Devil Tarot: A Warning From the Winged Satyr

devil tarotTarot cards are used as a fortune telling device that, after several hundred years in use, is still quite popular, even in our modern, technologically driven society. The Tarot deck includes 78 cards, and are broken up into two parts, the 56-card Minor Arcana, which contains different suits (wands, cups, swords, and circles), and the 22-card Major Arcana, also known as trumps. The cards that make up the Major Arcana include the Hermit, the Chariot, the Fool, and our subject for today, the Devil, which is the fifteenth trump card.

Even if you’re not an expert on Tarot, or have any idea about the different cards found in the deck, you can probably figure out that coming across the Devil card doesn’t always bode well for the recipient. Most of the cards found in Tarot can have multiple meanings depending on their locations, and what other cards they’re combined with, and the Devil card is no different, but it is imbued with a bit more negativity and bad tidings than most of the other cards. This article on the Hermit Tarot will tell you all about another Major Arcana card, and this course on explaining the Tarot through storytelling lays out Tarot’s meanings with stories.

The Devil Card Explained

The image that’s found on the Devil Tarot card is that of the half man, half goat creature known as the Satyr, which can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. This beast is known for being lustful and dirty, and sometimes acts as a scapegoat, onto whom people may project their faults and problems. The devil is depicted as having the wings of a bat, who sucks out our life and vitality. There is also an inverted pentagram on this card, depicting the the darker, more evil side of the Tarot and occultism. At the devil’s feet are a are a naked man and woman, chained to the devil’s pedestal, but upon closer inspection, the chains are easily removable, indicating our voluntary bondage, which can be removed with conscious effort. In some depictions, the man and woman have small horns and tails, showing that the longer they stay there, the more like the devil they become.

If you’re already a practitioner of Tarot, and are considering making a job out of it, this course on mastering the Tarot for profit, and this course on becoming a professional Tarot reader from scratch will both teach you all you need to know to make Tarot reading your profession.

The Devil in the Past, Present, and Future Positions

One of the many different meanings a Tarot card can take on is its position in either the past, present, or future, and this position alters the card’s meaning. In the past position, The Devil is a positive card to come across. It indicates that you were at one point in your past dealing with a domineering person or situation, but you have since broken free, and the lessons that you learned from the experience currently influence you, and have helped you lay a new, more positive foundation.

In the present, The Devil is meant to be a wake up call, opening your eyes to a situation that imprisons you, but one that you may have embraced at one point in time. This situation is making you a victim, and is holding you back in some way, whether it’s an addiction, or a harmful personal relationship. The Devil is letting you know that this situation is preventing you from being your true self.

In the future position, The Devil card is meant to warn you that your current habits are setting you up to be taken advantage of by users, takers, or anyone else who may try to stop you from accomplishing your goals. The Devil is not all bad for your future, and it simply asks that you stop lying to yourself, examine your life, and do your best to minimize whatever potentially harmful things you are setting up for yourself. Once this self-examination has been completed, you should be able to move ahead in life confidently.

The Devil Applied to Aspects of Your Life

Not only do the Tarot cards inform you of the temporal parts of your life, they can also offer information about the specifics of your everyday existence.

  • Work: The Death card tells you that your current job may be leaving you feeling trapped, and you can’t leave because of the perceived financial security, and comfort you feel. If you force yourself to stay in this job, Death reminds you that whatever unhappiness may result is your own doing, but you have the ability to find happiness, and you are the only one that is trapping yourself.
  • Love: You or your current long-time love may be feeling as if you’re trapped in your relationship, and you should try to talk about it if you wish to save it, otherwise you should end things. If you’re searching for love, you’re beginning to feel (and look) desperate, which could be scaring off potential mates. You should take a break from the hunt for love, get to know yourself a little better, then get back out there.
  • Money: If money’s not already tight for you, it may be in the near future, so be prepared to deal with it calmly, and to not be afraid to ask for help. If you’re loaded at the moment, don’t be foolish with money, and save up for a rainy day.
  • Health: Right now, you’re stressed, tired, and overworked, and exercise may be a great help to you. If you’re dealing with a chronic disease, make sure it doesn’t define you, and use it as an opportunity to grow as a person.

The Death card is a bit negative, but certainly isn’t all bad, and more than anything else it’s more of a wakeup call for you to change whatever negativity or staleness is affecting you. As the illustration on the card suggests, you are the one that needs to break the chains that enslave you, and if you have the will, you’ll reap the benefits. This course on positive thinking will help if you need a better outlook on life so you can break your own chains.