decision making quotesDeciding to decide, to move boldly into a choice without hesitation can be a daunting experience. It isn’t easy to choose, especially when you have a bevy of options presented in front of you. You can do the old fashioned pros and cons list, base your decision on the votes of your friends or family, or you can simply toss a coin. Whatever you do, the root of decision making often goes back to, “All roads lead to the same path.”

If you believe you can’t make the “wrong,” decision, but rather receive a valuable lesson if it doesn’t go as planned, then you’ll feel more confident making a decision. One thing is for sure, you can’t go on very long without deciding in one direction or another. It’s been said that you don’t make a decision, the Universe, God, or someone will make ti for you and wouldn’t you rather feel like you had a say in the matter? It’s common to feel conflicted when you have multiple paths to walk, a collection of quotes about decision making may help you find the inspiration you need to move in the right direction. Whatever you choose, follow your heart, trust your gut and go forth with confidence!

Decision Making Quotes

The hardest step is just starting, so pick a choice and be prepared to quickly change routes if you have to, or ride the wave and see what you learn along the journey.

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