Keep Up With New Goodies Unveiled at WWDC 15

The 26th Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is happening this week right by our headquarters in San Francisco. This high-profile event always makes headlines and draws a huge crowd. It’s the first place to hear (officially, anyway) about exciting Apple product news and updates, which is a big deal if you’re interested in enrolling in or teaching a related Udemy course.

So far, people are buzzing about Apple’s new subscription music service as well as the Apple Watch’s ability to run its own apps (no iPhone required). The company is also announcing features of the newest OS X version (El Capitan) and probably a lot more “insanely great” stuff before the week is out.

If coverage of WWDC 2015 has inspired you to bone up on your Apple skills, we’ve got some insanely popular courses to choose from. Here are a few:

The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course

iOS 8 and Swift: Develop Real World Apps From Scratch

iOS8 Mobile App Design: UI & UX Design From Scratch

Apple Watch – Go From Newbie to Pro by Building 15 Apps

New Programming Courses from Frontend Masters

Exciting news to share! This week we launched 19 new courses from our partners at Frontend Masters, the well-known front-end web development training experts. Frontend Masters joins our 14,000+ instructors currently teaching on Udemy. These experts include the founder of AngularJS, creator of JSON, jQuery team members, senior developers and directors at Etsy, Reddit, Paypal and more. Who better to learn from than the experts that are actively shaping the industry?

2015-04-10_0957Frontend Masters’ Udemy courses range from introductions to deep dives geared towards web developers and programmers, front-end and user interface engineers looking to take their skills to the next level and become “masters” themselves. Specific topics include JavaScript, such as Javascript the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, responsive web design and website performance.

Learn more about Frontend Masters and view their Udemy courses here. This content is also available to our Udemy for Business customers as part of their subscription to 1000+ of Udemy’s highest-quality courses.


Success Story: Denis Panjuta veröffentlicht ersten deutschsprachigen Java Kurs

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Bei Udemy kann jeder sein eigenes Wissen an andere Menschen weiter vermitteln. Unsere Dozenten bereichern mit ihren Fähigkeiten sowie vielfältigen Werdegängen und Erfahrungen das Angebot an Online-Kursen. In Erfolgsgeschichten beleuchten wir jeweils einen unserer Dozenten etwas genauer und zeigen, welchen Weg dieser bei uns gegangen ist.

Denis PanjutaAls Denis Panjuta sein Studium im Bereich Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen an der Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung in Konstanz begann, hatte er – bis auf einen kurzen Versuch – keine Erfahrung mit dem Programmieren. Erst während seines Studiums entdeckte er seine Begeisterung dafür und dass die Möglichkeiten beim Programmieren – bis auf die Schranken seiner eigenen Fantasie – grenzenlos sind. Zu seinen erfolgreichsten Projekten zählen unter anderem eine Website mit Videotutorials, das Android-Spiel „Little Dragon“, und eine Gerätesoftware für Blutdruckmessgeräte.

Die Idee, sein Wissen auch anderen Menschen weiterzugeben, kam ihm im Rahmen seiner Abschlussarbeit zum Thema „Erstellung von Videotutorials am Beispiel einer Android App“. Heute stellt er auf seinem YouTube-Kanal mehr als 3.700 Abonnenten verschiedene Tutorial-Serien zur Verfügung. Sich selbst sieht er dabei als „begeisterten Online-Lehrer, der es liebt, anderen Leuten etwas beizubringen“.

Java Course Image

Bei Udemy sah er die Möglichkeit, seine Leidenschaft für das Kreieren von Online-Videos mit der Weitergabe seines Wissens zu kombinieren und diese einem großen Publikum zur Verfügung zu stellen. Im September 2014 hat er deshalb bei Udemy seinen ersten Kurs “Java Programmieren für Anfänger – Der Ultimative Java Kurs” gelauncht. Die Zahlen sprechen für sich: innerhalb von nur knapp zwei Monaten haben sich bereits mehr als 100 Studenten für den Kurs von Denis eingeschrieben.

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Understanding PHP Object Injection

phpclasstutorialPHP injection or PHP Object Injection is an application level vulnerability that allows an attacker to perform various kinds of malicious attacks such as SQL Injection, Application Denial of Service, Code Injection and Path Traversal based on the context. The vulnerability generally occurs when the input supplied by the user is not sanitized properly before passing to the unserialize()PHP function(takes single serialized variable and converts it into the PHP value). PHP contains the object serialization feature that allows attackers to pass serialized strings to a vulnerable unserialize() call. This results in an arbitrary PHP object injection into the scope of the application. Serialized strings are those that create representations of the values that can be stored.

In order to exploit the PHP Object Injection vulnerability completely, two conditions should be met:

1)     The application should have a class that implements a PHP magic method (like _destruct, _construct, _set or _wakeup) that can be used to carry out different malicious attacks.

2)     All the classes that are used during an attack should be declared when the function unserialize() is being called, else object autoloading should be supported for those classes.

Learn about PHP programming by taking a course at

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Test Your Programs with the NUnit C# Unit-Tester

microsoft access 2010 tutorialIn the world of computer programming, no task is as despised as business logic debugging. The debugging wouldn’t be so bad if we could easily find them in our code, but most business logic errors only happen while the programs run. Some of them even happen with no fault from the programmer. Either way, we have to fix every bug in our programs long before our end users get their hands on them, and the only way to do that is to thoroughly test our programs. Fortunately, we have special tools such as the NUnit C# unit-testing framework to help us out.

Learn how to handle C# errors at Udemy

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SQL Server Training : An Introduction to the Microsoft SQL Server

sql server trainingSQL Server is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) software developed and owned by Microsoft. This software supports ANSI SQL which is the standard SQL language. Transact-SQL or T-SQL is Microsoft’s proprietary extension to SQL. Today, we walk you through the SQL Server architecture and the various services of this powerful and popular RDBMS platform. You may want to take this introductory course to Microsoft SQL Servers before we go ahead.

SQL Server Editions

SQL Server has several editions that have different features and pricing designed to meet the different user needs.

  • Enterprise– this includes add-on services and can manage databases with sizes up to 524 petabytes.
  • Standard-It supports fewer active instances as compared to the enterprise edition. It does not allow memory to be added when the server is running.
  • Express– This is a scale down and free edition of SQL Server. It can use maximum one processor and has 1 GB memory and 10 GB database files.

You can learn more about SQL Servers with this course. Let’s take a look at the important functionality of this important RDBMS.

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SAP Security – How Secured are SAP Systems?

sap securitySAP is one of the leaders in enterprise application software and has the largest market share in Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution . SAP stands for “Systems, Applications and Products” in data processing and provides end-to-end solutions for financials, manufacturing, human resource planning, logistics, distribution, and so. SAP’s application software which comprise of different modules is based on the concepts of specialization and integration.  Each of the modules or products inside the SAP family meets a particular need of an organization and is integrated with the other modules.

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Help Me Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel helpMicrosoft’s spreadsheet program, Excel, is used in offices all over for various tasks. Some use it at home too for organizing checkbook registers and budgets. It is not at all similar to Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint in ease of use. They all have sophisticated features that you can get by without ever using, but Excel is a whole different animal, with only Access as the fiercer beast. Want to learn how to use Excel? Udemy has a quick start course to help.

Being a more difficult program to use with its functions and math features, users need to spend more time learning Excel. It is not as user-friendly and much more technical than the more familiar programs used for words and sentence structure. There are templates available for various tasks, which allow you to quickly use the program for your intended use. For instance, my husband is an accountant, and we are both very computer savvy, yet it was simple to use a template for our checkbook register, so why wouldn’t we? The formulas were already there. It’s for home use anyhow, why not cheat?

If you have curious work that no template has been made for, you’ve got more to learn. can get you up and running quickly with this course for professionals.

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Basic Introduction to Import Classes in JSP

Web Application Database System in Code BackgroundReusable components or libraries are one of the most important features of good software. Libraries, once created, reduce development time for future projects. One important technique for using existing classes in JSP pages is by using the import directive. There are many existing Java applications that have a lot of core logic implemented in Java classes. For example, consider an employee payroll processing application. The logic for calculating employee bonus pay out and stock options has been written in Java. The application is revamped to use JSP, AJAX and Hibernate but you still want to continue using this core bonus calculation class instead of rewriting it. JSP provides a method to import Java classes using “directives.” Here, we will look at importing Java classes in JSP pages.

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How to become a UX Designer

user experience coursesUser Experience (UX) Design is literally the process of designing an experience for the user. It is a complex science which changes rapidly as user desires do. It delves into the psychology of the user, usability testing, and the designing of paper prototypes and final wireframes. Get Introduced to User Experience at Udemy

So you are thinking about becoming a UX Designer? You know that UX stands for User experience. You are prepared to think about your user and work hard to ensure their needs are met. It can be a truly rewarding career. Learn the fundamentals of UX Design at today.

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