Cute Hairdos for Short Hair Made Easy

cute hairdos for short hairLet’s face it, chopping all your hair off can lead you to think there’s only one hairstyle you can put it in – exactly how you cut it.  But fear no more! With a little bit of research, I’ve discovered so many cute hairdos for short hair for every hair type.  So much information exists about hair styling tips for every length that any help with what to do with short hair is priceless.  From Halle Berry to Jennifer Lawrence to Charlize Theron, the short hairdo can be sexy is so many ways.

I’ve gathered of few of the more popular styles. Enjoy!

1)      The Pixie

This cute and edgy haircut has been worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna recently. The fringe is kept extremely short with textured ends. The same ragged texture is echoed throughout the entire haircut that keeps the look blended and adds interest. Spiking up the top few layers adds a fun, trendy flair.

How to Style:

1. Use your fingers or a comb to arrange hair into place right out of the shower. Pull your bangs to the front and then lightly brush to the side. Lay your hair forward around the temples and then smooth the rest of the hair back and flat toward the nape.

2. Once you have your hair arranged and organize, you can allow hair to air dry or blow dry.

3. When your locks are completely dry, go in with your favorite styling products to polish off edges and spike up the top. Use your fingers to style for the most natural look.

Use a combo of products for this spiky hairstyle. Start with a paste to add texture and spikes then hold it in place with hairspray.

This haircut is very edgy so harder angled faces with square lines should stay away from this pixie hairstyle. Medium thickness hair that is straight or slightly wavy can pull this off. Just make sure your hair isn’t too straight that it won’t lay down flat. A pixie looks the best when it has some volume.

Cowlicks and hair growth patterns make a huge impact on all haircuts, but especially with pixie haircuts. Make sure your hair stylist examines your hair and scalp closely to create the best short haircut for you.

2)      The Side-Parted A-Line

Nothing adds flare to a hairstyle like a little asymmetry! Changing up your look like this will give you an edgier, trendier look that is sure to turn some heads.

How to Style:

  1. Apply a mousse or root boosting product to the roots of wet hair.
  2. Using a medium-sized boar bristle round brush, blow dry your hair section by section until everything is dry.
  3. If desired, used a flat iron to smooth out your hair.
  4. Finish with a shine polish or serum on the ends.

A medium-sized bristle brush will bring you the best results. It holds up well even after plenty of use and will give you enough tension to pull your thick hair straight, and get it smooth!

Someone with asymmetrical features could benefit greatly from this haircut. It will balance out and disguise one eyebrow that is perhaps higher than the other! Be sure to ask your stylist to create plenty of layers. These will prevent the cut from looking bulky and too heavy.

3)      The Smoothed Out Bob

If it’s sleek and straight you want, then this is the look for you! Short hair looks fantastic when it’s smoothed out. It really allows your cut and color to shine and steal the show!

How to Style:

  1. Apply a smoothing serum to wet hair.
  2. Using a flat paddle brush, dry your hair.
  3. Taking small sections, use a flat iron to smooth out your hair.
  4. Use a smoothing serum or shine paste on the ends of your hair.

I love Moroccan Oil when I’m flat ironing because it adds tons of shine and softness.

This style is great for those gals with thick hair that want to really accentuate a blunt bob or some fun color. Those with a longer or oval face are best suited to this style.

4)      Curls, Curls, Curls

Nothing spices up a short style like adding a little bit of curl! This style is extra simple to create and it adds an element of fanciness to an otherwise ordinary cut.

How to Style:

  1. Blow dry hair using a flat paddle brush.
  2. Using a 1-inch curling iron, take small sections and curl all of your hair.
  3. Finish with a light holding hairspray.

Try a medium hold hairspray for a nice finish that won’t leave your hair crispy and crunchy.

This style is perfect for anyone wanting to soften harsh features or for those with a narrow or square shaped face.

5)      The Volumizer

Sometimes a little volume is all a girl needs to really make an ordinary hair day extraordinary. Get out your round brush and let’s get started:

How to Style:

  1. Using a medium-sized boar bristle brush, blow dry your hair in small sections.
  2. Once hair is completely dry, back comb hair at the roots for extra volume if desired.
  3. Finish with a light hold hairspray.

Try this look if you want to make a round face look lengthened. Extra thick hair with lots of layers will add plenty of extra volume and body.

Short Hair Don’t Care!

Whether you’ve been into a short hairdo you’re whole life or you just took the leap, there are a ton of hairstyles out there for you to choose from. Short hair accentuates a woman’s naturally sexy features either in her cheekbones, the back of the neck, or the eyes for example.  With these and many more unmentioned hairdos, any short cut can really bring out your best look!

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