Creating a Case Study Course

Resources for Creating a Case Study Course on Udemy

This is a list of resources that I used to create my logo design course on Udemy that I talk about in the video. It also includes some alternatives that you can try out.

Mind Mapping Software

Mindmeister (Online and Mobile Devices):  Mindmeister is the software I use to do my mindmapping. It is a paid service, but if you look at the pricing page at the bottom there is a “Basic” option which is free and lets you make three mindmaps –

Alternative Free Mindmapping Software

Skype Recording Software

Skype itself is available free for both Mac and PC –

Ecamm Call Recorder (Mac only): This is the software I use –

Pamela for Skype – (PC only):

Evaer Audio and Video Recorder (PC only):

These Skype call recorders all have demo/trial versions so that you can try before you buy.

Screen Recording Software

Screenflow (Mac Only): This is the software I used for recording the screen and webcam, plus for editing the video –

Camtasia (Mac and PC):

Alternative Free Screen Recording Software

Creating PDF Downloads

You can create a pdf using most word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Create your document as usual then save or export as a PDF.

Free Alternative to Microsoft Word

  • Open Office (Mac and PC). As well as a word processor, Open Office also includes presentation software similar to Powerpoint –
  • Neo Office (Mac only) –

Royalty Free Images

There are loads of websites that offer royalty free images cheaply or free

Completely Free Images

Make sure you double check the license before using the images – some may require a photographer credit.

Low Cost Images

Other Software

Photo Editor: If you need a photo editor Gimp (Mac and PC) is available for free at –

If there is any other software you need, you can find opensource/free alternatives to most

commercial software using the search at –

Tara Roskell has been working as a Graphic Designer in the UK for twenty years and in that time has designed hundreds of logos. She has worked in design agencies, been a Director of a small design company and now works as a freelance graphic designer.

Tara has a course on Udemy called How to Design a Logo – a Beginner’s Course