Creative Birthday Gifts That Even Beginners Can Tackle

creative birthday giftsAre you searching for the perfect creative birthday gifts for friends or family members? This can be very frustrating if you are out of ideas. You can go the usual route and fall back to the standard birthday card with cash or a gift card. You can also get creative and give a gift that is thoughtful, original, and will mean so much more to the person you are giving it too. With a little bit of creativity and some effort, as well as some guidance from an expert, you will be well known for the best birthday gifts ever!

Know Your Audience

Think about the person you want to surprise with a really creative birthday gift. Don’t just consider things that they would put on a list of what they would like for they’re birthday. Really think about the things that are important or special to them. Gifts that preserve memories are a great way to start.

T-Shirt Quilt

A creative and personalized birthday gift is making a custom t-shirt quilt. The t-shirts could be from favorite bands, video games, travel destinations, or even from other family members. Lots of people collect t-shirts but rarely if ever actually wear them. This leaves you will t-shirts filling up needed drawer space, boxed up in the attic or garage, or worst of all, tossed in the trash. To make this creative birthday gift will require a little bit of sneakiness or some help from someone that lives with the recipient. Gathering the shirts without getting caught is the most difficult part of the whole project! This project requires some basic sewing ability, but can be done by a beginner quilter. It is also helpful if you know how to use a rotary cutter. With a little bit of know-how and some creativity you can make a quilt that is soft, comfortable to wrap up in, machine washable and dryer safe that will be cherished for year, which beats the heck out of being stuffed in a drawer and forgotten!

Handmade Journal 

Journaling has become a popular trend over the last decade. Many people enjoy keeping a journal as a diary, as an art portfolio, or just a place to doodle and keep the grocery list. A journal from a book store will cost anywhere from twenty to over a hundred dollars and will be one of millions that are exactly the same. Making a journal is not as difficult as it may sound and will allow you to create a one of a kind gift.

With some simple materials such as paper, cardboard, and glue, plus a couple of specialty items like book binding thread and canvas you can make a beautiful, hard cover journal. Making a journal as a gift allows you to personalize the type of paper used. If the recipient of the gift is the doodling type you should use a fine art paper. If he or she enjoys keeping a journal or diary, you might consider lined paper or linen paper. Decorate the cover to reflect the style of the person receiving the gift as well as adding your own flair. A handmade journal can be a creative birthday gift that will be treasured and used daily.

Unique, Handmade Jewelry 

How about a unique, handmade piece of jewelry as a creative birthday gift? Wire wrapped jewelry from found objects is fashionable as well as beautiful. No two pieces of wire wrapped jewelry are exactly the same and the medium lends itself well to using found items as a center piece. In order to make a pendant you will need some 24 gauge dead soft wire, a pair of round nose pliers, a pair of flat nose pliers, and wire cutters. You can customize your pendant depending on the type of metal the recipient likes. Brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold are all readily available, although silver and gold are much more expensive. The only other thing you will need is an object as the focal point of the pendant. The focal point is completely up to you but should be at least one inch long. You might consider a semi-precious stone or a crystal, an old fashioned skeleton type key, a shell, or a piece of beach glass. This is an excellent opportunity to use something you found on the beach while on vacation together. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits to the design of this gift. Keep in mind the person for whom you are making the gift and make your choices based on their personal style. Finish your gift with a matching chain and your all set to impress!

Homemade Chocolates 

Some people say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are wrong. Chocolate is truly a girl’s best friend! Although this creative birthday gift idea is aimed at girls (or women), there are plenty of guys out there that would also appreciate some personalized chocolates for their birthday too. Making chocolates can be as simple as melting pre-made chocolate and using candy making molds to make unique shapes. It can also be as complicated as making your own special chocolates from scratch. Remember that you can mix different chocolates to create unique tastes as well as swirl designs. Chocolate can be used to create wonderful tasting drinks and can be combined with other candies for a truly one of a kind creative birthday gift. Make sure that you create this gift for a loved one that will share the chocolates with you!

Personalized Soaps 

Personalized soaps are enjoyed by everyone that gets the opportunity to use them. They are not complicated to make and can be personally crafted for any individual’s taste. Soap making requires some background knowledge about the chemistry of the soap making process. The necessary supplies are available from several national chain craft stores as well as from suppliers on line. This is a wonderful gift idea for someone that has allergies to modern chemical used in commercially available soaps or cosmetic products. Soap can be made with milk, essential oils, herbs, and even some spices. Colors can also be added in swirls or as solids. In more advanced soap making small shapes can even be added into otherwise clear bars. You can get as complicated as you like or keep the whole project pure and simple. Consider the personality of the gift recipient when you are designing the soaps. These would be lovely in a lined basket with a loofa sponge.

Gift cards are easy and are very much a one size fits all kind of gift. These are okay for distant relatives and friend of a friend situation. As you can see though, there are so many possibilities for creative birthday gifts if you let your imagination and creativity run free!

The most important thing is to really consider the personal style, likes and dislikes, and needs of the person for which you want to make a gift. The best gifts are always the ones that show your friend or loved one that you know and appreciate them for who they truly are. Whether he or she has an out of control t-shirt collection, a love of writing, a stylish flair for jewelry, a serious sweet tooth or an appreciation for natural personal care products, they are sure to love the time and effort you put in to creating the perfect gift especially for them. And while you are at it, wrap it up in an adorable exploding gift box to really tug at the heart strings.