Evolving Our Marketplace Pricing

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As Udemy continues to grow, it’s important that we evolve our marketplace to foster the best possible place for students and instructors to achieve their learning and teaching goals. In April, we modified our course prices and promotions. Since making that change four months ago, we’ve learned that students and instructors value more flexible pricing and course promotions.

Starting August 22, we’re expanding the range of list prices and bringing back our popular fixed price, site-wide deals. This expanded price range of $20 – $200 allows us to continue to build a more diverse, dynamic marketplace for students and instructors.

Udemy is one of the largest global marketplaces for learning and teaching online, with over 40,000 courses taught by more than 20,000 instructors. This flexible pricing reinforces our commitment to making learning accessible to the greatest number of students and rewards instructors who share their expertise with the world.

As always, once you have purchased a course, and keep your account in good standing, you are able to learn at your own pace, and have lifetime access to the course material.

For any questions or to contact our Support team, please consult our FAQs. We’re excited to continue to evolve as the best possible place for anyone in the world to learn, achieve, and succeed.

Gregory Boutte
VP of Content

Hidden gems for August

Hidden GemsWe love courses on tech and engineering, really we do. But that’s not all there is to life—or to learn! Caroline and DQ from Udemy’s quality review team know this, and so they’ve wandered off the beaten path to find these new courses to round out your knowledge of food, art, fitness, and more.




Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.54.11 AMBest Man’s Wedding Speech – Made To Fit You Perfectly
What we liked: DON’T mention exes or drink too much before your speech; DO thank the bride and groom and compliment them on the lovely event. Getting asked to be a best man at someone’s wedding is a huge honor, but it comes with great responsibility: the best man’s toast. With help from Lynn Ferguson, a master of storytelling, you’ll have no problem getting over your nerves.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.58.21 AMCHASING AUTUMN – Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals
What we liked: Yep, autumn is right around the corner! This course will get you excited to see the trees change color. Our favorite lecture was “choosing our subject,” where we see instructor Heidi Willis walking around outside looking for leaves on the ground to draw and paint. With a variety of practical tips, this course will take you from inspiration to execution so you can create your own watercolor masterpieces.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.06.07 AMCreate Gourmet Vegetarian Salads with Superfood Ingredients
What we liked: Take advantage of the summer and fall bounty of produce to whip up delicious and healthy dishes with instructor Victoria Holder, who walks you through every step of the process. She’s included PDF printouts of all the recipes she covers in the course for easy reference.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.19.19 AMPrenatal Yoga with Jane Austin
What we liked: Certified yoga instructor Jane Austin exudes empathy and caring in this course for expectant moms. She encourages students to listen to their bodies, stay connected to their breathing, and be present with their growing babies. Jane incorporates her experience as a midwife, doula, childbirth educator, and parent to help students of all levels get both energized and relaxed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.22.10 AMDesign Your Own Fonts. Plus A Bunch Of Typography Secrets.
What we liked: Think you’ve got the next Arial or Calibri up your sleeve but not sure how to make it a reality? This course is a great introduction to creating your own font. Type designer Natanael Gama provides a great overview of how to choose a suitable font, the difference between desktop and web fonts, and pretty much anything else you’ve wondered about typography. Perfect for web designers, graphic designers, and anyone with a curiosity about how typography works.

Updating our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Instructor Terms

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Udemy has grown significantly over the last several years because of your commitment to learning and teaching through our global marketplace. To better serve our growing community, we’re updating our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Instructor Terms, making them clearer and easier to understand.

We encourage you to carefully review the new Terms. Some of the key updates we’ve made include:

  • Easier to understand: We’ve reorganized and rewritten most of our policies to make them clearer and easier to understand.
  • Clarity on dispute resolution: The updated dispute resolution section explains how to best handle disputes with Udemy.
  • A more comprehensive Privacy Policy: Our revamped Privacy Policy provides more detail on the information we collect and how we use it. As always, we do not (and will not) sell your data.
  • Updated Notification Period: We’re updating how we notify you about material changes to our Terms so we can better communicate with you.

The old and new versions of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found at Udemy.com/terms through August 19, 2016. We encourage you to review these terms on your own.

These Terms are effective immediately for first-time users on or after August 2, 2016. Existing users will be asked to agree to these updated Terms no later than August 19, 2016, at which time the Terms will become effective for them as well.

Adopting the new Udemy Terms will help us stay focused on building a great learning marketplace to help you achieve your learning and teaching goals. Thank you for being a member of our community! If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs, where you can also contact a member of our support team.

Be the first to master iOS 10

iphone in handIt’s a big day at Udemy for iPhone app developers, as we unveil new iOS 10 courses hot off the presses.

Apple released the most recent public beta of iOS 10 just last week, not long after the developer beta was unveiled at WWDC in June. As always, Udemy’s top instructors have been quick to respond so students don’t have to wait to continue learning about the freshest technology on the market. If you need proof that students accomplish amazing things with the skills they learn on Udemy, read the story of Nick Di Vona, who took Mark Price’s iOS 9 course and saw his very first app reach #2 internationally in the App Store.

Mark and fellow instructor Rob Percival, among others, are both offering brand-spankin’ new iOS 10 courses starting today, so go check ‘em out! 

Putting the science in Udemy’s learning platform


Jess drops some science at Udemy LIVE

By Jessica Ashraf, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Udemy

People come to Udemy to learn something, and we want their time on our site to be worthwhile and rewarding. It takes a lot more to ensure a good learning experience than simply offering courses, however, and this is where learning science comes in. We’ll be spending some time on the Udemy blog exploring the field of learning science and the role it plays in our marketplace.

Introduction to learning science
Learning science, simply put, is the study of how people learn, and it informs how learning environments are designed. It draws upon research from fields like educational psychology, cognitive science, computer science, and anthropology. What distinguishes learning science from these related fields is its focus and approach.

Learning science seeks to bridge the gap between research and practical application. Learning scientists develop theories and frameworks about learning from which they can devise strategies and implement them in learning environments. Most of this research is conducted in real-life settings, unlike other disciplines where research happens in very controlled, unnatural settings. Not surprisingly, new technologies and online learning models are a major focus in the world of learning science these days.

Applying science to the student experience
Learning effectively on your own is actually quite hard. You have to make a lot of conscious and sometimes nonintuitive decisions before you even get started, and countless potential distractions and barriers can get in the way of your progress. For example, you may believe that rewatching a video is good for absorbing its content, but “recalling” is actually more effective, though it’s also more difficult.

First, you have to decide you want to learn something. Then you need to figure out which course to take and focus your attention there, somehow blocking out Facebook, YouTube, or whatever else you’ve got open in other browser tabs. You’ll also have to discipline yourself to complete exercises presented by the instructor and to stay engaged over the duration of the course.

Given the size of our marketplace (11 million students and counting), Udemy caters to a vast audience of learners, and we can’t control for all their distractions and personal environments. Many people taking courses on Udemy describe themselves as motivated, self-directed learners—the type who are naturally inclined to push through any interruptions in their quest for knowledge. Nonetheless, we have built Udemy to be a distraction-free, easy-to-use platform that’s engaging, rewarding, and conducive to learning for all sorts of students. We do our own user research and testing to determine the best online content, tools, and interfaces for learning.

Learning science @Udemy
Learning scientists are constantly developing new strategies for how people can learn best in our quickly evolving, technology-driven world, and we’re following the latest thinking to see how we can apply those concepts to Udemy. We tap into the science of learning for everything from product development and strategy planning to creating training resources and offering individual support to instructors. I may have “learning scientist” in my title, but everyone else here cares deeply about offering the best possible learning experience to Udemy students too. We all read up on best practices for online teaching and learning and gather cross-functional groups to share ideas.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a little passionate about learning too! Stay tuned for future blog posts where we’ll dig deeper into learning science and discuss how insights from learning science research are put to use at Udemy.

July Hidden Gems

Hidden GemsDQ and Caroline have come up with some real winners for this month’s batch of gems. We’ve got tips for caring for a new baby or for a furry friend, being a dynamic speaker or a well-behaved dinner guest, and more!


Money Origami Gifts Origami
What we liked: In his younger days, instructor Mari G was featured on Disney Channel Asia for his precocious talent and love of the traditional Japanese art of origami. Here, he offers step-by-step guides to using paper currency to create a variety of objects, from butterflies to guitars to dresses. Making an origami turtle has never been easier!

Cat Pumping and Making DIY Toyscat pumping
What we liked: We hadn’t heard of cat-pumping before, but we’re going to start practicing with our felines ASAP (whether they like it or not!). In this course, cat fancier Will Caraway shares tips and tricks for keeping your cat happy and entertained. Go on a journey to learn how to build your own cat toys and give your pet a purr-fect massage.

Public Speaking Done Differentspeaking
What we liked: Whatever you’re expecting from a course on public speaking, forget it. This is by far one of the most inventive courses we’ve seen on any topic. Instructor Nathan Robertson blends fun and role-playing with solid, practical advice to help students channel their own personality into becoming a better speaker. The section on finding your style is a must-watch.

Guide to Pregnancy and Healthy Babiesparenting
What we liked: Extremely high-quality video production and varied camera shots make this course extra-engaging. Kate Slagh is a board-certified physician’s assistant whose goal is to help new or expecting parents (or anyone helping care for a new bundle of joy) build confidence in their childcare skills.

Everyday Dining Etiquetteetiquette
What we liked: Going to a dinner party but not sure where to leave your napkin when you get up from the table or properly place your salad knife when you’re done using it? Well, the salad knife goes on the upper-right-hand corner of your plate, but you’ll have to take this course for the napkin answer and many more everyday dining etiquette tips. Image and etiquette expert Kimberly Law will help you make a good impression and display manners that are sure to get you invited back.

Hidden gems for June

Hidden GemsThis month brought us a bumper crop of decidedly different courses, and Caroline and DQ from the review team have handpicked a few notable newcomers. Plenty to choose from if you like to party, play, and decompress.

The Complete MEGA JAM Hip Hop Class
What we liked: In this excellently produced hip-hop dance course, instructor Jasmine Meakin breaks down moves so clearly, you’ll feel like you’re right there in her light-filled studio. Just preview her “Work It” clip for a glimpse of the energetic dancing you’ll be learning to perform.

Start a Hookah Rental Business & Party – Work From Home
What we liked: Four-person team Bring Da Fire started a hookah business a few years ago and wants to show you how to do the same. Students get to know these guys and their personalities, as they go through all the ins and outs of buying equipment, negotiating with nightclubs, and making a hookah rental business into a successful venture.

One-Minute Meditation
What we liked: Instructor James Chiello is clear and to the point in this free introduction to meditation. His warm-but-no-frills approach coupled with his 15 years of experience as practitioner and teacher make him an ideal guide to what is now widely recognized as an incredibly healthy and performance-boosting practice.

Birthday Party Game Plan
What we liked: This course is jam-packed with imaginative ideas and suggestions for throwing a fun birthday party that will engage kids in active gameplay. Jocelyn Greene also provides a lot of practical tips around the logistics of picking a location and setting up. The “Bear Hunt” game idea is our favorite lecture!

Learn Basketball Shooting – Master The Basics & Shoot Better
What we liked: Joel McKenzie and his team go above and beyond to get a variety of camera shots so students can see exactly what he’s demonstrating. Joel’s goal is to help students quickly build confidence in their shooting abilities, and he provides tips and insights that only come with years of experience.

Growing Tomato Heaven: Garden-grown tomatoes made easy!
What we liked: Instructor Rick Stone really, REALLY loves gardening, and he has an easygoing, approachable teaching style that’s welcoming whether you have a green thumb or not. With this course, he wants his students to become known for growing the yummiest tomatoes in the neighborhood so they never have to buy the bland ones found at the grocery store.

Introducing Udemy for Apple TV

Udemy on Apple TV - Explore

We’re excited to announce that Udemy courses are now available on Apple TV.

Students love the flexibility and convenience of learning through Udemy. Our self-paced, on-demand courses  let students fit productive learning time into their busy schedules, on web or mobile devices. Now we’ve got another way to incorporate Udemy courses into your routine–by transforming your living room into an immersive learning environment.

Dive right in and continue learning with  courses you’ve already enrolled in. Lean back to watch the latest developments in astronomy with your family. Or invite your yoga instructor into your living room as you practice your poses.  

Explore new content from curated selections or search thousands of courses. With recommended content to guide you, discover new Udemy courses that fit your lifestyle. Your favorite content in health and fitness, academia, music, dance, and more can now be taken through the convenience of Apple TV,  in the morning before work or after dinner while you’re relaxing –anytime.

If you code along with the instructor or enjoy taking notes, no more balancing an iPad and a laptop or constantly switching tabs in a browser. View the course on your TV and use your mobile device or laptop to follow along.

Getting started is easy. Existing Udemy mobile users can simply sign into their account with one tap on their mobile device and be automatically signed in on Apple TV too.

Whether you’re designing a mobile app or perfecting your watercolor painting, we’re committed to helping you learn anytime, anywhere and make learning fit your lifestyle: at your desk, on-the-go, and now even in your living room!

Find Udemy in the Education category on the Apple TV App store.

Rob Wong is VP of Product at Udemy.

2016 Learning Trends on Udemy

Check out the infographic we just released showing what people around the U.S. are learning on Udemy and the interesting geographic and generational trends we’re tracking. Are you typical of your age and city?

Hey, grads: Your major is not your destiny

shutterstock_57140281At 22, I hit one of my first major life milestones: receiving my degree in chemical engineering. Those four years of hard work and late nights had led to this moment of celebration—yet something felt amiss. After pursuing and reaching goals for so long as a student, I no longer knew what the road forward looked like.

I’d just finished an internship where my job was to design safety valves for chemical reactors. I didn’t find much joy in it. Instead, I was actually spending a lot of my time worrying I was going to get someone hurt or worse. Previously, I’d thrown everything I had into chemical engineering, but now, at this late date, I realized I didn’t want to make it my career.

What I wish I could have told my anxiety-ridden, 22-year-old self is this: Your major is not your destiny.

In fact, your first job isn’t your destiny either. I moved away from engineering and took a job with a big accounting firm, despite not knowing much about finance. After that I spent time at a venture capital firm and then an internet marketing startup.

At the time, I was struggling to find my fit, but looking back, those early choices were good ones. I shouldn’t have worried so much! In fact, what I picked up in my wanderings is the same advice I’d share with today’s new grads.

Be patient: You’re eager, energetic, and full of ideas, but before you rush to present your thoughts to the board of directors, slow down and listen. College isn’t the end of learning; it’s just the beginning of a new phase. Use your newcomer status to observe and soak up on-the-job lessons about your work environment, interpersonal dynamics, decision making, communication styles, etc. Appreciate the transition from classroom to real world, and don’t feel bad about not having everything figured out. You’ve got time!

Go broad: Even if you think you’ve nailed down your perfect career path, keep an open mind and expose yourself to as many different things as possible early in your working life. As I found from my experience in consulting, you don’t know what you don’t know. And you can’t continue growing and evolving as a professional if you don’t stay curious and receptive to new skills, new responsibilities, and new points of view. Now’s the time for exploration and experimentation; you can specialize later.

Get mentors:  Now that I’m a CEO, I don’t get as many new hires approaching me directly for guidance. I suspect they assume I’m too busy or “important” for such interactions or they’re afraid of looking green and clueless. All of that couldn’t be further from the truth. I know from speaking with colleagues that we all feel an obligation to help when junior employees want to tap into our experience. We were all in their shoes at one point. So, don’t be afraid to approach your senior coworkers and ask to chat over coffee. You may very well find a mentor for life.

Always be learning: If I had only one piece of advice, this would be it. Take a risk and try something unfamiliar while you’re still new to the game. In fact, my other suggestions all add up to embracing a learning mindset. If you’re taking the time to listen, venturing beyond your comfort zone, and seeking guidance from more experienced colleagues, you’ll always be growing. And that will make you a valuable team member and contributor over the course of your entire career, no matter where you end up.

Back when I graduated, “job-hopping” was frowned upon and perceived as signaling a lack of commitment and seriousness. The average worker today has 12 different jobs (and counting) by the time they turn 40. Exploring new career paths and constantly evolving as a professional are now normal, expected parts of the journey. Tools like online learning give people the opportunity to reinvent themselves and create the lives they desire in a way that just wasn’t possible in the past.

If you’re 22 and just entering the world of work, go into it with an open mind and boundless curiosity. Not only will a lifelong learning attitude serve you well, it’ll make the journey a lot more interesting and rewarding.