practice gre questionsBusinesses are always going to have a demand for experts, but sometimes they will not the budget to keep one on staff, exclusively.  This a common trend among companies.  While the higher ups fully realize the importance and value of having the assistance of a dedicated specialist, the truth is that they simply can’t afford to keep you on full time.  Another possible scenario might be that a company needs an expert for one aspect of their business, but not all the time.  So what does this mean for the expert such as yourself?  Are you doomed to be employed part time forever?  Will you float from contract to contract, never enjoying benefits like retirement plans and medical coverage?

Luckily, the answer is “no”, and that is exactly where consulting comes in.  Typically, there are two types of consulting jobs – internal and external. An internal consultant is someone who works within a company, but offers their services to a variety of departments or individuals depending on need.  An external consultant is someone employed by a firm, or consulting company who works with companies temporarily.  Consultants can typically work with several clients, each from different companies, simultaneously.  Do you have a level of proficiency and skill you think would be perfect for a consulting job?  Let’s take a look at a few consultant jobs, and see if one might work for you.

IT Consultant Jobs

python roundThis is obviously an extremely broad field, but you will come to find that companies are often looking to hire a consultant with a rather narrow skill focus.  For instance, a company working off of IMB I-Series servers might look to bring someone on board who has deep, specific knowledge of how those servers operate, and how they should be maintained.  Even though your IT knowledge might blanket a much wider area than that, most companies will be looking for something that specific.

Then again, there are smaller companies who need a person to come in and set up all of there technological needs from soup to nuts.  Email systems, web access, security, software installs, virus protection, etc.  They may even want you to help their brokers update their smartphones to the latest versions, and make sure the Xerox machine is running smoothly.  The key is in knowing how to market yourself to these businesses.  Have a good, realistic view of your skill set, and get matched up with the businesses who could benefit most from having you on board.

Social Media Consultant Jobs

social media manager job descriptionWhether a business is just getting started, or is well established, chances are they could benefit greatly from social media either way.  With exciting new platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, etc. there is more opportunity than ever to personally reach new customers, and engage with them meaningfully.  Social media is changing the landscape of business, and many companies are excited to get on board.

Companies wanting to take advantage of this new form of marketing might feel overwhelmed, and shy away from launching a social media presence on their own.  That is where a social media marketing expert comes in.  Being able to set up an online profile for businesses, and then manage those in such a way that it drives up customer loyalty and repeat business is something companies are eager to attain.  If you excel in these areas of marketing, someone out there wants to pay you to help them.

Human Resources Consultant Jobs

human resource certificationHuman Resources or “HR” is an extremely important aspect of any business.  What could be more valuable to a business than the people working for them?  A smart business owner knows that employee satisfaction, work life balance, and employee retention are crucial – and they also know that it takes an expert to handle those things the right way.

Human Resources consultants likely work with businesses long-term. A large part of what makes their job so critical is that they are able to establish trust with the employees, and than takes time.  Finding, vetting, interviewing and hiring new employees will be a large part of the job, but so will ensuring the happiness of current workers.  A company way bring in an HR consultant if they are experiencing a lot of turnover, or if there is an ongoing issue with conflict resolution in the workplace.  You may be entering choppy waters, but if you are the type of person who thrives in the face of a challenge, this is the job for you.

Healthcare Consultant Jobs

consultant jobsThe job of a healthcare consultant’s is to provide health related organizations such as doctor’s offices, hospitals and rehab facilities with management advice.  Anyone who has ever set foot in a doctor’s office has likely seen the massive filing systems, and the remarkable number of employees all working for just one or two doctors.  A production of that scale could always use a little streamlining.  The information provided by a consultant is valuable because it allows these organizations to better manage their own healthcare systems.

An expert in this area will undertake evaluations and studies to look into the established communications, information systems, inventory of products used in the office, and business related expenses. After working within the parameters of the office, the consultant will be able to recommend improvements to the systems already in place, or implementing new systems altogether.

Legal Consultant Jobs

legal due diligenceNo business wants to think about potential legal problems, but they can and do arise.  Not only that, but many businesses are going to need legal help in protecting their trademarks, copyrights and patents.  A legal consultant can help manage all legal issues for a business, keeping them out of any legal trouble, while also making sure everything they have worked for remains in order.

Legal consultants can help bridge the gap between having a full time lawyer on staff, and only calling for legal advice when there is a problem.  Having an expert on hand who can pinpoint issues, and sidestep them before they become bigger problems is worth their weight in gold.  Everything from non disclosure agreements, to worker’s compensation are going to require the help of a legal professional.

Marketing Consultant Jobs

global marketing strategiesThe creative team envisions a product, the managers oversee the product, the workers assemble the product… now who is going to sell it?  Without marketing, businesses lose out on opportunities for growth, profit and greater recognition.  Make no mistake, marketing is an art, and it takes talent, creativity and drive to succeed in this field.  It goes without saying that even if a company has made the greatest tennis shoe in the world, if nobody knows about it, it won’t sell.  Companies need your help.

Marketing consultants are brought in to help manage advertising, market research, customer feedback, and the acquisition of new buyers.  Even businesses that already have a marketing team in place might look to an expert to help boost falling sales, help roll out a new ad campaign, or take on a company wide re branding.  Consultants in this area of expertise can help breathe new life into a business, and companies understand the value in that.

Think you have what it takes to become an expert for hire?  Does the fast paced, exciting world of consulting sound like music to your ears?  Check out Udemy’s “Consulting Skills” class.  This is a great introduction to the world of consulting jobs, and it can give you the skills you need to get started in this growing field.

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