Cat Eye Makeup Techniques

Cat Eye MakeupNo matter what shape of eye you have, cat eye makeup can elongate and enhance it, creating a dramatic and striking look. Depending upon what eye shape you have, there are different techniques that can be used to give you the look that you’re after. Once you master the basic cat eye makeup techniques, you’ll be able to branch out into smoky eye and other looks in no time.

The Basic Cat Eye Makeup Look

Cat eye makeup is a very striking look that extends the outer corner of the eye out to the edge of the brow line. The “tail” that extends from the corner of the eye can be thick or thin, and it can be combined with any other shadow or lash makeup to create several stunning looks. Cat eye makeup is one of the basic tricks taught in most beginner makeup courses, but can be difficult to master because you need to be able to get both eyes to have a symmetrical look with the tails on either side in the same shape and size. Before you give up on your professional makeup career, however, try these easy tricks to make an effortless cat eye makeup look.

Creating the Cat Eye Tail

Creating an even tail on both sides of the eye is the most difficult part of creating cat eye makeup. Many people may create the perfect cat eye on one side, only to discover that when they try to recreate it on the other side that they make it too big, too small, or in the wrong area all together. To avoid this, there’s a very easy trick that will help you create the perfect cat eye effect on both eyes each and every time.

  1. Take your eyeliner and make a dot on each side where the tails will end. The dots should be right below the very end of your brow line.
  2. Place the eyeliner on the dot and draw a line connecting the dot to the outer edge of your upper lash line.
  3. Now connect the line where it meets the outer edge of your lid to the inner edge by drawing straight across the bottom of your upper lid.

You may want to play around with how thick you make your original line; the thicker the line, the more dramatic the final effect will be. You may also want to consider making your line thicker or thinner depending upon your eye shape and what the rest of your makeup will look like. Some eye shapes will need the bottom lid lined as well, with a double line extending to the cat eye tail, while others will work best with just the single line described above. All eye shapes will also have a more dramatic effect if you play up the shadow on the lids to enhance the way that the liner looks.

Cat Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

Many people have almond-shaped eyes, which enables you to see the entire lid straight across. The single tail technique works best for this eye shape, provided you enhance it first with a little shadow.

  1. Apply a layer of brown eye shadow that is one shade darker than your skin tone to your eyelid crease and the upper lash line.
  2. Go over the entire lid and the inner corners with a light, beige eye shadow. The two colors will create a subtle effect that will offset the cat eye makeup.
  3. After you draw your tail, apply a layer of mascara to both your upper and lower lashes and clean up your liner with a cotton swab if necessary.

Cat Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes conceal much of lid, so instead of trying to enhance this area with eye shadow, instead focus on the tail.

  1. Make your dot on either side just below the end of the brow line to ensure that both of your lines are the same size.
  2. Now begin your line from the inner corner of your lid, making the line very thin until it reaches the outer corner of your eye, then thickening it as you extend it outward. This will prevent your eyes from looking too small.
  3. When you extend the line out toward the brow line dot, don’t curve upward; you want the line as straight as possible to make the eyes look larger.
  4. Apply a small amount of black shadow to the outer edge of the lower lid so it connects to your line and thickens it at the base.
  5. Finish with mascara.

Cat Eye Makeup for Monolid Eyes

Eyeliner on monolid eyes is often hidden in the crease. By using a cat eye makeup technique, you get to show it off with great results.

  1. Draw your tip first, placing a small dot on either side where you want the tail to end, then extend a thin line out from the edge of the lower corner of each eye to connect.
  2. Look straight ahead and make a row of small dots from the middle of your upper lid out to the tip. Check to make sure each side is even before you connect the dots to form a wider tail.
  3. Color in the middle portion of each tail, along with the entirety of your upper lid. While it will appear very dark with your eye closed, when your eye is open, you’ll have the perfect cat eye tail. The little bit of black that will be seen on the lid will just appear to be a little bit of liner, making your eyes appear to be bigger than they are.

Cat Eye Makeup for Round Eyes

Cat eye makeup for round eyes helps to elongate them into a more almond shape. To help enhance the look that you’re after, shadow is used to create the basic cat eye shape before you even begin to use the liner. This will give you a rudimentary cat eye that you will enhance and play up for the best look.

  1. Apply a dark brown eye shadow in the outer corner of each eye from the crease to the brow line.
  2. Apply a lighter beige shadow to the entirety of your lids, blending it where it meets the brown shadow.
  3. Apply the dark brown shadow to the outer edge of your lower lid, extending it out to meet the shadow from the upper lid.
  4. Apply your liner from the inner edge of each eye with a very thin line. Thicken the line up as you move it across the eye.
  5. Find the corner of your brown shadow where it meets below the brow line and determine where your tail will stop. Draw your line thickly out to this point.
  6. Finish with mascara.

Create an Exotic Look

Learning how to apply makeup is a skill that can serve you well in many occasions. Whether you want to learn makeup for print and fashion, or just to create beautiful eye and lash art, learning the cat eye effect is a great place to start.

Remember that learning to get both eyes even is a trick that will take some patience to learn. Be sure to practice on both yourself and on others to ensure that you’ll be able to create this look flawlessly with ease each and every time you do it. Take the time to learn how to master the cat eye makeup technique for your eye shape. With just a little bit of time and effort you’ll be able to create the perfect eye for any night out on the town.