on that particular type of body language. Some women  have to get hit over the head with cupid’s arrow to get their attention. It’s partly because here in the America, guys tend to be less obvious when they’re interested in a girl, and less likely to actually do something about it. In Europe, all you have to do is make eye contact with a member of the opposite sex and he will shadow you the rest of the day.

That said, this list of helpful does he like me body language tips is sure to be a beneficial guide for decoding the signals that a male suitor is looking to steal more than just an admiring glance. This information will reveal if he’s about the steal the heart.

1. A Raised Brow

A raised eyebrow is a tell-tall sign of definite curiosity. The expression is universal and dates back as far as the cave man. Right before the unsuspecting cavewomen was clubbed and pulled by her hair back to the man cave, her cave man probably raised both eyebrows in eager anticipation. The key to picking up on the raised eyebrow is timing. The entire action takes place in a split second. So watching for it is key. The proper reciprocal gesture would be to meet the man’s gaze and hold it for a few seconds before looking away.

2. Leaning In

Depending on the setting and seating arrangement a man who is interested is likely to lean in and point his entire upper body the direction of his object of affection. This gesture might even include turning his back on others to focus entirely his mark. That’s not by accident. He’s giving the not-so-subtle signal that he’s engaged in an important conversation and does not want to be “blocked” by the competition. Face reading is another good way to tell if someone’s interested or not.

3. Using Hands  

Anyone who’s ever had to sit on their hands to tell an entire joke will relate how difficult it is getting to the punch line without using hand gestures? Some people use their hands excessively to communicate and a man who is looking to get to know a girl will use his hands more than he ordinarily would. Body language expert and author Janine Driver describes people who talk with their hands as being perceived as more likeable. Additionally, if he’s grabbing at his belt loops or hanging his thumbs from his pockets, basically looking like a sixth-grader talking to a girl on the playground, there’s a very high probability that his does he like me body language is registering a “yes.”

4. Hair Tease

Women are experts when it comes to the hair tease. Men do the same thing when they’re interested in a special gal. A guy who’s had his interest piqued will twirl little tufts of hair (while grinning ever so slightly), fluff up his hair and play with it. Bald men obviously don’t have any hair to twirl. But, if there’s a guy stroking facial hair or a mustache, chances are there’s a girl in close proximity he’s got his eye on.

5. He Keeps Pace

Research says men slow down for love.  So if there’s a couple walking together and the guy is miles ahead, or lagging behind, that’s a bad sign for the future. But if he’s by the girl’s side, even if she has long, gazette-like sprinter legs, he’s probably a keeper.

6. Imitation

Couples who have been dating awhile can gauge if the thrill is gone by seeing how closely their lover imitates them. Experts say that a man who likes a woman subconsciously does what she does. The analogy is a mime with his hands up pretending there’s a person on the other side. If a guy is interested he’ll match his actions with the girls, even start repeating expressions and phrases, claiming them as his own. If the love is fading, the last thing on his tongue will be anything that reminds him of the girl he’s hoping to forget.

7. Good Listening

It might seem obvious but it’s amazing how many guys glaze over when a woman talks childhood or life goals. It’s one thing to poach glances at a television screen in a sports bar, but quite another to downright stare into outer space as a girl bares her heart and soul, while the dude is completely checked out. Leaning in and holding eye contact are good ways to measure does he like me body language, to see if he’s really listening.

Good listening is a skill that one can learn and is acquired when tired of the constant drone of an all-wrapped-up-in-me voice. Companies emphasize it as the cornerstone to high productivity. It’s extremely important in many aspects of life. In fact, there’s only one exception where it doesn’t count. After a couple has been together years, the guy is merely practicing the fine art of “tuning out,” which plenty of parents regularly exercise with their youngsters. In the beginning, however, a man should be hanging on every fascinating word, if he’s really interested.

8. Circus Act Behavior

Even men who think they have game often struggle with insecurity when it comes down to going for the “ask.” If his personality is shy to begin with he might test a women’s enthusiasm with something a subtle as a tie adjustment. For many women who need a flashing red light and siren noises, that’s not going to register. If he’s a bit more outgoing he’ll probably turn into a giant clown, telling jokes and tap dancing on the table (not literally, but that’s the idea). If he’s practically doing handstands to get a woman’s attention, he likes her.

9. Arm Guide

Call it old-fashioned but there’s a certain charm when a gentleman guides his girl through a crowd by placing a hand on the elbow or the small of a back. It’s a two-fold gesture really. I’m taking care of this person and back off everyone else. Another thing a guy could do to demonstrate affection is change positions with the woman while they are walking along a busy street. Meaning, he’s the one closest to oncoming traffic and she is on the inside. That’s a protective sign (and also him beating his chest that he’s the big strong man), but it’s adorable anyway.

10. Giving Tone

Former President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy was described as “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Men who lower their voice and speak softly to a woman are sending a very clear non-verbal cue that these words are not for anyone else.  Even better if there’s a private topic or secret communicated — that means there’s a certain level of trust present. A guy wouldn’t spill secrets to just anyone.

Of course, there’s always the possibility a guy might just come right out and confess his growing attraction, but it either happens or it doesn’t. Men are a lot more like women than they would care to admit when it comes to the ego and taking risks. Nobody likes to feel rejected and often the does he like me body language cues are merely ways men test the water, to try and avoid disappointment and find proof that the feeling is mutual. Either way, every girl should know what to watch for with these helpful clues.

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