Customize Your Training: A New Way to Learn

Why do we settle for overly complex material for corporate training?Customize Training

Even if a new employee learns everything about Excel, they still won’t know how your company uses Excel. A program like Excel has tons of different use cases and applications, so why have your employee go through the trouble of learning everything from pivot tables to macros, when they only need to know how your company uses the product?

Custom training is the way of the future, as video production costs fall and products get easier to use. To show you how straightforward it can be to create your own online training, check out a free course called create a course taught by Dr. Audrey Heinesen, Director for Teaching and Learning at Udemy:

Instead of taking existing content that isn’t focused around your company, why not create your own tailored training? Share custom content privately with all or select employees.

To train a specific global sales team on a not-yet-announced product, create an invitation-only course. Only your specific sales team will be able to access it. While you’re on-the-move sales team hops from meeting to meeting, they consume content through mobile devices or even download for offline viewing.

You can also train your employees on large-scale HR content. Courses can be created about culture, dress code, and appropriate office behavior that will be 100% specific to your company. Train your entire team on standard compliance issues with one platform.

With online learning, you gain full control over not only the content of what your employees are being trained on, but also training quality. Quality control can be done before courses even hit your employees. With traditional employee training that requires you to hire presenters and fly them out, you never really know how great they will be and if they’re content is going to engage with your employees.

So rather than settling for courses that kind of have what you need, build your own and have it fit what your company truly needs.

A great platform for this kind of customized learning is Udemy for Organizations. Check out the free 14 day trial of the platform using the link.