Yoga Online: How to Do Yoga Exercises Online

yoga onlineWe all have busy lives, and trying to factor in a workout or an exercise after an 8-hour workday, errands, and meal prepping can be a tough commitment to make.  However, there are plenty of sites online and courses that you can sign up for via the internet to make practicing yoga online convenient and flexible.

Here at Udemywe offer a plethora of yoga courses taught by professional yoga instructors and yogis.  Read on for a list of other helpful sites, as well as how you can make learning yoga online work for you. [Read more…]

History of Yoga and How it Helps You Balance Your Life

history of yogaYoga is an ancient technique for balance and meditation that results in fitness and overall body health. The history of Yoga is important in understanding whether Yoga is for you and how you can use Yoga to help you find balance in your life. For a beginner’s perspective in Yoga you can take Yoga for Beginners which will help you learn the basics and breathing techniques.

What is Yoga?

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Beginner Yoga: Top 8 Beginner Yoga Poses

beginner yogaBeginning any new form of exercise or physical routine can be intimating.  With beginner yoga, however, you will find that it can provide the peace and tranquility that your life desires.  Whether you are a child, adult, an athlete, or pregnant; yoga is a great way to enhance your exercise routine by providing you with both physical and mental benefits for body and mind.

Even if you have some yoga experience or a few yoga classes already under your belt, these 8 basic yoga poses will help you gain the strength and flexibility that you need to get you started with yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training: How to Choose a Yoga Teaching Program

yoga teacher trainingWhen it comes to fitness instructors, trainers, or exercise teachers, some are better than others, and the good ones are usually the ones who have had great training.  So you want to become a yoga teacher; great idea!  To get started on with teaching yoga, you will need to look into different yoga teacher training programs to be able to understand and teach all of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that make up yoga.

Yoga is quickly becoming very popular in all parts of the world, and that only means that the need for yoga teachers will continue to steadily increase as time goes on.  Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for selecting the right yoga teacher training program for you, as well as the steps you need to take to become a great yoga teacher.

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Karma Yoga: The Spiritual Practice of Service

karma yogaThe term “karma” essentially means the individual gets what he gives.  The future of that individual is determined in part by his actions and decisions.  Another common saying to describe karma, “what goes around comes around,” captures the term’s essence perfectly.  Translating this principle into a yoga discipline is exactly what’s behind karma yoga. If you practice with an intent to serve others for the truest selfless reasons, then you’re on the right track.

Karma yoga is a form of yoga based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred scripture of Hinduism. Of the four paths to realization, karma yoga is the process of achieving perfection in action. Karma yoga is derived from the spiritual life. It  is said to be the most authentic way to progress in the spiritual life. Found in the Bhagavad Gita karma yoga is a part of nature. Karma yoga is taught by teachers of zen who promote tranquility and is often understood as a yoga of selfless service.

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Iyengar Yoga: Is It Right For Me?

shutterstock_59845732If you are new to yoga, or are looking for a change up to your usual yoga practices, you might have run across several mentions of a form of yoga called Iyengar.  When looking for different forms of yoga, there are dozens of approaches, each with their own merits and challenges, and sussing out which one might be best for you can be a little confusing or overwhelming.  Part of the reason you have seen Iyengar yoga mentioned so frequently is because of its popularity with beginners, and with those looking to perfect the poses they already know.  Do not mistake this class for “easy”, however.  While it’s meticulous approach to each individual pose is extremely helpful for those just starting out, it is also a means of gaining vast improvement, even in those who have been practicing for years. [Read more…]

Auricular Therapy: Origin, Uses and Side Effects

auricular therapyMedicine is a fascinating subject, one that is full of various treatment options, some of which appear unconventional. One such option is acupuncture, something that doesn’t appeal to most people. This is because it is associated with needles sticking out of every nook and cranny of the body. However, it does work-as auricular therapy shows. Auricular therapy is a form of alternative medicine based on the theory that the outer ear is a holographic system which reflects the entire human body in an inverted fetus form.

It is a type of acupuncture that involves sticking needles or acupontoscopes at specific points in the outer ear in order to manage certain physical, mental or emotional conditions. It’s believed that there are over 200 acupuncture points on the outer ear, with each named after a particular area of the human anatomy. When the acupuncture point is touched, it triggers an electrical impulse from the ear via the brain to the part of the body being treated. You can learn more about acupuncture works in this course.

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Waking Up With Anxiety: Changing a Negative Start to Your Morning

waking up with anxietyFirst thing’s first: everyone get’s anxious. Everyone might have different reasons for feeling anxiety but regardless, it is a feeling that everyone has experienced. Anxiety can manifest itself in a bounty of different ways, and just as everyone has anxiety, everyone has different experiences with it. But one thing is for certain: with a little focus and self-care anxiety can be reduced or even erased completely. If you are having anxiety – especially when you wake up – then there is no reason to wait. It’s time to start taking control of what’s worrying you and making changes to promote a constantly healthy mindset.  Learning how to manage your anxiety through a course with Udemy is the first step to getting control and getting your days started off right.

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Kriya Yoga and the Eight Limbs of Yoga

kriya yogaHere in the west, we’re not actually that all familiar with the seven other aspects of yoga – did you know there were 8 limbs to yogic practice? Instead, what we go heavy on are “yoga abs”, $100 stretchy pants, heated rooms, “yoga butt”, and detox retreats . Which are all fine and good, but all of these are actually aspects of a single limb of yoga called “asana”. Asana is the practice of the yoga poses, the exercise portion of yoga. You may have thought this was all there was to yoga, and trust me, you wouldn’t be alone! But there are 7, 7 other limbs. Which makes Asana just 14% of the total practice.

Kriya yoga is a practice that’s light on asana and heavy on pranayama – one of the 7 other limbs of yoga to be explained below. If yoga appeals to you for the athletic benefits (increased flexibility, yoga butt), you’ll want to start with something more like Introduction To Power Yoga or Get Fit In 10 Days With Yoga . If you are on a spiritual quest wanting to “fast-track” your enlightenment, read on to find out more about the practice of Kriya Yoga.

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Psychological Evaluation: Breaking Mad

psychological evaluationTo properly understand the processes and uses of psychological evaluation, you need to know exactly what a psychological evaluation reveals and what it actually is. Using a combination of techniques, a psychologist can make a hypothesis about a person and their behaviors and capabilities. Psychological evaluations can only be interpreted accurately by psychologists and administered by psychologists or psychology interns. Psychological evaluations are used to determine the reasons for certain behaviors exhibited by an individual usually to determine their level of sanity or awareness. Psychological evaluations help psychologists and other people understand you better, but it will also help you understand yourself and your tendencies. [Read more…]