Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Sadie’s

Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to SadiesLooking for cute ways to ask a guy to Sadie’s? If you go to a public high school and live in the US, chances are Sadie’s is coming up. So unless you want to be the odd girl out, you are going to the Sadie Hawkins dance. This tradition started when the 1930’s Li’l Abner comic strip featured Sadie Hawkins who worried she would never marry or find a date. To help her, a Sadie Hawkins Day was declared by her dad where women could chase after the eligible guys in town. This dance theme was first held in schools in the late thirties and girls got the privilege of asking out guys.

You will need cute ways to ask a guy to increase the chances of his saying yes. Remember, it won’t be the end of the world if a guy says no. After all, there are a lot of fish in the sea, so to speak, and he won’t be the only guy in the entire school. Right? Here is a course on how to boost your self-confidence which may come in handy when asking time comes around.

For those of you who have never heard of it, the Sadie Hawkins dance is a semi-formal dance sponsored by a college, middle school or high school where the girls invite the guys out. This is in contrast to the custom where guys invite girls out to dances in schools such as the Homecoming dance in the fall and Prom in the spring. The thing is, many girls freak out when it comes to asking out that certain someone. Here is a course about how to transform self-doubt into confidence that may help you ask your crush to Sadie’s. Remember, asking a guy out to Sadie’s in a cute way is totally personal! You can ask him just by going up to him with a few cupcakes (everyone knows the way to a guy’s heart is with food) or you can turn it into a huge deal, like doing an interpretative dance or giving him a great gift. Here is a great article about gift-giving ideas that you may be able to grab some ideas from!

This might be the perfect moment for me to tell you that when it comes to Sadie’s, having a plan A and a plan B is highly recommended. Having more than one guy you are thinking of asking out is a good idea so if guy number one says no, then you can go on and ask guy number two (instead of freaking out). Chances are, guy number one will say yes, since boys secretly feel flattered when they get asked. The best option would be to consider asking someone you actually like, since a Sadie Hawkins dance may actually lead to real dating. If there is no one that comes immediately to mind, ask a best friend who happens to be a guy, since for these types of dances, best friends are okay. Here are some cute ways to ask a guy to Sadie’s.

Going Bananas

A stuffed gorilla and some bananas make for a fun invitation to Sadie Hawkins. You can buy a stuffed monkey or gorilla at the mall and many banana bunches at the grocery. Fill the locker of your date with the stuffed monkey and the bananas with a note that says, “Be my date or I’ll go bananas!” or, “You would be bananas not to go to Sadie Hawkins with me.” If you don’t know the combination to his locker, you can leave the stuffed animal and the bananas on his desk in one of his classes, on his doorstep or on top of his car’s hood.

Kidnap His Jacket

Find a way to somehow kidnap his jacket and slip a ransom note that says, “Meet me at the café and buy me some ice cream if you ever want to see your jacket again.” When you do see him at the café, hand him his jacket with a note that is visible sticking out of the jacket pocket. In the note, ask him to be your date with boxes for checking “yes” or “no.” Have him give you back the note when he has decided.

Lucky Duck

Fill up a small pool of water, which could be the inflatable kind or just a regular tub. Put this in his front yard. Fill up the ‘pool’ with rubber ducks and coins. Make a sign that says, “I’d be a lucky duck if you would go to the Sadie Hawkins’s dance with me. On one duck, write your name and on another duck, write his name. This sure is one cute way of asking him to Sadie’s!

Balloon Messages

Tape a few balloons to his locker, car or front door. Leave a message asking him to the dance. Tell him to give you back a blue balloon if his answer is yes and a white balloon if his answer is no. This way you are spared having to hear anything negative.

Be My Date

Tape some delicious store-bought dates to his windshield with a note on the package that says, “Be My Date.” Behind the package, write your name in permanent marker to let him know who is asking him.

Baked Goods

Bake him a giant cookie or cake and use frosting to print your name right in front. On top of your name, add the word, “Sadie’s.” This is sure to get him to say yes especially if you baked his favorite flavor!

Favorite Songs

Burn him a CD with all the songs he loves and have the last song be one that you recorded yourself asking him to the Sadie’s dance. He will be sure to ‘love’ your present the moment he sees that the first few songs are his favorites!

Say It with Sweets

Leave a bucket of candy on his doorstep, school, desk or car. Use a marker to ask him to the dance by writing this on the outside of the bucket. Inside the bucket, tape your name on the bottom. This way, he will have to eat or empty the entire bucket of candy to find out who asked him.

Throwing Him a Ball

For guys who love sports, ask him to the dance by throwing him a ball, literally. Buy a ball or any sports equipment that happens to correspond to his favorite sport. Use a marker to ask him to the dance such as, “Will you be my Sadie’s date?” Either toss him the ball with the line written on it or give him the equipment, such as a bike helmet.

Musical Style

Is your crush a musician? There are many students these days that play instruments and have after-school practices. Write a short note on a small piece of paper and tape this inside his guitar case or the case of the instrument he plays. If you don’t take band class with him, have someone do this for you. Of course, you can also tape this directly to his guitar.

Car Creativity

If the guy you like has a car, slip your request of asking him to Sadie’s and clip this under one windshield wiper. You can also decorate his car with balloons and ribbons to get his attention even more.

Pass a Note

Haven’t we all been guilty of note-passing in high school? For those who know how to fold notes into flower and heart shapes, doing this adds to the fun. All you need to do is write a simple note in the style of “check yes or no” and fold this in the shape of a cute heart. Hand this to him personally with fun instructions about checking the box for his response and passing the note back to you in class.

Your Own Comic Strip

Seeing how the tradition of Sadie’s started with the Li’l Abner comic strip, it is only fitting to ask a guy out using your own comics. Use art skills to draw a girl chasing a picture of the guy you want to ask out. You can leave out the ending by drawing a big question mark or you can add the ending yourself. You can also leave the space blank and have him ‘draw’ his response.

Scavenger Hunt

Ask your guy to Sadie’s by creating a scavenger hunt. Leave your first clue in his locker or on his desk. The clues tell him where to go next and you can hide clues everywhere around your school. You can leave clues at your favorite hangouts, his car or his house. At the end of the hunt, be there to greet him with a sign saying, “Will you be my date?”

Stuck On You

One cute way to ask a guy to Sadie’s is to purchase many self-sticking note pads to decorate your date’s locker, bedroom or car (whichever you have the easiest access to) and write cute sayings on the notes or leave them blank. On one of the pieces of paper write,”I’m stuck on selecting you. Will you go to Sadie’s with me?”

Before You Even Ask

Before you actually make your cute techniques of asking into a reality, there are a few things you can do beforehand to prepare yourself mentally. Sadie Hawkins events can be stressful for any girl and preparing yourself mentally for any outcome is advisable. The first thing you can do to prepare is to imagine that he says “no” to you with the worst ever excuse like, “I have to feed my hamster.”  Practice telling yourself stuff like, “Who wants to go out with someone so rude?”Preparing yourself for the worst possible scenario will help you be okay mentally when things don’t pan out the way you planned. After you are done with all the visualizing and the day for asking has come around, appear relaxed and calm. One quality that all guys find attractive is confidence. Here is a course on how to double your confidence that may help you gather enough courage to ask him out.  If he says no when you ask him to Sadie’s, ask another guy in the next day or so. Don’t take rejection personally and build your self-confidence by asking around until someone does say yes. Once someone does, mark the date of Sadie’s on your calendar and take this course on prom makeup that you could use to look your best on the big day.