8 Creative Drawing Ideas for Personal Development

creative drawing ideasFor many people, drawing is a method of creative expression and relaxation. Drawing can also be a personal development tool. Betty Edwards taught us the true potential of drawing in her classic book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Our education system emphasizes the left hemisphere of the brain, she argued, while ignoring the attributes of the right hemisphere of perception, intuition, creativity and imagination. By activating our right brain, drawing sharpens our perception of the visual and verbal information in our daily lives.

These eight creative drawing ideas put the right brain to work while exploring personal development themes. Basic drawing abilities in people and characters will help you on this visual personal development journey. Online training such as Anatomy For Figure Drawing and Comics could be the start of your animation career. Master the basics in drawing body parts, facial expressions, and emotions; and creating 3D effects. Even if you draw stickmen, you can enjoy creative and personal growth from these activities.

1. Draw Your Ideas

A wise man used to say if you do not write your plans down then they will never happen. Psychologists agree with him. When we write down our thoughts we make them real and are more likely to achieve them. Drawing your ideas activates visual thinking. You are now putting creativity and imagination to work to help you achieve your goals. No matter how abstract your ideas may be, draw them. If they look like a Picasso, be proud. Drawing can also improve brainstorming and problem solving. If you want to use a more structured process, draw a mind map with lots of diagrams to stimulate creativity.

2. Draw the Future

Do you feel stuck in life – in a relationship? a job? a project? Applying visual thinking to your problem solving and plan making can help you get unstuck. Drawing your plans in the future will expand your thinking and open up new possibilities. Are you stuck in a job? Imagine your ideal position in the future. As you start to draw, an aperture in your mind will open up. More ideas will flow. The future will expand and become brighter. Are you having problems with a project at work? Draw the future of the project and ways to solve the problems you face.  Share your new ideas with your teammates. Ideas and goals shared with others are more likely to happen.

3. Draw Your Dreams

If you enjoy dream analysis or want to start exploring your dreams, drawing your dreams will deepen your exploration. The biggest challenge in dream exploration is remembering them. As you draw, your memory will open up and you will remember more details of your nocturnal imaginings. Most of our dreams have elements that reflect our current worries, insecurities and desires. Drawing makes it easier to make connections among dreams and real life events, and identify recurring patterns and symbols in dreams.

4. Learn About Yourself Through Drawing

Draw your face by memory. Then, draw your face using a mirror. What differences do you see? A whimsical and creative drawing technique is combining drawing and human form. A well-known artworks places the artist’s hands in the image. Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s famous drawing shows his hand with pen drawing his own shirt sleeves. In an unnamed work, the sketched monster grabs the arm of the artist. Draw a picture that incorporates a real life-like part of your body with a sketch. Choose a theme that has meaning to you. Do you feel trapped in your job? Show your real hand tying a sketched hand to your desk. Are you really tied to your job? Or do you have other options? The ideas are limitless. To create the real life images, combine photos or life-like drawings with your sketches.

5. Join the World of Manga

Creating and drawing characters for fun could turn into a career. The explosion in games has created high demand for animators. By 2015, 70% of companies expect to use games in hiring, training, employee engagement and other areas of work. In Japan, Manga comics have been developed into many genres and are part of all aspects of society. If you are looking for a new challenge, developing characters for games and comics will keep you busy.

For this exercise, we want to draw our own character and other characters in our lives around past, present and future storylines. Explore the personalities in your life by turning them into comic book and game figure stereotypes. Bringing these characters to life in 3D requires detail. Every part of the body must be considered from all angles. Portraying emotions requires as much attention as drawing the body parts. Exploring the emotions of your characters can be therapeutic. Once the characters are developed, scenes can be created.

To feed your secret yearning to become a Marvel book comic creator, participate in the online workshop Discover How to Draw and Create Comics. For lots of great tips on developing characters and to find out who the most popular Marvel characters are, hop over to the Marvel wiki of comic book characters.

6. Figure Drawing

Figure drawing classes teach how to draw proportions of the body in different positions. The process of figure drawing also can reveal a lot about ourselves and others. This self-discovery tool may explain why it is one of the most popular drawing courses.

Draw parts of your body such as a hand or foot while in different moods. Anger may be portrayed as a clenched fist, stress as fingers tapping a table, and happiness at good news a thumbs up. Explore how your emotions affect your body. Ask friends to draw you. What do they see? Compare the portraits. To improve your figure drawing skills, enroll in a course and learn all the secrets.

If you want to practice on a lot of poses, try online tools such as SketchDaily, which allows you to time the amount of time allowed to finish the sketch.

7. Cartoons

Taking yourself too seriously? Draw whimsical characters for fun.  Draw yourself. Learn to draw  quick and quirky caricatures – learn in an hour!

Do you have an avatar? If not, consider creating one. Cartoons are no longer just for children. Avatars can be influential brand identity tools. Use your avatar on your blog and other social media. Is there a character trait you want to emphasize? Avatars let you shape the image you want to portray. You may even want to create a whole new life in Second Life. Recreate all the characters in your life. Develop new scenes and themes. You may even want to use the creative world of avatars to recreate one of these drawing exercises. Drawing your ideas can be extended to designing your ideas in a virtual world.

How to Draw Stylish Ladies with Adobe Flash provides online lessons for non-artists on how to use vector illustration to draw characters, including body parts and facial expressions.

8. Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids

How many drawings from your adorable children can you fit on your fridge? Here are some creative ideas for making your children’s drawings part of your daily life. By making your child’s artwork useful and relevant, you will also stimulate creativity and initiative in your child at an early age.

Children love to draw games. There are many children’s games to choose from, or create one. Keep it simple. To provide a creative and engaging exercise, allow your child to create some of the game elements. For example, she may choose which animals will be used in the game, and then draw them. She will take pride in her game items each time she plays, and will be more interested in playing the game. Creating mazes is another fun activity.

How about decorating the house? Pillows in your child’s room decorated with her own artwork are a source of daily pride. Other creative ideas: drawing vegetable and fruit markers for the garden. Draw designs to be transferred onto t-shirts or create storybooks for younger siblings – a budding designer or writer! Have your child make items for grandparents and other friends and relatives. She will enjoy cooking with grandma when she wears her custom designed apron.

When your child sees her artwork being put to practical use, she will take the initiative and become more creative at an early age. Before you know it, she will be telling you how to decorate the whole room and designing the furniture.

The more efficient you become at drawing the more time you will have to incorporate drawing into your life. Tablets and smartphones make it easy to draw wherever you are. The next time you are doodling, take up one of these creative drawing exercises instead. Turn your idle drawing time into a powerful transformational tool. Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique will show you how to do complete figure drawings in less than 45 minutes allowing more time to focus on self-development through art.