7 Confidence Boosters For Sustainable Self-Esteem

confidence boostersSummoning a surge of courage before a job interview or a date proposal is not the same as having true confidence; it’s more akin to the attitude you use to cliff dive or bungee jump, which, while exhilarating, isn’t exactly sustainable.  When you’re confident, you not only perform at your highest level, you feel your best, too. Believe it or not, there are actually ways to will yourself to be more confident. It’s true. There are other, more “organic” methods, as well, and I’ll outline a variety of awesome ways to boost your confidence over time. If you’re reading this on the eve of a big interview or event, don’t panic: we also have a course to help you feel more confident in just one day.


If laughter is contagious, so are the effects of smiling. This is one way to will yourself into confidence. Smiling, even if you fake it or aren’t totally feeling it, will improve your mood and your confidence. There’s a great article on WebMD that further details the benefits of smiling. As long as you can manage a smile, you can boost your confidence. People also interpret a smile as a sign of confidence, so rest assured that even if you aren’t feeling your best, you’re communicating a sense of assurance with every smile.

Look The Part

The better you look, the better you feel. It isn’t rocket science. There are a number of ways to make this a reality. If you haven’t treated yourself to some new clothes in a while, now is definitely the time. There’s nothing like new style for a suffering self-esteem. Even if you can’t afford new clothes at the moment, there are other things you can do: spend some time figuring out how to get more diversity out of your current wardrobe; shower every day; get on top of your laundry and ironing so you always have your best options available. For any clueless men out there, check out this guide to the principles and techniques you need to dress with confidence.

On The Offensive

A lot of people are afraid of speaking freely because they don’t want to offend someone or embarrass themselves.  This is incredibly inhibiting. Eventually, you will start second-guessing everything you say, trying to study your words before they come out of your mouth. This is an irrational fear, and it absolutely murders self-confidence. As long as you aren’t causing people pain, it’s not your problem if someone disagrees with you. Speaking your mind will also help you identify true friends and colleagues. As the English poet William Blake wrote: “Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.”  Truth.


Not from your fears, of course. Get out and exercise. Running burns stress, clears your mind and gets your body in shape. It also energizes your body in the days after a run and releases the endorphins that naturally improve your mood. Just knowing you’re doing something proactive will boost your confidence, too. Once your body starts to show the affects, you’ll be feeling, and looking, like a new person. If you like the idea of staying active, I would encourage you to read this post on self-esteem activities to transform yourself or to check out these short yoga sequences for strength and confidence. You won’t regret it.


Helping other people (or the environment) is probably one of the best ways to boost your confidence. It makes you active, and you can help yourself by helping other people. Volunteering in general is just a great use of one’s time. Diversity of options is a strong point for volunteering: you can work with children, the elderly, the underprivileged, at animal shelters, in the great outdoors, etc. Any interest you have can be adapted to volunteering. Even if you’re short on time, many organizations are happy to let people help as little as thirty minutes a week. At the very least, you can start donating and receiving newsletters from your favorite organizations.

Acquire A New Skill

Always wanted to learn Italian? Master woodworking? Even learn to dance the Charleston?  Acquiring a new skill combines self-improvement with a tidal wave of confidence (and you’re definitely in the right place – here are Udemy, we can help you learn almost anything new you’d like to explore!).  Many people feel inadequate about their education and abilities. Stop dwelling on it and take action. Knowing you need a confidence boost will help spring you into action, too; if you aren’t sure about it, here’s a wonderful blog article on symptoms of low self-esteem and how to identify them.

A Rich Life

The richer, more well-rounded your life it, the better you will feel about yourself.  If you can adopt several of the above suggestions into your life, you will literally blossom with confidence. Smile, dress like you mean it, speak freely, exercise, volunteer and learn something new. Imagine if you did all of those; you would feel like the champion of the world. So don’t wallow on the couch or spend an excessive amount of time in front of your computer.  specially if you work from home.  See your friends and family more often. Spend more time outside. The world is such an amazing place, just getting out there is guaranteed to make you feel better. And don’t let indecision hinder you. Make a decision and go with it. As long as you’re doing something, you’re on the road to boosting your confidence

Now that you’re ready to get out into the world, take your conviction with you anywhere you go with this course to help you travel with confidence and courage.