Udemy for Business Hosts Friday Recess

You may have noticed a little extra fun being had in SOMA last Friday afternoon. Our team was out and about hosting recess from noon to 2 p.m. on the east side of South Park. Adults need play too, so BIG thanks to all of you who made it out to show us your skills!

We had a great turnout of more than 60 people from about 25 awesome companies in the neighborhood. The sun was out, snacks were consumed and games ensued. From croquet to bocce ball to horseshoes to cornhole, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

For those of you we missed, check out the pics below to get caught up on the action. We hope to see you next time!


About Udemy for Business 

Udemy for Business is the leading online learning platform for high-growth companies. Through Udemy for Business, companies and teams of all sizes gain instant access to a targeted suite of over 800 of the highest-quality, cutting-edge training courses on topics from Digital Marketing tactics to Office Productivity, Design, Management, Programming, and more. Udemy’s unique skills-focused courses empower companies and teams to solve the biggest challenge to competing and staying relevant: the growing employee skills gap. In addition to learning from leading experts, companies can easily create their own proprietary training courses within a custom-branded internal portal. With Udemy, global teams can instantly and securely connect – anytime and from any device – to upgrade their critical skills. Innovative companies including Optimizely, 1-800 Flowers, IBM, Datalogix, Pitney Bowes, Oracle, Pepsi, and thousands more rely on Udemy to get and stay competitive in today’s fast-moving, technology-driven market landscape.

Udemy Launches Skills Gap Index

Udemy-Skills-Gap-InfographicWe know a lot about what employers think of the skills gap, what some economists think of the skills gap and what politicians think of the skills gap. What we don’t know? What workers think of the skills gap.

So we sought to change that. And the results surprised us.

The Udemy Skills Gap Index, an independent survey conducted by ResearchNow surveyed 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 to determine their  thoughts, perceptions and attitudes toward not only the skills they believe they possess, but also how those skills impact their professional lives.

Among the most surprising results was the revelation that, while 61% of Americans believe that today’s workforce is plagued by a skills gap, 95% consider themselves to be either qualified or overqualified for the positions that they personally hold. When it comes to the skills gap, Americans clearly believe “it’s not me – it’s you.” Other findings include:

  • Ameasurable gender disconnect in perceptions of the skills gap exists, with 68% of men believing in its existence as compared to 55% of women.
  • While nearly half of Americans say their higher education helped them get their first job, more than a third believe they use less than 10% of what they learned in college in the workplace.
  • A majority of millennials (53%) feel that they have already mastered the skills their jobs require of them, as compared to 43% of baby boomers.
  • 36% of people seeking a new job report taking no extra action (such as taking an online course, attending networking events or visiting a recruiter) to boost their chances of getting hired.

So what do these findings really mean? A full analysis is available in our report, but the survey raises some compelling questions:

  • How long until the majority of Americans feel personally affected by the skills gap? (Our guess – not long)
  • Are employers doing enough to train their workers on the job?
  • How are Americans going to adopt new skills?

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty bullish on online learning for that last one, and we’re not the only ones. More than 4 million people all over the world rely on Udemy to build and sharpen their skills, and more are joining our ranks every day. We predict that as the line between work life and education life continues to blur, more and more workers will turn to online learning to adopt the new skills needed to succeed professionally and personally.


Press Release

Please Mind the Skills Perception Gap

Closing the Tech Skills Gap in California


New Course for Human Resources Leaders from Bersin by Deloitte

Udemy today announced the launch of a new course for human resources leaders from Josh Bersin, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, one of the most recognized and respected authorities on corporate learning. The course – The New HR: 21st Century Talent Management – addresses the challenges and opportunities of modern HR based on research from Bersin by Deloitte.

Topics covered include:

  • How to manage and grow talented employees in today’s global economy
  • Pressing topics facing HR leaders, including hiring, retention, corporate learning, and the intergenerational workplace
  • Big data talent analytics

The course is available for free here and is the newest addition to Udemy’s library of expert content available to professionals around the world.

Udemy Hosts Course-A-Thon for Association for Talent Development

ATD Golden Gate logoThe Association for Talent Development (ATD) Golden Gate Chapter was at Udemy headquarters yesterday creating a ton of Udemy courses for their chapter members. The ATD is the largest corporate training and skills development organization in the United States. The Golden Gate ATD chapter uses Udemy’s corporate learning platform, Udemy for Organizations, as their portal for members to create courses

During the course-a-thon, about 20 chapter members were working on a number of courses related to ATD membership, including content on why members should join the chapter and how members could get the most out of their membership. Members are also working on a unique section of their portal that will allow members to upload and house portfolios of their work, such as presentations they have created and programs they have designed, which members could share with potential employers when applying for jobs.

Paul Anjeski, president elect of the ATD Golden Gate Chapter, was particularly excited for this event because it gave members a chance to collaborate and receive some hands-on support as they created courses. He is excited to share how his chapter is using Udemy with his broader organization, with the goal of enabling other chapters to replicate what has worked for the Golden Gate Chapter.

Anjeski said: “For a group of learning professionals who really want to understand the capabilities of asynchronous learning, Udemy is a great place to start.”


Udemy (UFO) Infographic: Year of the Corporate MOOC


Did you know Udemy also offers solutions for corporate training and learning? Learn more about how you can bring Udemy with you to work.

We think 2014 will be the year of the corporate MOOC – when companies can marry a great consumer learning experience with training content. End result? Happier and more productive employees to help grow your organization.

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How to Value a Business: Understanding the Underlying Numbers

howtovalueabusiness[1]Deciding the value of a company is necessary at many stages of a business’ lifecycle: in order to bring in investments or to sell a company, it’s necessary to decide just what value the business already has. Because business owners can get emotional about the organizations they’ve worked long and hard to create, as well as put different values on the various assets that make up a business, there’s a standard approach to placing a value on a company. While you don’t necessarily need to learn all the nuances of setting a company’s value for yourself, you do need to learn the practical aspects and how to understand how prices are set if you’re in business.

Learn Corporate Valuation in this online course!

Taking Everything Into Account

It might seem like comparing the money each business has in the bank is an easy way to set its value, but that method is like comparing apples and oranges: one company might be flush in a given month because it’s a seasonal business, while another may maintain low cash reserves because it’s bought expensive equipment (which it could sell to raise cash). Instead, it’s necessary to look at all the accounting behind a given business, including both past numbers and what you project for the future, so that you can accurately compare a company to others in the industry. [Read more…]

Social Media Management Tools: Finding the Right Tool for the Job

socialmediamanagementtools[1]Managing the social media presence of a company is often a full-time job, or more. There are an ever increasing number of social media websites that offer every company the opportunity to promote itself, but also the chance to accidentally ignore comments from customers. There’s no doubt that you need to pay attention to as many platforms as possible, but there’s an upper limit to how much one person can do.

Learn social media marketing with this course on Udemy!

That’s were social media management tools come in: they allow you to automate at least part of the process of managing your social media presence. There are a wide variety of social media management tools that can streamline your process.

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Lean Startup your team with bestseller author Eric Ries


You don’t need to be a startup to apply the lessons of lean startup within your organization. You can now find lean aficionados virtually everywhere- lean Fortune 500, lean nonprofit, lean services, even lean government.

What is lean and how is it different than old approaches to launching new products and services?

The old product launch paradigm demanded that you perfect every inch of your creation before releasing it to the market.

The lean startup methodology espoused by New York Times-bestselling author and Udemy instructor Eric Ries, proposes a different approach.

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A church’s journey: from television to the internet


Long gone are the days when people drove all the way to church to go to Sunday mass. Today, churches broadcast entire services on their private TV channels, reaching thousands of congregants in the comfort of their own homes every day and every hour.

While television has been an important medium for many large ministries and megachurches, new video technologies and the internet bring video creation and global distribution within easy reach of smaller churches.

How can churches use the internet to spread their word?

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How to Negotiate and Get What You Want

how to negotiateThe skill of negotiating is important to have in every facet of your life. We all use it every day, whether it’s bargaining over an item at a yard sale, compromising on bedtime for the kids or deciding whose turn it is to wash the dishes! It’s an important part of all elements of life, but when it comes to business, knowing how to negotiate can mean the difference between sink or swim in your career. There is a lot more at stake when you’re negotiating a big deal, a raise, or a salary, and you want to make sure you’re equipped with the right skills to help you get the most out of every negotiation.

Human psychology dictates that we will be swayed by our emotions and instincts. This is often helpful and self-serving, but sometimes this can work to our disadvantage. If we’re dealing with a cunning or strategic person, we may not even realize we are being manipulated and somehow wind up getting the short end of the bargain. We have to keep our wits about us and make sure we are well-versed on how to negotiate to get what we want. If you run into problems negotiating, this course on solving common negotiation snafu’s might be of help!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the next time you’re in a position to negotiate. [Read more…]