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company taglinesFrom Apple’s iconic “Think Different” campaign to MasterCard’s “Priceless,” company taglines need to strike a balance between expressing your company values and to be memorable and effective.

If you’re new to copywriting, creating a tagline for your company can be tough. Read on to learn the six objectives – from positioning to memorability – that your tagline needs to achieve in order to be successful.

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Position your brand as an industry leader

company taglinesEvery company wants to be an industry leader, whether in gross sales or customer perception. Being first in your industry doesn’t necessarily mean shipping a higher number of products than your competitors, but excelling in a certain category.

Apple sells fewer PCs than its competitors, but it’s the leader in high-end PCs for the creative market. Rolls Royce sells fewer cars than Toyota, but it’s the market leader for luxury and exclusivity.

Your company tagline should push your company ahead of its competitors, whether in popularity, quality or any other category. Find a category in which your company excels and focus on branding yourself as the undisputed leader within this category.

In marketing, it’s often better to be the biggest fish in a small pond than the smallest fish in the ocean. Learn more about how to position your company as the best in its category in our Mastering Product Positioning course.

Represent your company’s culture and values

company taglinesEvery company has a culture. Nike’s culture is sporting excellence. Red Bull’s culture is risk-taking and excitement. Culture defines your company beyond the products it sells – it’s the experience people get whenever they interact with your product.

Your slogan should represent your company’s culture and values. MasterCard’s “for everything else, there’s MasterCard” showcased the company’s friendly attitude and focus on enhancing people’s lives without explicitly saying so.

Likewise, Apple’s “Think Different” tagline represented the company’s commitment to creativity and unconventional thinking. Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan represented its commitment to achieving excellence, no matter what the price.

Beyond your latest product, your culture is what people will think of whenever they remember your company or see one of your advertisements. Define your culture in your company tagline – if you don’t, the buying public might define it for you.

Focus on your strong points, not your weaknesses

Group of people pulling the rope in the sunlight.No brand can become excellent by focusing on its shortcomings. Almost any brand can become excellent by focusing on its strengths. Your company tagline should be built around the value your company offers, not around the points it falls short on.

Volkswagen famously made its weaknesses its strengths with the “Think Small” ad campaign of the 1960s and 1970s. It answered people’s questions for them, using the small size and low price of its car as selling points instead of disadvantages.

Have you ever seen a Louis Vuitton advertisement that mentioned the great pricing the brand offers? Of course not. When you build a reputation for quality, you never make low prices – which imply low quality – a focus of your marketing.

Develop all of your marketing – from your tagline to your advertising – around your brand’s strengths and never try to improve your weaknesses. This strategy is part of positioning your brand as a leader in its category, instead of just one choice of many.

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Help your company stand out from competitors

companytaglinesDo you remember the famous “We Try Harder” tagline used by Avis? Although it’s no longer the company tagline, the “We Try Harder” campaign set the brand apart from its competitors and made it America’s most memorable rent-a-car company.

It did this not by comparing Avis to its competitors – its main rival, Hertz, was a far bigger and more powerful company at the time – but by emphasizing how different it was from anything else on the market.

It worked, and Avis gained a reputation as an upcoming rental car company with a focus on service, not on popularity. Customers around the country picked Avis due to its reputation for service and genuine care when they needed a rental car.

You can’t grow into a memorable brand by imitating your competitors or constantly comparing yourselves to them. Use your tagline to emphasize what’s different about your company and you’ll stand out as a memorable alternative to the norm.

Remind your target market that you truly care

companytaglinesIs your market dominated by a huge company with more resources than you? Don’t think of this as a disastrous situation – think of it as an opportunity to capitalize on the weaknesses of your bigger, more bureaucratic competitor.

Over time, most markets become two-party monopolies dominated by pricing wars and little else. Differentiate yourself from the big brands by emphasizing your small size and personal customer service.

Not all customers shop based on price alone. If you can position your brand as really caring about its customers (and, of course, live up to the promise with service that’s better than anyone else) you’ll attract a passionate, loyal niche audience.

Strategic positioning is especially important for small businesses that lack the huge resources of their competitors. Learn how to position your business as a caring and friendly choice with our Market Positioning for Small Business Owners course.

Provide an accurate description of your company

cold callingMisleading the market works… for a while. If your tagline doesn’t match the values of your company, people will inevitably think of it as an empty promise designed to mislead and manipulate people into becoming your customers.

If your tagline makes a statement about your company’s values and benefits, you need to live up to the hype. If you position yourself as a customer service leader, you’ll need to really offer better customer service than your competitors.

Likewise, if you market yourself as offering the lowest prices, you should expect a keen eye for deals from your target audience. Whatever promise you make in your tagline, you’ll need to match it in reality to become a truly memorable brand.

Learn more about branding your company

Branding is one of the most challenging tasks for small businesses and marketers, largely due to its complexity. While direct marketing can be carefully tracked and monitored, branding is a much more subjective and qualitative discipline.

Would you like to learn more about building a memorable, trustworthy brand for your company? Discover four excellent strategies for making your brand stand out in our blog post on effective branding strategies.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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