SurveyStudentsWhat’s the #1 skill or piece of knowledge your potential students want to learn that you can provide?

What results and outcomes do your future students crave?

This week’s Udemy Course Promo tactic will show you how surveying potential students can help you get them into your course.

When it comes to course promotion, if you understand a few key things about your potential students, it will make your promotions more targeted, deliberate, and effective. You’ll feel more confident when communicating the value you’re offering in your Udemy course(s).

How to Turn a Survey into a Sales Tool

The tip for this week is to invite potential students (family, friends, followers) to take your survey, and offer them a coupon to your course as a thank you for their feedback.

  1. Create a coupon code with “SURVEY” in the title so you can track your traffic source in your Payment Report.
  2. Create a survey. Suggested tools: Google Docs (free—you can create a “Form” under the “Drive” tab in your Gmail account) or Survey Monkey (free and paid options available).
  3. Distribute the survey to your private email list, LinkedIn contacts, post publicly on Facebook, Twitter,, in forums, on your blog, etc.




I put this survey together to gather specific feedback to improve my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course on Udemy. So far, 125 students have taken the course, and I’d like to improve it for my next batch of students. Feel free to be as candid as possible when responding to my questions below.

1.  What is the skill you want to learn most? 

A.  Art of delivering a short form joke in a casual setting (e.g. at a party)

B.  Art of delivering a long form joke in a performance setting (e.g. on stage at a comedy show)

C.  Marketing and promoting myself as a knitting comedian

D.  Knitting a scarf and gloves

E.  Selling my knitting creations online

2.  Which results are most important to you right now? (Select all that apply.)

A.  Delivering a hilarious standup comedy routine and getting a standing ovation

B.  Knitting a scarf and gloves in a week or less

C.  Booking 5 paid comedy shows in the next month

3.  How many courses/workshops/etc. have you taken on the art of comedy and/or knitting? 

A.  None, and I’m not interested.

B.  None, but I’m interested in taking one in the future.

C.  1-3

D.  4 or more

4.  Are you interested in taking a course that, in 4 weeks, teaches you how to knit a scarf and gloves, book 2 comedy shows, and deliver a joke that gets laughs?  

A.  Yes

B.  No

I value your honest feedback. As a thank you for completing my survey, here’s a 50% off coupon for my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course [insert your unique coupon code]. I’ll be adding more material to the course, based on your feedback today, and you will receive a notification when that happens.

To gain early access now, enroll here at a discount [insert your unique coupon code]. The 50% off is good for the next 7 days only. Thank you again for your help!



If you keep up with the weekly Udemy course promotion tactics, you know that the key to selling your Udemy course is creating occasions for students to enroll.

A current/potential student survey is another opportunity to create an occasion to promote. This is why you will include the coupon code at the end of the survey for interested individuals to access or preview the course.



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