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Create Awesome Demo Videos Without Paying a Firm $15K


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Next up: You take the stage. Elevator Pitch. You have one minute. What do you say?


In today’s fast-paced internet culture, you’re not going to be successful if you have a good idea.
You’re going to be successful if you can prove to your visitors that you have a good idea FAST.


Video is this magical media form that (when done correctly) completely mesmerizes people
and glues them to the tube (read: monitor). No one has time to spend reading essays on your
about page explaining your vision, your 50 pages of product documentation, your blog… your
testimonials. Your customers and investors are busy people (with short attention spans). They
need to get stuff done! They want to know right away why they should spend more than thirty
seconds looking at your site!

But you don’t have time to be explaining things. You work 14 hours a day just to get your
product working!
If only you could put it all in a simple straightforward demo, you could teach
everybody about your product in seconds! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe you can continue losing customers and investors by confusing everyone that goes to
your site, or maybe you should learn how to “Create an Awesome Demo Video” and quadruple
your conversion rates.
Even better: this week you can get all you need to create your own demo
video for only $59 (80% off the retail
$297)! Who needs to raise money with deals like that?

You let me know what you prefer: spending hours of your life explaining your revolutionary
vision over and over, or putting a few well spent hours into an awesome video for your
business… and then kicking back on your desk enjoying a nice, cold beer and watching that
bounce rate drop down. Way down.

What will you learn?

The online video tutorial course is called “How to Create Awesome Demo Videos” and is
broken down in several chapters:

  • Script writing: learn to create simple, compelling, effective scripts in less than 2 hours
  • Storyboarding: learn to convert your script into a storyboard even if you have no
    illustration skills whatsoever
  • Illustration: learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create simple yet cute illustrations for
    your animation
  • Animating: learn to use After Effects to rig and animate your illustrations
  • Voice over: learn how to record great voice over audio with no budget or where to hire
    great voice over talent.
  • Sound FX: learn the best places to find free or very cheap sound effects for your
    animation and also learn to create your own sounds effects at home.
  • Editing: learn how to put animation, audio, sound, all together with Final Cut or iMovie.
  • Delivering: learn the best ways to compress and deliver your video
  • Promoting: learn great social media marketing techniques to promote your video and
    increase your chances of it becoming viral.

About Grumo Media

Grumo Media is an interactive media agency that specializes in producing concise and fun
explanatory videos.

We have a special passion for startups and would love to have the chance to help you spread
your story in a unique and engaging way.

Our videos are designed to help your company attract investors, promote your product
effectively, and increase your conversion rates.

To ensure our videos are always unique and deliver the maximum awe possible, our team is
comprised of some of the best illustrators, motion designers, and composers across the world.

Meet Miguel Hernandez, Grumo Media’s Founder

Miguel Hernandez shooting a music video in Madrid,
Spain. – Aug 2010

Grumo Media was founded in October 2010 by Spaniard
and crazy scientist Miguel Hernandez.

Before starting Grumo Media, Miguel had been a jack of
all trades for over a decade. His many passions took him
from his original love for mechanical engineering, to 3D
animator, all the way to music video director, and web application developer. Miguel had
always a passion for film, technology, and startups.

Best,Gagan Biyani

Co-Founder and President, Udemy

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