5 Cute Ways to Say “I Love You”

cute ways to say i love youYou don’t have to verbally or otherwise directly tell someone you love them in order to express the sentiment. Whether it’s a friend, a love interest, or a significant other, there are plenty of cute ways to say “I love you” that don’t actually involve those exact words. Read below for five ideas, and surprise a special person in your life today!

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#1 – Cook Them Dinner

Not many things say “I love you” stronger than making an effort to cater to your loved one. This is especially the case if you’re not someone who cooks often, or even at all! Find a recipe that you think your loved one might like, swing by the grocery store, and start cooking! Try to have a meal complete by the time they come home. Or, propose the plan ahead of time and cook together, if they want to. Check out this course on gourmet cooking made easy for some ideas.

Again, if you don’t do it often, it can be a fun new experience, but make sure you’re cooking something that they like. If you’ve just chosen your favorite recipe, it kind of beats the purpose. (Of course, if you both like the same thing, all the better!)

If you don’t have a kitchen, or cooking a full meal is out of the question, you can also bake them cookies or take them out to a nice restaurant – just make sure that you pay. If you’re doing something nice for another person, it’s customary that you pick up the tab, even if you usually split the bill. Make it a date, or an otherwise special occasion, by going out of your way to make sure they’re having the best and most unburdened time.

#2 – Date Night

If you know your loved one has been stressed, plan a night in based entirely around them. Get your hands on their favorite movie, TV show, video or board game, order or cook them their favorite meal, clean up the house before they arrive, and make sure they have everything they need. Not every night has to be a huge, fancy ordeal or a night out for it to matter.

Sometimes, especially if a person is stressed, they just want to relax and zone out on the couch with the person they care about. Give that to them. Make sure you listen when they want you to, and don’t bring up anything they don’t want to talk about. Most importantly of all, make sure it’s unconditional. No matter what you do for them, if you’re doing it without the assumption that you deserve something for the effort, that selflessness will shine through and it will be much appreciated.

Remember that love is what you do, not what you feel. If you show how much you care without expecting a reward for it, that’s the strongest love of all. Listening at full attention is  great way to show someone you care, but the ability doesn’t always come naturally to people. Check out this course on conscious listening for tips.

#3 – Make Them Something Unique

Everyone is different, and enjoys different things. Maybe your partner is a huge fan of poetry, or maybe they love video games. Nail down their interests, and encapsulate your appreciation for them by making something custom tailored in their name. Write them a poem in their favorite style, draw them a picture, or compose them a song. Align your own talents with their interests and create something they can cherish. You can even make them a small computer game if they like games. Take an introduction to game design course for help, or dive into some more advanced game development and make them something large scale.

Go out of your way to learn something that you can use to make them happy. They’ll appreciate both the effort you’ve made, and the resulting product, even if it’s not expert quality. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

#4 – Make Life Easier For Them

Sometimes, saying “I love you” goes beyond gifts and nice words and date night dinners. Sometimes, even with a nice new gift or a card, life gets in the way and makes it difficult to kick back and enjoy the cute stuff. Get rid of that burden for your loved one by going out of your way to make life easier for them.

Are the dishes piling up while your partner is slaving away at work, likely dreading the amount of work they need to do once they get home? Are they stressing over the long errand run they need to make this weekend, between all the other work they need to get done? Well, what are you waiting for? Grab their grocery list, head on over to the store, and get started on those mounting house chores.

Clear out the stress in their life without them even knowing it. Let them come home to a spotless house, and one or two huge things to cross off their to-do list, and give them a chance to relax when they otherwise thought they couldn’t!

#5 – Remember What Love Is

Love means different things for different people. One of the best things you can do for your partner is find out what love means to them. Some people enjoy being showered with gifts, some people couldn’t care less about gifts and only want to be told, in words, how much they’re loved. To some people, words mean less than actions.

No love “language” is inherently right or wrong, and just because your languages are not the same doesn’t mean you’re incompatible. It just means you need to love your partner differently than they love you. To find out what your partner wants out of a relationship, just ask them. Trust and communication are vital in any relationship, so you shouldn’t be scared to ask. Plus, it’s way better than playing the guessing game. Show your partner that you want to do what’s best for them and ask them what they want. You won’t be sorry!

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