Comic Book Heroes: The Best From Batman to Captain America

comic book heroesComic books, or graphic novels as they are sometimes known, first began in the United States with the publication of Famous Funnies. Famous Funnies was a compilation of reprints of newspaper comic strips, made into a book. The U.S. still leads the way in terms of the number of titles produced, followed by the UK, and then Japan. Comic books really started to find their niche in 1938, with the launch of Joe Shuster’s Superman. This forever changed the way comic books would be regarded, as it created, and defined the term Superhero, and started the introduction of comic book heroes that are household names today. To illustrate, what really got things going was the animation involved within the comic books. They seemed to burst right off the page! Interested in learning how that happens? This informative online course will teach you just how easy it can be to master 2D animation.

Marvel-ous Heroes

Marvel Comics is one of the two most famous comic book publishers, and has turned comics, and their spin off movies, toys, and other merchandizing, into a billion dollar industry. They are responsible for famous superheroes such as Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. Their most famous character is, of course Spiderman, who is the flagship superhero for their brand. He has been seen in print, at the movies, on TV, in video games, and even has his own float in the Macy’s day Thanksgiving parade.

The Popular Crew of D.C. Comics

D.C Comics is the second member of the ‘Big Two’ club, and has the original superhero in their stable of characters, Superman. Superman is so famous that even people who live in regions where comic books are not for sale know who he is, and what he looks like. The distinctive ‘S’ on his chest makes his earliest works some of the most collectible, and valuable, pieces of comic book memorabilia. D.C. Comics is also home to many other world famous characters such as Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Together with Superman, theses three are commonly referred to as the holy trinity of comic book superheroes. On the other hand, the list of comic book legends is not confined to just these three. D.C. Comics also produces comic books with characters such as the Green Lantern, the Flash, Robin, Captain Marvel, and the Green Arrow. Just imagine the ideas that went into producing some of these enduring characters. Do you have a character you feel is worth sharing? Well, you can quickly learn all about character animation through this engaging online course.

comic book heroesSuper Villains

None of the comic books would be half as successful if it was not for the evil, and dastardly adversaries of the superheroes. There are a lot of villains who are just as famous as their superhero counterpart such as the Joker, and the Riddler. Lex Luther is one of the most famous super villains, and what makes him different from most of the rest, is that he does not really have any super power, just an enormous intellect, and wallet. Other notable mega villains include characters such as Galactus, Magneto, Dr. Doom, and Venom.


As you can see, with Wonder Woman being one of the holy trinity of comic book heroes, women are also strongly represented in comic book legends. There are not only good female characters, but also very famous female villains such as Catwoman, and Mystique. Some of the most famous female characters were created to give a female side to a more famous male superhero. A good example of this is Supergirl who was created by Michael Turner, the very talented comic book artist. Other famous super heroines include several members of the X men such as Rogue and Phoenix. There are also some famous but less well known female comic book characters like Fathom, and Witchblade. In addition, there are a bevy of video games that feature superheroes of all genres and backgrounds. Are you  interested in creating video game characters? You can do just that with this 2D video game character animation course that gives you all the techniques you need!

Big Screen Superheroes

Transferring comic book characters from the page into a movie has become a massive business, with some of the most famous movies generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The earliest set of movies, that successfully transferred a superhero, from the page to the screen, was the Superman films. Spiderman, Batman, and the X-men have also been turned into highly successful movie franchises, with several high grossing movies each, under their belts. Other movie successes have been achieved with Iron Man and the Avengers.

Comic Books on TV

There have been some absolutely classic superhero transformations from the comic, to television serials. One of the most famous classic TV shows is the original Batman, which was launched in 1966, and was dubbed “the biggest TV phenomenon of the mid 1960s.” The show also sparked an increase in superhero merchandizing with items like trading cards, kit models, hot wheels, and figurines. Other famous shows include the Incredible Hulk, Smallville, Wonder Woman, the Green Hornet and the Amazing Spider Man. Superheroes also retained their original comic book roots in the form of TV cartoons. Cartoons like Superfriends launched in 1973, and the New Adventures of Batman in 1977, started a superhero cartoon craze.

Newly Updated Super Shows

There are several new shows that will be starting soon. The X-Men have a new movie called Days of Future Past, and Captain America maked a return to the small screen with The Winter Soldier. The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Batman, Assault on Arkham are also scheduled to be released in 2014. Many of these movies need to think outside the box to bring the printed word to life at the theater. Think you have what it takes to make a movie from a comic book hero? Check out this blog on creative writing exercises!

Comic book heroes have made a significant impact on our society as a whole, and introduced a whole new type of fantasy, that all types of people can relate to. With the ever increasing popularity of comic book based films, and shows, the role of the superhero in our annual entertainment, shows no signs of abating.