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disadvantages of cloud computing


Cloud Computing is the new buzz phrase and this technology is steadily gaining popularity in business. It’s on its way to becoming a household term and very soon we may see widespread applications of Cloud Computing. Smartphone applications use cloud computing technology to let you store and access data that normally won’t fit on your handheld device. Research institutions use cloud computing for massive data and information storage. Video game companies too are experimenting of utilizing the infrastructure of cloud computing so that you can access games at a lower investment and cost. Though cloud computing is on its way of becoming a huge success and there is lot of business value in cloud computing, still there are reservations about using this technology. More research and developments are required to do away with the disadvantages and drawbacks of Cloud Computing so that it can be used extensively in business and industry.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a type of computing or practice of using a network of shared remote servers and computing resources hosted on the Internet. These resources are used instead of the hard drives of local servers or personal computers to store, manage, and process data. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet and Cloud computing is a great way of offloading your desktop applications to the Internet. Cloud computing systems generally have a front end, the area which you as a user see and use, and a back end, which stores your data and handles the applications and software you need. In simple words, Cloud computing can be compared to the model of timesharing. A timesharing computer system connects multiple users to a single, central computer processor and all the computing or storage operations are handled by the central machine. Introduction to Cloud Computing explains what it is, how it works, and how to make it work for you.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing works out perfectly well for certain corporations. It may save costs of buying costly hardware and computers with enhanced memory and processing speed, and also reduce investment on general utility software and applications. Cloud infrastructure also helps clients to be able to access their applications and data from anywhere at any time. They can access the cloud computing system using any computer linked to the Internet. Cloud computing releases data and applications from being confined to the hard drive of one user’s computer or to the company’s internal network.

Though Cloud computing may have several benefits of saving time and money for businesses, but like any other technology it has its share of disadvantages. So it’s important to know the shortcomings and potential problems before you decide to replace your IT infrastructure and opt for the virtual facilities on the internet or cloud.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:


Working off your hard drive is how the computer industry functioned for decades and some argue it is superior to cloud computing. But if you want to try cloud computing, it may be a good idea to start slowly, and replace one or two of your business applications to see if this option works for you. The Cloud and You course will guide you on how to exploit the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of cloud computing. You can dig further and discover the details and technologies required to build infrastructure of virtual networks and cloud services


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