Creative Thinking Techniques to Build Right Brain Muscle

creative thinking techniquesThe ability to think creatively is an important skill to develop. Although a lot of people assume that creative thinking is a talent, the ability to think creatively can be learned like most other skills. Using techniques like brainstorming and lateral thinking, you can learn to harness your right brain creative skills to maximize your ability to think creatively when faced with life’s everyday problems. If you want to learn to harness your creative brain, the Creativity Gateway: How to Enhance Use of Creative Thinking course may be just what you need.

This course, along with a few others I will recommend to you in this blog, offers you a systematic procedure for applying greater creativity in your life. It will teach you the principles and building blocks of creativity and will arm you with the latest scientific facts about creativity. It will teach you tools to help you become more creative in your daily life. You will learn to supercharge your creative energy and expand you knowledge base to enhance your networking skills and boost your creativity. As I mentioned, you can learn these skills, and you can learn them quickly with the right guidance.

When we think of creativity and creative thinking, we generally think of ideas materializing out of the blue. We think of being struck by a great idea like a bolt of lightning. But the truth is, creative thinking is often started by processes we can easily initiate ourselves at work or at home without having to wait for divine inspiration. Techniques that can help you exercise your creative brain muscle include:

·         Brainstorming

·         Mind Mapping

·         The Four W’s approach

·         Think like a Child


creative thinking techniquesThere is a reason why most creative teams like movie producers, advertising agencies and program developers, set aside time for regular brainstorming sessions. A brainstorming session can be one of the most effective ways to tap into the creative power of your brain. Brainstorming sessions do not need to be formal meetings either. Four family members around the dinner table can be as effective as the top creative directors at an advertising agency.

The most important thing to remember about brainstorming is to allow creative ideas to flow no matter how crazy or outlandish those ideas may seem at the time. Children have a natural untapped ability to use their imaginations and you may be surprised at the number of ideas your children come up with if you allow their imaginations to run wild. And since parents generally excel at being practical, turning those ideas into practice may be simpler than you think.

If you would like to learn more about brainstorming, then enroll in the Creative Problem Solving for Business and Life course. This course will teach you how to use creative problem solving ideas to help you make decisions and to help you deal with problems. It will teach you techniques that are flexible and dynamic to help you make important decisions. It shows you how to use problem solving techniques to ensure inspired decision making and you will also learn to have confidence in your decisions. Learn to be more productive in your work and private life by brainstorming and unlocking your creative abilities.

Mind Mapping

If you have a sheet of paper or mind mapping software, then mind mapping can be another great way of unlocking your creative thinking techniques to come up with inspired ideas. Mind mapping is a great way to learn and develop the skill of lateral thinking. The key to developing creativity with mind mapping, is to allow ideas and thoughts to flow and make a note of your thoughts and ideas without judging them first.

Mind Mapping is also a great way to develop an idea that naturally follows some sort of process. The brain often jumps around between creative ideas and using a mind map or mind mapping software can harness creativity without trying to first think of the practicalities. It allows you to keep track of ideas, and create a partially sorted list or map of your ideas without requiring you to stop and think about one particular idea which is helpful when you are trying to be creative.

To learn to really harness the power of mind mapping in your life, join the thousands of students who are learning the skill of effective mind mapping. The Learn the Skill of Effective Mind Mapping course offers over thirty eight lectures that will help you to quickly and effectively organize your thoughts and goals into mind maps. It will teach you to plan quickly and to rehearse presentations of talks. It will help you to create engaging presentations. The course will show you how mind mapping can help you clarify your ideas and thinking so that you can spot creative solutions. The course will also teach you how to think differently so that you learn to tap into the creative and multitasking capability of your mind.

The Four W Approach to Creative Thinking

4 w's creative thinking techniquesSometimes it helps to go back to basics and the Four W approach to problems that require solutions, uses the basic questions of Who, What, When, and Why to help you find new creative solutions to the problems you may be facing.

Often the barrier to finding a good solution has its basis in the definition of the problem. If you don’t understand the problem at the beginning, then how can you be creative about finding the solution? Using the Four W process to define the problem can help you to unleash your ability to come up with creative, out of the box solutions. Once again, the skill of mind mapping can help you to come up with ideas for the Four W’s. Write the problem at the center of the mind map and add “who, when, why, what” and “how” around the center. Then once again, allow you imagination to run wild as you define the scope of the problem. This technique has often worked for me when I feel blocked because it seems to link the logical with the creative part of my brain.

Think like a Child

The key to unlocking your creative thinking ability is to think like a child. We were all children once and so we all have the ability to let our imaginations run wild. But sometimes as adults we stifle this ability and if we switch it off for long enough, we may even forget it is there. But the truth is that, if you look hard enough you will find it. The key to turning it on is to suspend your need for reason, logic and practicality. In short, think like a child. Make notes of your ideas. Once you have some ideas you can harness your left brain thinking to work out how to turn those ideas into practical solutions.

If you want to learn how to stop censoring your creativity, Skool of Creativity is currently accepting students who want to let loose and let their creative impulse in. This course offers over thirty lectures designed to help you harness the power of your own creativity. It will help you understand the creative process, as well as understanding the role of the right and left brain. It will teach you various randomized thinking processes to help you break your own rigid thinking patterns. It will help you recognize what is holding you back in terms of your own creativity, and how to generate movement to overcome that. It will help you escape preconceived ideas to enable you to view problems from different angles. It will teach you various techniques and processes you can use to help you come up with new, fresh innovative ideas.