5 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

cute ways to ask a girl outBetween busy workweeks and social schedules, sometimes it can be difficult to envision yourself ever finding your perfect match. Do you feel as though you’ve lost your self-confidence when you want to ask a girl out? Do beautiful women elude you? Charlie Houpert in this relationships course and the many experienced relationship and life instructors at Udemy can help you regain your confidence and help you successfully approach and ask out the woman of your dreams.

If you need immediate help, though, here are five cute ideas to help you ask a girl out.

1. Write Her a Letter

Six years ago, my sister was single, working eight hours a day in customer service and spending her evenings at home, with her plant collection and her cat. She lamented numerous times to anyone within shouting distance about what she called her “single Sally status,” and wondered, if at age 28, she was doomed to roam the earth alone. My sister had spent a number of years in and out of bad relationships, and despite her obvious physical beauty and charming personality, she couldn’t seem to snag Mr. Right. Sitting at her desk one day at work, she came across a note, stuffed stategically between the photo of her cat and her favorite troll figurine. Opening it carefully, it read, “What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?” My sister, being the clever writer that she is, responded with something clever, and a correspondence between her and Tad, who worked in the shipping department, began. Six years later, the two are married with a sweet little cat named Bruce and a vast plant collection that they share. But how can you summon the courage, like my brother-in-law Tad, to ask out your dream girl? Learn how in this course.

2. Give Her a Call

In our brave new world of Internet dating and text messaging, it’s no wonder men are afraid to approach women for a date. While social media and email help expedite our workdays, our social skills can often suffer. It makes sense: in the age of texting and social media, the need for a face-to-face conversation seems obsolete. With our noses constantly buried in our phones, we begin to forget the value in real life connections with each other. When was the last time you called anybody for social purposes? This Masterful Social Skills for Men course will help you build the confidence you need to dial those ten little numbers and reach out to the woman of your dreams. It’s really not as difficult as it may seem, and if you’re lucky, she’ll likely pick up on the first ring.

3. Give Her a Rose

While I don’t recommend randomly offering up a dozen roses before the first date, women do love thoughtful gestures like flowers and chocolates. Pick a flower outside her office and take it to her out of the blue. This doesn’t seem overly planned, and is a sweet, almost childlike way of getting her attention. My first date with my husband was at a trendy breakfast spot, and afterward we went for a little walk around the block. He knelt down at one point and grabbed a tiny daisy that was growing wildly along the sidewalk’s parking strip and handed it to me. It was goofy and sweet and made him seem vulnerable and real to me. I melted instantly and we’ve been together ever since.

4. Tell Her Fortune

I had a friend in college we’ll call him Rob, who was terrified of asking girls out. It occurred to me that maybe Rob just wasn’t clued-in to what he wanted. One day he liked party girls, the next day he wanted to settle down and get married. He couldn’t decide! Before approaching anyone, first decide what you want. Eric N. Fondren’s The Magic of Dating With Purpose will help you sit down and figure out exactly what you want in a partner and a relationship. Deciding what you want is the difficult part, but asking her out? Make it fun! Once Rob figured out that he’d set his sights on Stephanie (also not her real name) we got down to business. I helped him make a fortune cookie with a message inside that read, “Dinner tonight?” Stephanie said yes, and while they didn’t end up dating long, Rob’s confidence increased exponentially, and he now has a new, and impressive, recipe under his belt. Once you set your sights on what you want, the rest will often follow.

5. Just Ask Her!

I can’t deny the power of Internet dating. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t worked for me: after 35 years being a “single Sally” and dating the wrong people, I met my wonderful husband online, and I must admit, it took a lot of the guesswork out of dating. Profiles are quick to complete, and you don’t have to pretend you like anyone who doesn’t appeal to you. The catch with online dating though is that while you can hide behind your keyboard and screen, you can’t hide from the inevitable: you will eventually have to ask her out. It takes courage to do this. We all fear rejection, and unless you have a rock-solid ego, rejection always hurts. Beyond trying to be cute or charming or whatever, the bottom line is that asking a woman out takes guts, and that courage, for the right woman, will not go unnoticed.

Ultimately, asking anyone out can be nerve-wracking and sweat inducing. Courage is a tough thing, and facing your fear of rejection is perhaps even tougher. However, with a little help from Charlie Houpert’s Meeting Women by Being Awesome, or Aaron Marino’s Succeed in Online Dating, you’ll find that many times, women are just as nervous about approaching you as you are about approaching them, and your bravery will often get you what you want. In the wise words of Henry David Thoreau, “In the long run, you only hit what you aim at.”