Wedding Photography Tips: 6 Easy Ways to Take Better Wedding Photos

bigstock-Newly-married-couple-on-the-oc-27115934Wedding photography is more than meets the eye.  Yes, you need the shots where the bride and groom kiss, walk out of the ceremony as husband and wife, and of the bridal party immediately after the service.  But if you’re only getting those traditional shots, then you’re missing out on the wonderful details that make a great wedding photographer!

Here are some wedding photography tips that will make your wedding photos outstanding:

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Food Photography Tips: How to Take Mouth-Watering Pictures of Food

Yogurt Parfait

Some photographers don’t enjoy shooting food because it doesn’t seem glamorous at first glance.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  Shooting food is fun and can be very sexy.  And the best part about food photography?  It doesn’t complain about it’s uneven eyes or its non-existent double chin!  Food photography is an art form of its own and a good food photographer can make an excellent living.

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Best DSLR Cameras for Video

bigstock-Nature-photographer-at-work-in-27273836Before getting started with your DSLR shots, you’ll want to understand the basics of DSLR and how to shoot on it. Understanding how it works as a basic camera and all of its manual functions is an important part of using it as a video camera. It’s also a good idea to master the basics of lighting for film and video, to increase your overall video quality.

There are many benefits to using a DSLR camera as opposed to a camcorder for shooting video – the photo quality tends to be better due to the tonal range and larger sensors. They also tend to have a better depth-of-field flexibility.

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