How to Start Writing A Novel Steps

beautiful young brunette woman writing in her diary on the  meadThere are so many times when I have thought to myself, “That would make a great idea for a book” or, “She would be a great character for my novel”.  The problem is, when I sit down to start writing a novel, my mind goes blank or I easily lose my train of thought.

To start and continue through with anything successfully, it can be helpful to follow steps and have a plan. If you are interested in how to start writing a novel, let’s take a look at 10 steps that you can take to get your writing juices flowing. [Read more…]

How To Start A Love Letter to Express Your Feelings

how to start a love letterIt can be hard to express ourselves in words, especially when it comes to love.  Love forces us to explore the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, so these are the expressions that are the most difficult and require time, effort, and commitment.  When it comes to starting a love letter, it can be easy to feel tongue tied or frozen when you try to express just how you feel.  To help, we are going to go over how to start a love letter and finish it, in just seven simple steps.  Before you know it, you will be professing your every emotion articulately and with ease.

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Descriptive Adjectives for Creative Writing

descriptive adjectivesWriting creatively is often viewed as one of the most difficult types of writing because of how much work is involved. You have to create characters, design a plot, and even come up with settings. A lot of description goes into writing creatively in order to make the story really come alive. As such, you’re probably going to need a lot of descriptive adjectives.

You can use these adjectives to describe the people in your stories, the places, or even the actions happening place. If you need help creating character sketches, take a look at this article on the subject. Below are lists of descriptive adjectives you can use for your creative writing. Take a class in turning your creative writing ideas into pages.

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Democrats Vs. Republicans: A Guide to The Two Party System of America

democrats vs republicansWhether you watch the news, read the paper, or spend any time online, you will be made well aware of the great American political debate. It is not one centered on any specific issue in and of itself. Instead, it is a constructive argument that is based on an ideological divide between the two very different parties that make up the current political system. They are the Democrats and the Republicans. For over one hundred and fifty years, these two political parties have had a place at the table in American politics. However, it is only more recently that these two particular parties have reined supreme. Listening to the conversations in congress or watching the debates between members of each party, one is reminded of Machiavelli, a man who centuries before laid the groundwork for a level of political behavior we see today in our own system. Taking Udemy’s course on Machiavelli’s political and leadership philosophy is a great way to get a strong handle on the behavior of our current government.

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Positive Descriptive Words for Your Characters

positive descriptive wprdsCreating characters can be tough, and one of the toughest things about creating them could be finding the right words to describe them. Below are lists of positive descriptive words and brief dictionary definitions you can use to create your characters. Synonyms for each word will also be included so you don’t bore your readers with the same word over and over again.

Descriptive words like those below can be used to describe their physical looks, their mentality, their morals, their spirituality, and their social skills. If you plan to use more than one adjective in a sentence, be sure to check out this article about what order to list adjectives in. Need help with your writing? Take a course in writing with flair to really make your writing stand out. [Read more…]

Types Of Quantitative Research for Students and Researchers

types of quantitative researchQuantitative research is a type of empirical investigation. That means the research focuses on verifiable observation as opposed to theory or logic. Most often this type of research is expressed in numbers. A researcher will represent and manipulate certain observations that they are studying. They will attempt to explain what it is they are seeing and what affect it has on the subject. They will also determine and what the changes may reflect. The overall goal is to convey numerically what is being seen in the research and to arrive at specific and observable conclusions.

If you’re going to be conducting quantitative research, you might want to check out Udemy’s course on writing an effective research paper. There you will find information to help you understand how to conduct your own research, as well as how to interpret the research of others and arrange it into a cohesive paper.

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Homeschool Curriculum: How to Create A Homeschool Plan

homeschool curriculumMore and more parents these days are opting for homeschooling as an alternative to public schools and even private institutions.  There is a comfort in knowing that you are in control of how and what your child or children will learn.

If you choose to home school, the first step is to find a homeschool curriculum that is going to best fit your needs and the learning style of your child.  When searching, many parents find a challenge in selecting the best and most effective curriculum.  To help you and your child get on the right home schooling path, we are going to go over how to choose a homeschool curriculum, and give you a preview of what a good homeschool curriculum should look like.

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How To Write A Motivation Letter in 6 Simple Steps

how to write a motivation letterWe all want to stand out from the crowd.  When we are applying for something where we will be placed alongside a pool full of other applicants that are just as qualified, eager, and interested as we are, we want to put our best foot forward.

A motivation letter is attached to your resume or curriculum vitae when you are applying for a job, acceptance to a university, or a specific program.  To help set you apart from the pack and increase your chances of being accepted or hired, let’s go over how to write a motivation letter in 6 simple steps.

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Inspirational Love Stories: Top Love Stories to Melt Your Heart

inspirational love storiesWhen it comes to love, we could all use a little inspiration now and then.  The great thing about stories is that they can be used to tell anything: from triumphs and heartaches to the ever-so inspiring matter of love.  Love is all around us, and we humans seem to always be trying to figure it out.  What makes love work?  Why do we love?  How does it make us feel?  If you are looking for some inspirational love stories to see what love is capable of making us feel and believe, you have come to the right place.  We are going to provide you with some of the most inspirational love stories ever written, as well as some tips on how you can create your own love story.

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Tactile Imagery That Stimulates the Reader’s Imagination

tactile-imageryThe Gross-out … [is] the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror … [is] the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm … Terror … [is] when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…

Stephen King, the master of gory description, never leaves out tactile imagery in his captivating descriptions, as is evident in the crime writer’s above description of the three types of terror. Tactile imagery relates to the sense of touch. It is one of the seven types of sensory images used to create description in writing. The other six are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory and organic.

In writing, the ability of the author to use imagery effectively will determine the reader’s impression. It is the writer’s job to stimulate and form the reader’s experience. Imagery helps out by forming a picture, eliciting emotions and creating an experience. Whether you are writing for children, copywriting, romancing your novel or want to know how to write short stories that sell using tactile imagery effectively is an important device for engaging your readers.

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