Candid Photography: Top Tips For Capturing Natural Moments

shutterstock_159161105Have you ever been in the middle of posing for a photograph when the photographer told you to “act natural”?  It can be tough to act natural when you are told to, and even tougher when you have people staring at you.  In this situation, the photographer’s goal was, most likely, to try to achieve a candid photograph.

If you are anything like me, then you probably feel like you’ve won the lottery when you are able to capture a good candid photo.  Candid photography is the act of taking pictures of people in their most candid form, or when they are acting the most natural.  This means that they are in an “informal” or “un-posed” state.  If you need some tips on capturing your subjects in their most raw and pristine form, read on for 8 of the best tips for candid photography.

Get the quick and dirty basics of photography here, an essential for all beginners.

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Wedding Program Ideas: How to Create A Wedding Program

wedding program ideasWhat is one of the first things your guests will look at when they sit down at your wedding?  Most likely it will be the wedding program for your ceremony.

As the stars of your wedding, you have the freedom to be as creative, classic, or funny as you wish with your wedding programs.  However, because the cost of a wedding can really add up these days, there is always the option of making your own wedding programs.  To get you prepared with all the elements of your wedding day, we are going to go over some of the best wedding program ideas, as well as how to make a wedding program on your own.

Get the complete guide to planning a wedding and other special events today!

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How To Blog In 5 Easy Steps: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

bestbloggingplatformSo you’re thinking about starting your own blog.  Congratulations!  Running your own blog can be a very fun and rewarding experience.  It can also be quite overwhelming if you’ve never started one before.  Read and follow these 5 steps and you will learn see how simple it is to make that thought into a reality!

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How to Draw: Top Tips For Drawing

how to drawSummer time is the perfect time to learn how to draw.  Picking up a new and artistic skill is a great way to get your creativity to shine while exercising parts of your brain that can easily get overworked during the year.

Whether you are a child, adult, or a budding artist, these 6 steps below will help you build up your drawing skills and provide you with the basics that you need to know and concepts that you can attempt to master.

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Peruvian Desserts: Easy to Follow Recipes

peruvian dessertsPeru has fantastic cuisine – including desserts- that is a combination of European, African, and Asian influences, and heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine. In Colonial times, quite often expensive and unavailable ingredients used in the Spanish cuisine were replaced by typical Peruvian ones. Later, foreign cooking techniques were used to create unique local sweets. Because of Peru’s geography, many desserts feature tropical fruits, such as chirimoya and lucuma. Many traditional desserts of Peru also feature manjar blanco, the Peruvian version of dulce de leche.

If you’re traveling to Peru, you may want to try some of these traditional desserts while you’re there! It is also helpful to be familiar with some conversational Spanish, so you can communicate with the locals while you are there. Learning even a little of a foreign language goes a long way when traveling, as locals appreciate your effort, and it makes your travels easier if you have a basic knowledge of vocabulary used in everyday conversation.

Let’s take a look at some traditional Peruvian desserts, as well as a couple of recipes that you can follow to create your own taste of Peru at home!

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How to Sew Clothes and Make a Profit With Them

Sewing ProcessIf you’re interested in fashion design, you’re going to want to start small. No one makes their own line on the first day, and if you’ve never even tried your hand at sewing, you still have a quite a way to go. Follow this brief tutorial, and you’ll be on your way to starting your own line in no time. Be sure to take a course in marketing once you’ve got your line started so you can start bringing in the profits.

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A Hacking Course for Prospective Programmers

hacking courseHackers, hackers, hackers… The internet is filled with people who sneak, slide, even break into your computer systems to view your personal files. A hacking course can help you to understand how this is done. A basic course in hacking can be advantageous to protect yourself and prepare yourself for the internet world swarming with possible threats from hackers.

Hacking has gained popularity in the recent few years due to movies and media coverage creating villainous hackers for the public to fear and admire. So, what gets these people off? Maybe it is the power of being invisible to users while learning about them. This pseudo-omniscience makes hackers feel that they are like gods of the internet. The equivalent comparison that could be explained to an average person about hacking with, if you had the ability to jump into someone’s mind and know what they are thinking and doing at all times, would you? Of course you would. The power of knowing if you got the girl, knowing if you got the job, passed the class, or even if you are in trouble of some sort. This power is exactly what hackers wield in cyberspace. Your computer is your house, your network is your world and you can break into other people’s houses without leaving your chair. This is the awesome power of hacking. So how does hacking help?

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Acrylic Painting Tips For The Aspiring Artist

acrylic painting tipsIf you’re thinking of becoming a painter and need a place to start, using acrylic paint is an excellent choice. Invented around 1934, acrylic paints are the relatively new kid to the painting scene. In some circles, they’ve gotten something of a bad rap. Some people mistakenly believe that acrylics, which are comprised of a pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion, just don’t produce the same results as oil or water paints. Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is, acrylic paints are incredibly flexible, and both the beginning painter and an artist that is more experienced can use them to create fantastic pieces! In fact, if you’ve ever enjoyed a painting by Andy Warhol, then you’ve seen firsthand the kinds of masterpieces acrylic paints can create. Of course, as with any new medium that you’ll experiment with, knowing the tricks, tips, and techniques that seasoned artists use can be absolutely vital to picking up. Before you even begin, a quick refresher in color theory will get your brush going in the right direction; even a course in print design will get you up to speed. After that, take a look at some of these acrylic painting tips that we’ve compiled here, and start exploring all of the things that acrylic paints can do.

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The Best Poetry For Up and Coming Poets

bestpoetryUsing words to express complex ideas in an emotional and relate-able way is one of the many definitions that exist for poetry. To understand what makes the best poetry, you need to understand what connects people on a basic level. Some of the best poets ever have gone through incredible trauma that created pain that everyone can relate to. To learn the messages in the most powerful pieces of poetry, you must learn how to memorize and understand poetry. Worry not, there are ways to learn how to understand poetry and tricks and courses that teach how to memorize poetry. Memorizing poetry will help you create the artistic repetition of the words in poems inside your head. This will help you, in turn, understand the poetic tones of the world around you. Practice makes perfect and finding the best poetry starts with understanding what makes poetry great.

Check out this course for a great guide to literary devices in poetry.

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Types of Poetry: 5 Thought Provoking Forms

repetitioninpoetry“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

You’ve heard that line before, haven’t you? It is one of the most famous lines of poetry written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Before we get into the classics, let’s go through a quick refresher. A poem consists of words written in a verse. It comes from the Greek word, “Poesis,” which means “making” or “creating.” In the ancient world, poetry was used to record cultural events and to tell stories. They contain meaning and have a sense of musicality and rhythm. Poems can either be rhyming or nonrhyming, and are normally a series of lines separated into what are called “stanzas.” Many poems commonly use alliteration or metaphors to heighten and layer their meanings. To illustrate, the bald eagle is a bird that also represents the United States. Moreover, poems are not strictly held to the rules of grammar. For artistic integrity, these rules can be stretched. In fact, many popular romantic poems do stretch the rules o grammar and are dotted with layered metaphors. The good news is this online course can help you understand romantic poetry. A poem can say a lot in just a few words. If you are a burgeoning poet, read on to learn the various types of poetry.

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