Firefighter Combat Challenge

firefighter combat challengeFirefighters are kind of like modern-day knights in shining armor, except instead of wearing shining armor and chainmail, they wear protective bunker gear, bright yellow hazmat suits, and shiny silver fire proximity suits. And when they aren’t fighting fires and rescuing people, they are competitively pretending to fight fires and rescue people, in which case they are more like modern-day gladiators – only they aren’t naked.

The firefighter coliseum is the Fighter Combat Challenge course.  The Challenge is a 5-event physical fitness speed-challenge in which firefighters across the world participate. It is a competition based on what firefighters do daily in their jobs. The order of the events include a stair-climb with a high-rise pack, hose hoist, forcible entry, hose advance, and a victim rescue. Firefighters compete to complete the challenge in the fastest time. Its purpose is to promote physical fitness, which includes both strength and endurance, an essential element in structural firefighting. A structural fire involves the all of the structural components of various types of commercial and residential buildings, as opposed to “room and contents,” wildfires, or other types of fires.  When you see what these guys (and gals) have to do to complete this challenge, you will have a whole new sense of appreciation for what they do.  As one firefighter said, “They don’t call it the toughest two-minutes in sports for nothing!”  In order to complete this kind of challenge, you have to get into the best shape possible by building muscle and increasing your energy levels.

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7 Fishing Knots That Will Make You a Better Fisher!

fishing knotsHave you ever been fishing and realized your hook had fallen off sometime after you cast your line? If you have ever pulled in your line only to find there is no hook on the end you may have tied the fishing knot wrong. It is important to know how to tie strong fishing knots in order to actually catch a fish!

You don’t want your line going slack when you are pulling a fish in because your knot came undone or snagged on something. Before you decide fishing knots seem too hard, and decide to create an aquaponic garden instead, give these knots a try! [Read more…]

Personal Trainer Online Certification: What are My Options?

personal trainer certification onlineBecoming a personal trainer requires a few, but very important, things.  You must be committed to helping others, to learning about the mechanics of the human body and you must get certified.  You do not need formal schooling to be a personal trainer although a lot of universities around the country offer specialized majors and programs through their school’s curriculum. Nowadays, you can enroll in a personal trainer online certification program and be certified to work shortly thereafter.  Whatever route you choose, the fitness industry can always use a well-developed and educated personal trainer. [Read more…]

Importance of Sports: It’s More Than Just a Game

importance of sportsWhether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just don’t understand what everyone gets so excited over, chances are you’ve never taken the time to reflect on why athletics are so important. But there’s got to be something to sports that allows them to make people so happy, sad, and sometimes even a bit crazy.

We’re going to cover the biggest factors that make sports so crucial in our individual lives and as a society. Knowing what’s going on during the game is also essential to understanding what makes them so captivating, so check out this course for a simplified break down of the rules and strategy behind American football. [Read more…]

The Odds Of Spread Betting

spread bettingBetting is a huge past time, especially for sports lovers everywhere. It used to be “How much do you want to bet that the Packers beat Dallas?” But over the years, it’s gotten much more complicated and sophisticated. It’s not just about winning or losing anymore; it’s about by how much. In fact, your team can lose, but if you “beat the spread,” you can still win. Indeed, spread betting has become extremely popular and involves millions of dollars.

However, spread betting is also used in high finance, and yes it could cost or earn someone millions of dollars. It’s a kind of speculation that revolves around posting a bet (or bid) on the price fluctuation of a security or stock. Please note, however, that spread betting in the financial world is not legal in the U.S., although it is in Britain and most other countries that trade stock and securities. Ironically, spread betting in the finance world was invented by an American in the 1940s. It came to prominence in Great Britain in 1974 with the advent of spread betting on gold.

However, pundits believe that you can get around it as a U.S. citizen if you register a company offshore and use it to trade in markets, such as Britain, where it is legal.

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Cave Diving: Enjoy Stunning and Safe Exploration

cave divingNothing substitutes the thrill, fun, and adventure of cave diving. Diving is a sporting activity divided into three categories: open-water diving, cavern diving, and our feature today, cave diving. While the focus is fun and exploration, the most important thing to remember is to keep it safe while cave diving.

Open-water diving is the most commonly known type of diving and where all diving enthusiasts start. Open-water divers have direct access to the outer surface of the water and sunlight. On the contrary, cave divers explore enclosed and often dark spaces under an overhead ceiling. This isn’t a normal situation, and it can cause panic among the unprepared. You normally only have access to direct sunlight at the entrance of the cave. As a cave diver, you would expose yourself to underwater environments that lack open surfaces and are fully covered by cave ceilings. [Read more…]

Football Facts Worth Knowing: Understanding the Game

football factsOverseas, the word “football” actually means soccer, conjuring up images of towering stadiums, World Cup events, rowdy fans, and players running around on the field and kicking around a soccer ball. In the United States, however, “football” means something entirely different. While baseball is known as the great American pastime, there is little doubt that football has over the years become the most popular sport amongst the American public.

Need help understanding the rules of “American football”? Take this Udemy course for tips on how to watch, understand, and enjoy the game!

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Sports Physical Therapy: The Calling Of Awesome Caregivers

sports physical therapyAnyone who has sustained an injury that required physical therapy – most young people would have experienced this through sports – probably had an awesome experience with their physical therapist. Sports physical therapists in particular tend to be this wonderful mixture of soothing, laid-back, hands-on and casually professional. For whatever reason, the field attracts great people, and it’s growing faster than ever.

Following is a guide to the life and times of sports physical therapists. You will find information on how to become a therapist, what you do once you get there and why the lifestyle is so appealing. Get a taste for what it takes to help a professional athlete with this course on sport psychology and the balance of a sportsman’s (or woman’s) life.

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Home Workout Routines For Men – No Gym, No Problem!

home workout routines for menThere’s a variety of reasons why men say they want to workout, but in reality they don’t.  Whether it’s the cost of gym membership, lack of free time, or embarrassed to be seen exercising, everyone has an excuse.  That is all about to change today.  You are going to learn about the different types of home workout routines for men, meaning you can throw all those excuses out the window.  Most of the routines consist of body-weight exercises, meaning little or no equipment is required.  At the same time, you can expect to build muscle and see the same results as you would as if you were actually at the gym.

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Home Back Workout: Top Exercises that Will Help You Overcome Injury

home back workoutLower back pain, or lumbago, is estimated as the one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctor. In fact, according to most sources we will all experience back pain at some stage in our lives. This is one of the reasons why you should find home back workouts that can strengthen your back and that keeps your back strong and flexible. The Prevent Back Pain with Five Steps course teaches students how progressive stretches, attention to your posture and core exercises can help you prevent or minimize back pain. It offers tips on how to set up your workstation to help prevent lower back problems and offers a number of deep core strengthening exercises that you can do at home.

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