At Home Leg Workouts: Get the Sculpted Look of Your Dreams!

Sporty slim woman practicing yoga pose for stretching her body iDoing some light exercise every single day is absolutely essential in maintaining your health and managing your weight. Leg exercises are often the most ignored for a wide variety of reasons ranging from people thinking that their legs get enough exercise just from walking, to not wanting to have over-developed leg muscles as they feel they are unattractive. In reality, daily light at-home leg workouts results in a toned and firm look that is attractive for everyone. For more information, check out this course, No Equipment, No Excuses” Home Workout. [Read more…]

Sports Broadcasting: Sports in the Media

sports broadcastingSports broadcasting, often abbreviated as “sportscasting,” is a multi-million dollar industry, both in the United States and all over the world. Sports broadcasting is the distribution of sporting events and information via mass media, most prominently through the medium of television, but also through radio and internet avenues. Basically, you’re experiencing sports broadcasting anytime you hear, read, or see something regarding sports through any type of media. If you’d like to learn more about sports broadcasting, this examination of sports in the media will expand your knowledge on the subject. [Read more…]

What It Really Takes To Get Into Sports Broadcasting

sports broadcasting“He could…go…all…the…way!”  That is just one of the many famous quotes from long-time sports broadcaster Chris Berman.  It’s easy to turn on the television and dream that you will someday work in the sports broadcasting industry, but that career path is anything but simple.  Knowing a lot about sports and talking about it on a daily basis is a good start.  However, you will most likely need to get a degree, work a lot of smaller jobs, and network as much as possible. [Read more…]

The History of Golf: A Brief Overview

History of GolfRobert Lynd, a 19th century Irish writer and essayist once said that, “It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place this world is when one is playing golf.” Golf is a very popular sport, and in 2008, the number of golf courses worldwide was over 35,000. The United States of America accounts for the highest number of golf courses in any country, with 50% of all courses located within its borders. It’s no surprise than, the estimated number of golfers in America is nearly 29.5 million. Many regard it as a lifelong sport that requires skill, finesse, focus and years of practice to master. Its rules seem simple on the surface–to hit a ball into a hole using the minimum number of strokes–but as one begins to play golf, complexities and nuances become apparent. With so many enthusiasts, maybe you are wondering, “where did golf come from–what’s the history of golf?”

The truth is that the history of golf is hotly debated, but there is a good deal of information to draw from when attempting to map out the origin and history of this sport that is beloved by so many. Although, it’s a tenuous love; while Robert Lynd may have waxed philosophic about golf’s better qualities, Mark Twain famously lamented that, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

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Weight Training for Cyclists

Weight Training for CyclistsCycling is a great form of exercise which not only gives you a full body workout, but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors.  It also requires serious strength and endurance.  While most of your pedal power comes from having strong leg muscles, the abdominal and lower back muscles are the vital foundation from which all of your movement, including the pedal stroke, originates. To pedal in a way that recruits the auxiliary riding muscles efficiently, a good rider must learn to hold his or her posture steady, something which requires core strength.

A solid core will also help to correct any unnecessary, energy-wasting upper-body movement, ensuring that all the energy is delivered into a smooth and fluid pedal stroke. An efficient pedal stroke allows you to apply force with the big power producing muscles, such as the quadriceps, without over using and risking injury.

One of the best ways to strengthen your body is to do special weight training for cyclists, especially anything that focuses on your quadriceps, hamstrings, and core. Kickboxing is actually a fantastic way to work all of the muscles you use for cycling, not only from the perspective of the kick, but also from that of building core strength and endurance.  

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How To Learn Parkour on Your Own: No Gym Required

how to learn parkourParkour, or free-running, was developed as a military training technique for navigating obstacle courses, but has become an act of self-expression, with many practitioners–traceurs–touting its natural movement style as a way to merge with one’s surroundings. It’s enjoyed some popularity of late, with more and more  parkour “academies” opening and offering to teach beginners and advanced free-runners how to use the urban landscape to develop strength and balance. It’s also made its way into mainstream entertainment with video games like Mirror’s EdgeAssasin’s Creed, and Watch Dogs all integrating parkour into their combat and movement systems.

Parkour is a great way to get in shape and develop a heightened sense of awareness, and let’s face it–you’ll look pretty awesome doing it. If you’ve ever wondered how to learn parkour on your own, you definitely aren’t alone. You don’t need to join a special gym to get into it, but you will want to build some basic strength and balance before you get started. If you’re not familiar with what exercises can help you on your way, learning a few fitness tips from an expert can get you where you need to be. The best part about learning parkour is that you won’t need any special equipment to get started–the world is your equipment–so whenever you’re ready, you can just, well, go!

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Speed Training – Strength Work, Interval Running, and Technique

Speed Training As a runner, you probably only have one goal.  Well, besides finishing the race, you are also trying to run faster to beat your last posted time in that 5K race or marathon.  However, the chances are your body is used to running the same track or roads at the same speed every so often.  And when you want to kick up your speed a notch, you find yourself stuck in the same gear.  This is when speed training will benefit you greatly, allowing you to cut time off your run or get from point A to point B quicker.

In order to be able to run faster, your leg muscles have to contract quicker and the brain and nervous systems have to adapt to these quicker movements simultaneously, in an efficient manner.  As long as you are performing some type of speed training consistently, your muscles and nervous system will remember that feeling of moving fast, so you won’t have to re-learn the process all over again. [Read more…]

Beginner Workout Routines For Men: Build Muscle And Strength

workout routines for menIt’s time to pump you up!  Okay, you probably won’t be looking like a body builder right away, but the key to building muscle is to be consistent and stay motivated.  And if you are afraid of looking lost in the gym, don’t be, because we are going to go over some basic workout routines for men.

Chest / Shoulders /Triceps

These are known as the “pushing muscles” because all the exercises involve some sort of pushing or pressing movement.  For that reason, we want to focus on only these areas of our body.     [Read more…]

Golf Club Distances: Factors and Averages

golf club distancesHow far you can hit a golf ball can depend on a multitude of factors: your height, weight, age, skill, training, physical strength, etc. In some circumstances, a few of these factors might not even matter at all. Depending on the individual, some of these factors will have more influence than others.

What is for certain, though, is that the golf club you’re using plays a major role in how far you can hit. In this guide, we’ll go over the various types of golf clubs a golfer has at their disposal, and study the average golf club distances of each. Don’t let your skill go to waste on the wrong golf club!

For more information on how to golf like a pro, check out this course on mastering the perfect golf swing.

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Wide Receiver Drills: Improve Your Football Skills

wide receiver drillsAs anyone who sets aside their Sundays throughout the entire fall season will tell you: American football is a way of life, at least in the United State. This is a high-octane sport in which two teams (each with 11 players) play a miniature war-like battle in which the offense attempts to get the football into the endzone, while the defense does everything in their power to stop them. The offense can perform this task by either running the ball down the field or passing it.

A wide receiver is one of the offensive positions on the field and is usually the key component in passing plays. For folks to don’t really understand the sport, football lingo can be sort of tricky to comprehend, which is why Udemy offers this great course that manages to simplify football. Because the job of the wide receiver is extremely dyer and meticulous, there are many drills that a player has to perform on a daily basis in order to thrive on the field. They have to be the most agile players in the game itself so mastering these drills tends to be important.

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