Character Modeling Skills for Awesome Character Creation

Fun squirrelGone are the days of Pong with a flat paddle and oddly shaped ball. Gamers are expecting engaging, realistic characters in their three dimensional, animated gaming environments. With software like Maya and 3DS Max that aid the creation of all sorts of imaginary creatures, gamers certainly are entitled to games that really set the imagination on fire.

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Character Modeling Skills

Even though applications like Maya and 3DS Max offer awesome tools with regards to the creation of 3D modelling and the creation of 3D characters, there are a number of skills that every modeler needs. Irrespective of software, a good character modeler needs:

·         Imagination

·         Drawing skills

·         The ability to transform art into manageable forms and structures

Character Modeling skills – Imagination

Creating a character, whether it is for a PC game, a movie or indeed for written fiction, takes imagination. You need to be able to see the character in its environment, to know what it is thinking and feeling, and then you need to be able to translate those thoughts and feelings into art that can be animated.demon

Realistic characters, whether they are for fiction, film or games, are realistic because of their ability to possess both good and bad characteristics. A well-rounded fictional character reminds us of our humanity, our good and bad characteristics and a true artist is able to portray these characteristics through their characters.

When you have a clear image of what your character says, how it reacts to the environments, and what its strengths and weaknesses are, then you have the magic ingredients necessary to create and develop characters that are realistic, even the pink and purple dinosaur kind.

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Drawing Skills for Character Modelling

Good drawing skills are essential for creating good 3D character models. Depending on the types of characters you want to create, courses in drawing human anatomy or animal anatomy will help to improve your overall drawing ability. These types of courses will also help you when it comes time to animate your characters. Understanding anatomy, and how bones and muscles move, will help you to create realistic animation movements for your characters.

Even though your characters may be essentially from your imagination, there are many real life examples that can be used as reference models for your drawings. Look for references and models you can use to help you create concept drawings of your character, including ideas on how the character will move.

Concept drawings can be made on your PC or sketches can be scanned into your computer and then used as reference images for building your characters. Pay attention to muscles and actual character architecture, to ensure that your final product moves in a “natural” way.

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Character Modeling – Transforming Your Art into Forms

One of the most important skills a character modeler needs, is the ability to take complex characters and translate those characters into simple forms and shapes to use as a basis for the character model. Legs become cylindrical tubes that are then shaped and sculpted into fantastic looking legs; wings become triangles that can be shaped into silken, soft butterfly wings or edgy, sparkling fairy wings. Building a character from scratch requires the ability to be able to see and recognize shapes within a character and then to reproduce those shapes in applications like Maya or 3DS Max.

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If you have the passion and imagination to create lifelike creatures that will enthrall and entertain us, then its time you began investing in your skills and abilities to create these characters. Applications like Mudbox, 3DS Max and Maya are powerful applications that have the ability to bring your imagination to life and learning how to harness the power of these applications will reward you in more ways than one.