INFJ Love: Inside The Rarest Personality

infj loveThe INFJ personality type produces some of the warmest yet most intense relationships; it is also the rarest personality type you can have. While the Myers-Briggs foundation claims that all personality types are created equal, there’s no hiding the fact that some personalities interact better with others. We’ll look at what it means to be an INFJ, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they fare in emotional, love-based relationships. But even in the best of circumstances, love is never straightforward. Expand your understanding of your deepest emotions with this love, peace and stillness meditation retreat.

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Yoga Online: How to Do Yoga Exercises Online

yoga onlineWe all have busy lives, and trying to factor in a workout or an exercise after an 8-hour workday, errands, and meal prepping can be a tough commitment to make.  However, there are plenty of sites online and courses that you can sign up for via the internet to make practicing yoga online convenient and flexible.

Here at Udemywe offer a plethora of yoga courses taught by professional yoga instructors and yogis.  Read on for a list of other helpful sites, as well as how you can make learning yoga online work for you. [Read more…]

History of Yoga and How it Helps You Balance Your Life

history of yogaYoga is an ancient technique for balance and meditation that results in fitness and overall body health. The history of Yoga is important in understanding whether Yoga is for you and how you can use Yoga to help you find balance in your life. For a beginner’s perspective in Yoga you can take Yoga for Beginners which will help you learn the basics and breathing techniques.

What is Yoga?

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Beginner Yoga: Top 8 Beginner Yoga Poses

beginner yogaBeginning any new form of exercise or physical routine can be intimating.  With beginner yoga, however, you will find that it can provide the peace and tranquility that your life desires.  Whether you are a child, adult, an athlete, or pregnant; yoga is a great way to enhance your exercise routine by providing you with both physical and mental benefits for body and mind.

Even if you have some yoga experience or a few yoga classes already under your belt, these 8 basic yoga poses will help you gain the strength and flexibility that you need to get you started with yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training: How to Choose a Yoga Teaching Program

yoga teacher trainingWhen it comes to fitness instructors, trainers, or exercise teachers, some are better than others, and the good ones are usually the ones who have had great training.  So you want to become a yoga teacher; great idea!  To get started on with teaching yoga, you will need to look into different yoga teacher training programs to be able to understand and teach all of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that make up yoga.

Yoga is quickly becoming very popular in all parts of the world, and that only means that the need for yoga teachers will continue to steadily increase as time goes on.  Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for selecting the right yoga teacher training program for you, as well as the steps you need to take to become a great yoga teacher.

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Greek Wedding Traditions

greek wedding traditionsGreek wedding traditions have their roots in ancient customs and religious ritual. Perhaps you are familiar with them from weddings you have attended. Or maybe the closest you have ever been is watching the popular movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” You might be looking to understand what you have seen or incorporate some ceremonies into your own wedding. These traditions unite the Greek people around the world. You can learn more about Greek culture with this Udemy course. [Read more…]

Dog Psychology: Understanding Man’s Best Friend

dog psychology - bulldog standing looking at another laying on aMan can really love his dog.  In fact, you love your dog so much that you treat him or her like a person more than an animal. So is what you do for them really what they want, or are they just happy regardless? To know if what you are doing really makes them happy, you need to delve into the world of dog psychology. Learning what your dog loves is key to the training process. You can learn how to teach your dog to listen to you and the psychology behind your dog’s actions from this dog training course. It is important to build a strong relationship with your pups in which they respect you not because they have to, but because they trust you and want to listen. Many people tend to treat dogs poorly because the dogs constantly show their unbridled love on the outside. Purely dominated by their love of play and duty to protect, dogs are often misunderstood.

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How To Change My Life: 14 Things Towards Becoming A Better And Happier Person

how to change my lifeIt shouldn’t take a new year for you to start making changes in your life.  Besides, how many of us stick to our New Year’s resolutions anyway?  There are times throughout our lives when we think about how we can change, whether it’s to become a better person or  simply just happier in life.  I wanted to know how to change my life for both of those reasons, so hopefully this list of 14 changes is as effective as it was with me.

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Adapting to Change: It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Hard

adapting to changeChange, it’s a word that rolls out of the mouth so easily.  It’s not multi syllabic and can be uttered in a single breath, change.  So, why is it that the word change evokes panic in the hearts of some when it is heard or said?  Change is all around us and is constantly occurring.  It is something that we deal with daily, we may just not be as aware of the changes occurring until someone points them out to us.  Instead of feeling assured by one of the few things in life that are certain, many of us get thrown into a panic when we stop to think about how we will be impacted by change.  Since change is inevitable, it is something that no matter how unpleasant we have to learn to deal with.  Learning how to manage change and navigate new processes can be challenging, but will pretty much guarantee that you get through life feeling a lot less stressed.  We all feel stressed at times, learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way by enrolling in our Stress Management course. [Read more…]

Wedding Program Ideas: How to Create A Wedding Program

wedding program ideasWhat is one of the first things your guests will look at when they sit down at your wedding?  Most likely it will be the wedding program for your ceremony.

As the stars of your wedding, you have the freedom to be as creative, classic, or funny as you wish with your wedding programs.  However, because the cost of a wedding can really add up these days, there is always the option of making your own wedding programs.  To get you prepared with all the elements of your wedding day, we are going to go over some of the best wedding program ideas, as well as how to make a wedding program on your own.

Get the complete guide to planning a wedding and other special events today!

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