In the not-too-distant past, earning a degree and performing the same job throughout your career was fairly common. However, with the acceleration of technology — causing certain jobs to become obsolete while new jobs are created at a rapid pace — it has become critical for many workers to upskill or reskill in order for them — and the workforce they’re a part of — to stay agile.

Engagement plays a huge role in whether employees are motivated enough to participate in necessary upskilling. Those with ample opportunities to learn and grow are 3.6 times more likely to report being happy at work, compared to those with limited access to learning. Implementing a culture of learning helps future-proof your workforce, supporting an open, agile mindset that keeps employees adaptable and ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

So, how can we transform a stagnating culture into a workplace that values agility and takes the measures required to unlock human potential? That’s the question this week’s guest has grappled with for decades.  

Stewart Kidd joins the Leading Up podcast to offer tips on turning high-potential employees into high performers and explore how building a culture of learning motivates employees. Stewart has 30 years of experience in the private sector, most recently as Chief Learning Officer at Computer Science Corp. In 2021, he transitioned into local government. He’s now the Director of Human Resources and Talent at Kershaw County, South Carolina in the United States. 

In this episode, you will learn:

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