Chakra Balancing: Create A More Vibrant You!

chakra balancingMaintaining balance within the body’s seven chakras requires some work. Learning how to do it effectively will keep your body in tune with itself, and in return, will leave you feeling energized, organized, and happy. The practice of balancing all the chemicals and hormones in your body is often referred to as homeostasis and chakras are an integral part of the process. Make positive and lasting changes by taking  a journey through the chakras with this enticing online course. Moreover, continue reading to discover some simple ways to get your chakras in balance.

Get to Know Your Chakras

There are seven key chakras located in different areas of your body. They start at the base of your spine with your root chakra, which is represented by the color red. The next one up is orange, and located just below your navel. This one is called the chakra of creativity. Moving up slightly, you will find the solar plexus chakra that manages your nervous system, and is colored yellow. The green chakra relates to matters of the heart, and can be found there. The next one up is the blue chakra of communication, and is positioned in your throat. The most well known chakra is next, often referred to as the third eye, this indigo chakra controls your intuition. The final chakra is on the top of your head, and is called the crown chakra, represented by violet. Knowing the locations will help you when performing the balancing exercises.

Check if Your Chakras Need Balancing

Chakras are constantly rotating from our life energy flowing through them. Sometimes they can become blocked, or the spinning can become imbalanced. When that happens, it can cause a lot of problems in your life. Signs that your chakras need some fine tuning can be feelings of low self esteem, illness, or lack of energy. You can check your chakras yourself, by placing the hands on each of them, and feeling their energy. If one particular chakra does not seem to be in tune with the others, then it is a good time to do some exercises for all of them, to bring them back into harmony. Do you need some exercise, as well? This invigorating online course will teach you stress-relieving yoga moves while also balancing your chakras.


One of the easiest ways to balance your chakras is through meditation. By focusing on each chakra, and considering its purpose. Recite affirming statements that are relevant to that chakras function in your life, while visualizing the chakras color in your mind’s eye, can help you channel your positive energy into that chakra. This will help it to start rotating again more smoothly. You could also consider investing in a set of chakra stones. These are very helpful in focusing on a particular chakra, and you can hold the appropriate one in your hand, while you are meditating. If you are too stressed to meditate, you are not alone. This easy course will give you tried and true techniques for deep meditation that you can use to create a life-enhancing daily practice.

Use Aromatherapy

Aromas are very helpful in focusing the mind on specific chakras. They can trigger memories, and other physical responses, that will act as an aid in getting your chakras spinning at an even tempo. This will produce the energy you need to balance your body. Each chakra has its own key oil to help keep it spinning smoothly. Starting from the base of your spine, the first chakra benefits from thyme to reduce your stress levels, moving up from there, the scent of lavender oil helps reduce irritability, in the second chakra.

The third chakra responds well to peppermint oil, while the fourth can be healed by using the scent of rose oil, to erase feelings of sadness, and sorrow. The oil that best helps communication is geranium. Your third eye chakra can be activated through the use of basil oil, and the last chakra at the top of your head, can be uplifted through the scent of rosemary. You can use a variety of different methods of applying the oils such as diffusers, mists, candles, and even massage each area with the appropriate oil.

chakra balancingTry Breathing Exercises

Another great way to unlock any blocked chakras is through a combination of breathing, and visualization. Lie down on the floor and completely relax your body. Then start to inhale, and exhale, using deep breathes, and feel your heart rate gradually decreasing, as you relax. Let all random thoughts drift slowly out of your mind, and instead, try to focus on the first chakra. Imagine the chakra as a closed flower in the color of that chakra. What you want to do is to slowly open that flower.

Visualize the flower opening in your mind, and you will start to feel the energy growing in that part of your body. Alternatively, you can picture the chakra as a circle. Start rotating the appropriately colored circle, so that it appears that it is slowly spinning. Gradually increase the speed of the rotation, until the chakra is spinning smoothly, and you can feel your life force increasing. Do this exercise for each of the seven chakras in turn, until all of them are spinning in unison.

By using a variety of these different methods of balancing your chakras, you will soon feel the benefit in both your physical well being, and your mental focus. It is a truly unique practice that can make a powerful impact even upon your first experience. To learn more about the meanings of various crystals you can use, this descriptive article explains it all. In addition, with the stresses that the daily grind provides, more and more individuals are searching for enhanced ways to ensure they can maintain a happy medium between their home and their work lives. Make sure you regularly maintain the balance in your chakras to ensure that your energy remains high and your outlook positive.