Creative Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Creative Gift Ideas For BoyfriendBuying gifts for men can be a bit more challenging than buying gifts for women. While the task itself is difficult, think of how it will crown the special event such as his birthday, or a special milestone, such as completing the mortgage payment, a promotion, or a new job.

While you may think a gift perfectly suits him, he may smile and put up a show that he is happy, when he is wondering why the heck you even thought of it. This article will give you some tips on how to choose gifts, discuss several creative gift ideas, and end by showing you pitfalls that you should avoid when choosing a gift for him.

How to Choose a Gift:

Think about Time spent Together

Go back and revisit your shared past. Remember those special moments you shared and go forth to get him a gift that brings back those fading memories.

Consider His Hobbies, Interests and Personality

Before shopping for the gift, note down his hobbies and interests. Consider a gift that complements his hobbies or reinforces his interest in something. These three factors will also help you eliminate gift options if you have a huge pile to pick from. If he doesn’t have any interest in something, that’s the first thing to remove from the list of your potential gifts. If a guy loves beer, one suggestion is to gift him a course so he can learn how to brew his own beer. On the other hand, if he has a humorous personality, try looking for a novelty gift.

Don’t Ignore His Friends

It is said “show me your friends and I will tell what kind of person you are.”  Most of the time, friends like similar things so paying attention to his friends will help you get an idea of what you can buy for him.

Stick to His Brand

Men are amazingly loyal to certain favorite brands. Look at what brand your boyfriend loves and get him a gift that matches or closely matches that brand. You can never go wrong with using brands to help you select a gift as long as it is the one that he likes. It is not uncommon for a man to whine about a gift simply because it clashes with his favorite brand.

Cook Instead of Buying him Food

Most men feel proud when their partners prepare their favorite dish or a creative and new dish. So rather than buying him expensive dinner, lovingly prepare him his favorite meal. Don’t know how to cook? Registering for a cooking course can help you learn how to cook new specialty dishes that are sure to impress.

Consider His Needs

Know his needs beforehand; if his sneakers are torn and he has a lot of jeans, you surely can’t get him another pair, can you? Surprise him with something he really needs. Sometimes a practical gift is the perfect gift.

Creative Gift Ideas:

Buy Him an Experience

Be unique; don’t buy an ordinary gift or surprise him with a package that any other person can easily devise. Engage your creative instincts and take him to a concert, a sporting event such as his favorite football game, or plan a surprise getaway together. Perhaps he has always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride or learn how to sail!? Buying him an experience that you can enjoy together or that he can experience on his own, will be a memory he can take with him forever. A perfect way to celebrate and welcome many new chapters of life.

Candle-Lit Dinner

Creative Gift Ideas For BoyfriendHaving a dinner with him can do the trick, especially if you cook it yourself. Prepare everything before he arrives, and ensure his favorite meal is on the menu. To add some grandeur and romance, have the dinner under candle light, which creates an allusion of a romantic atmosphere. Finally, ensure his favorite music is playing in the background to crown the evening.

Enroll Him in a Game-Making Course

If you boyfriend is the type of person that enjoys video games, consider buying him a course in game making. The fun part about this gift idea is that you can be part of his journey, playing and enjoy his game as he develops and builds it.

Write Him a Poem

Be authentic and open with your feelings, and consider reading the poem to him privately.

A Week of Surprises

Don’t give your boyfriend a gift today and then completely forget about it. How about taking things a notch higher by filing his week with a lot of surprises every day? Get something small each day for the whole week. Make sure that each gift for a particular day is different so as to retain the element of surprise. You can even follow a theme for the gifts. The theme can revolve around his age, the event you are celebrating, a bar or restaurant he likes, or can even be a random scavenger hunt.

Pamper Him

We have never met a man that doesn’t enjoy a massage. Set up a comfortable space in your home for a soothing birthday spa treatment. Usse massage oils and candles. Play some gentle music and allow him to relax and soak it up. Learning how to give him the perfect massage is a gift that will benefit both of you.


Pack a basket of fruits and other goodies and head to the park for a quiet picnic. Don’t forget the plates, napkins, cutlery and drink of choice! Pick and choose from this picnic grocery list, and if you’re celebrating his birthday, don’t forget the candles…Nobody is ever too old or too cool for a single classy candle.

  • Cheeses
  • Cured Meats
  • Pre-cooked chicken or turkey
  • Dried Fruit
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Bread
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Hummus
  • Precut Veggies: Carrots, celery, tomatoes, artichokes, crispy green beans
  • Deserts, or a Small Cake or Brownie (For the birthday boy!)

Get Crafty

Another way to experience the gift together is by building something together. Gifting a creative course is an artistic way to celebrate. If your boyfriend has the workspace, a woodwork course is also a cool way to try and build something new

What to Avoid When Giving Him a Gift

Mind the Occasion

A gift should match the occasion. In addition, all the gifts should bear the intonation of your undying love for him in the background. For example, if it is a gift for your anniversary, the gift should show what your time together means to you.

Cute Stuff

Men consider stuffed animals and flowers as girly gifts. Though a man will gladly accept them as gifts, deep inside, he won’t harbor feelings of appreciation.

Give the Gifts in Public

Men don’t like receiving their gifts in public, unless in rare circumstances. They hate exposing what they have received from their lovers to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Therefore, don’t send your gifts to his office or work station.

Blending in Your Interests

Offer a gift that interests him, not one that is excellent for you and hope that he will appreciate as well. This is his day and you should keep it as such. Taking your man to a romantic night out seems like the perfect gift, but on the other hand, a simple home cooked dinner you prepare for him might be what he prefers. Put his preferences in the driving seat and let yours take the back seat for now. Your time will come.

Length of the Relationship

Give a gift that reflects the awesome moments you have been together. Don’t give too much too soon or too little after a long time. Giving too much too soon however generous might sound as if you are buying his affection. On the other hand, if you give too little after you have been together for a long time might make him think that you are stingy.


Remember that whatever you buy for your boyfriend expresses sentiments of your love for him. A carefully thought-of gift for your boyfriend sends him the message that you not only sincerely care, but know him better than anybody else.