dobermantrainingTraining a new pet can be trying. If you just brought a new doberman into your household, you might be looking for some advice on the best way to train him or her. Even as puppies, dobermans are easy to train as they are considered a highly intelligent breed of dog seemingly capable of sensing what its master is wanting. If you’re looking for some extra help on training your doberman, why not try the tips and tricks below?

You can get more help on training your puppy by taking an online puppy politeness course.

Start Early

Puppies are adorable, no matter the dog breed, and doberman puppies are no exception. However, behaviors that are adorable in puppies are not so adorable in grown dobermans. It might be cute when he gnaws on your toes or fingers because it doesn’t really hurt and seems more like play, but it will definitely be painful when he’s grown. Plus, you will have bigger problems if he decides to play the chew game with one of your neighbor’s cats.

So, no matter how cute it is, if you are not going to want that behavior in him when he’s an adult, start training him not to do that now. Isn’t it adorable when he grabs one of your socks and runs about the house with it? It won’t be so adorable after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars replacing chewed-up socks. Don’t you love it when he jumps up on you begging for attention? You won’t love it so much when he weighs somewhere between 75 and 91 pounds. Train him now to avoid problems later.

Find the Appropriate Collar

A puppy won’t need more than the usual collar. She won’t be strong enough to pull you until she’s much larger. Again, remember that while it’s adorable now to let your little puppy run about wherever she wishes, it’s not going to be as pleasant later when she’s older and you’re trying to control her. Teach her to walk by your side early on, and you will have fewer problems later.

If your doberman happens to be a larger male, you might want to consider purchasing a head collar as they establish dominance and give you greater control over your dog’s movements. When used correctly, this item should not harm your dog in the least. If you would rather train your dog to walk on a regular collar, you can try a polite leash walking class online to help you.

Be Firm But Loving

Teaching your doberman wrong from right is not an excuse to be cruel to your dog. dobermans are smart, and they can learn easily that a firm tone of voice means they’re doing something bad. There is no need to strike your dog to punish it. When he does well, reward him. Avoid edible treats as dobermans do have a tendency toward food aggression. Instead, you can use toys or try clicker training. If you are worried about clicker training, you can read up on some of the myths debunked before attempting it. Whatever you decide to do, just remember that while it might seem cute now that your puppy tries to be dominating it can become a much larger problem when they’re bigger.

Teach Your Doberman Tricks

As stated before, dobermans are extremely intelligent, and there’s no reason to waste that intelligence. Teach your dog tricks so he can get the most out of his intelligence; you can try using this course to teach your doberman 25 different tricks. Some owners have taught their dobermans how to recycle plastic bottles, others have trained theirs to fetch a plastic bag when doing their business out in public locations. One owner even taught his doberman to carry things until told to drop them. You can also teach your doberman to pick up items you drop so she can help out with her own care like picking up her own food bowl to bring it to you to fill. One owner has even reported teaching her dog numerous phrases for one command just by speaking to her as if she were a human. If you want to connect with other Doberman owners for trick ideas, you can join a forum.

Dobermans Have a Good Sense for Things

This was also stated before, but it should be repeated. Dobermans have a pretty good sense about what you’re feeling and what you’re asking just depending on your tone of voice. This makes it easy for you to praise your dog because the change in your tone is enough for your doberman to know you’re happy with him. It also makes it easy to punish him because the upset tone to your voice will tell him you are not happy with him. If you have kids, this sixth sense that dobermans appear to have also makes them great family dogs. Plus, dobermans have so much energy, they’ll be able to keep up with your child’s never ending desire for fun. You could even have your child help with your dog’s training so that the bond between them is even stronger.

Final Words

A doberman can be a great addition to your family, but he can also be a terror if left unchecked. Just keep these words of advice in mind, and you and your dog will have fewer problems. Just remember that your dog is an intelligent creature and eager to please. Use that to your advantage to teach him some amazing tricks that will impress your friends and family. Remember, however, that he is a living creature just like you, and he won’t do as well when overstimulated. Never let your puppy get away with something you don’t want him to do later on, and remember that the right collar can make all the difference. If you still need more help, try Training Your Dog 101, or contact your local pet shop for classes or trainers in the area. If you are a doberman owner and have advice to give to new doberman owners, leave it in the comments below.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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