Chakra Stones: The Healing Powers of Crystals

sacral chakraThe body is made up of seven main chakras; from the bottom up, they are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. It is believed that each of these chakras has their own specific color, each representing a color of the rainbow. These colors are energy, able to be used to balance the body, mind and soul. By understanding your chakras, their colors, and the chakra stones that can be used in healing, you can tap into each individual frequency to cure negative symptoms you may be experiencing.

The seven different chakra colors represent seven different layers of our aura. If any specific chakra is blocked or drained of energy, we experience either physical or emotional symptoms that represent that blockage. It’s important to keep all chakras perfectly balanced, which will result in your body’s perfect harmony.

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Understanding Balance

What does it mean to be unbalanced? You may begin to feel depressed, lethargic, or full of worry. You may also begin to have a general negative outlook, feel anxious or feel vulnerable to different ailments and illnesses. Whenever you try to disregard a negative emotion you are having, you are actually blocking your chakras from the flow of universal energy. By maintaining the perfect balance of “open” chakras, you are allowing universal energy to flow through you and keep your mind and body at a perfect balance. If your chakras are too open, too much universal energy can flow through you and your entire body can become incredibly overwhelmed. If they are too closed, your body is left vulnerable to many different diseases. By using specific crystals and gemstones that relate to each of the specific chakras, you can begin to re-balance your chakras and return to a harmonious state.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and its main color is red. This chakra is the home of your basic needs, including safety and survival. The ability to succeed in work and gain material possessions is rooted in the root chakra. If this chakra is blocked, you may begin to feel anxious, frustrated and insecure. In order to balance this chakra, stones such as garnet, smokey quartz and black tourmaline are especially helpful.

The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakraThe sacral chakra is located at the lower abdomen, near the genitals. Its main color is orange, and it is the home of creativity, sexuality, desire and intuition. It helps to guide your own sense of self-worth and ability to relate well to others. If this chakra is blocked, you may feel manipulative, lascivious, overwhelmed with emotions or lethargic. In order to restore balance, use stones such as orange calcite, tiger’s eye and carnelian agate.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located at the center of the stomach, and its main color is yellow. It is the house of ego, impulse, strength, anger and passion. It is also the chakra involved in astral travel and psychic development. If this chakra is blocked, you may feel confused, lack confidence in yourself and worry about what everyone else is thinking of you. You may begin to develop allergies to foods that you have not had problems with before. In order to restore balance, you should use citrine, yellow calcite and topaz.

The Heart Chakra

chakra stonesThe heart chakra is located right behind the breast bone, and its main color is green. It houses your love, spirituality and compassion. It also helps to connect your mind with your spirit. When this chakra is out of balance, you may begin to feel pain, worry, unworthy of the love of others or a fear of getting hurt by others. You may also suffer from insomnia and high blood pressure. To open the chakra to love and compassion again, use crystals such as kunzite, watermelon tourmaline and rose quartz.

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located right in the middle of the collarbone, and its main color is light blue. It is the house of thought, writing and speech, as well as other forms of communication. When you are angry, it gets stored in your throat chakra. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel feel timid, unable to express what you are thinking or feel physically weak. You may also suffer from skin irritations, a sore throat or back pain. In order to rebalance this chakra, use stones such as azurite, blue lace agate and aquamarine.

The Third Eye Chakra

chakra stonesThe third eye chakra is located right above the eyes at the center of the forehead, and its main color is indigo or a dark blue. It helps to eliminate selfishness and reduce negative tendencies, as well as works as the pathway to psychic abilities. When this chakra is unbalanced you may either be afraid of success and fame, or become extremely egotistical. Far on one side of the scale or another points to an unbalance. In order to rebalance the third eye chakra, use stones such as lapis lazuli, sodalite or blue fluorite.

The Crown Chakra

Last but certainly not least is the crown chakra, located at the top of the skull. Its main color is purple, with a secondary color of white. It houses enlightenment, spirituality and wisdom. When this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may feel frustrated and negative, and may suffer from depression or constant headaches. In order to rebalance this chakra, use clear quartz, amethyst or opal.

Using the Crystals

Crystals can hold both positive and negative energy. Before using your crystals, you must cleanse them. Place them outside overnight under the light of the full moon, smudge them with a sage stick, or simply run them under cool water. Once your crystals are cleansed, have a healer place them all in a straight line up your body, each crystal lining up with its particular chakra; begin with the root chakra and end with the crown chakra. The healer will then place their hands over each chakra, imagining its color and flow of energy becoming brighter and more intense. Once they feel as though that chakra has been balanced, they move onto the next.

You too can learn the powerful healing powers of balanced chakras. If you’re interested in trying to rebalance your chakras without the use of stones, Udemy’s course on balancing through yoga can get you more familiar with your chakras and the path to a harmonious life.