Here at Udemy for Business, we’re excited to host the Carnival of HR this month. A different blog in the HR space hosts the Carnival each month and shares a roundup of recent HR-related content. Here’s a roundup of some great HR blogs for your November reading.

The theory & practice of being an HR professional

Let’s kick things off with a little professional development. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes into SHRM certification, this Workology post breaks down of all the costs associated with becoming and staying SHRM certified. Be sure to bookmark that one for future reference!

Sabrina Baker at Acacia HR Solutions also writes about the importance of knowing your own personality type to help create understanding and perspective on how you work with people on your team. If you haven’t had the opportunity to dive into your personality type, she suggests taking the time to get to know yourself and how you can better relate to others.

Feeling aligned with the work you’re doing relies on having a strong sense of your personal mission and values. Prasad Kurian shares his experience of defining his personal mission and vision at different points in his career in Mission without Vision?!

Tinder for talent

You’ve probably already heard people make the comparison between recruiting and dating, but did you know that some of the language people use to describe behavior on dating apps is now relevant in the recruiting world as well? Due to the tight labor market, candidates are increasingly guilty of “ghosting” and “benching” companies. In Tinder for Talent, Dorothy Dalton explores some of these trends and what they mean for employers.

Tackling tough HR topics

A lot of bloggers tackled some tricky topics this month. Over on Voice of HR, Mark Stelzner describes some of the ways that client-provider relationships can be scary and offers some suggestions for how to fix them so everyone is happy. On Workology, Ann Fry discusses the impact that cancer and other serious illnesses can have in the workplace. Trish McFarlane shares tips on dealing with people who try to sabotage your work in Keeping Your Career on Track: Get Rid of the Moles. Mark S. Fogel confronts failure from many angles—whether it’s a program that fails to gain traction or an employee who feels slighted—in When HR Fails.

Thanksgiving: recognition and praise in the workplace

As we transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving here in the US, bloggers are beginning to reflect on recognition and how to show appreciation for the hard work your employees do every day. HR Jazzy shares 4 steps to getting recognition right in the workplace while John Baldino encourages you to sing the praises of your champions, those hard-working folks who might not always be front and center in the spotlight.

On Working Title HR, Keith Enochs wants you to challenge yourself and those around you to do your best work. Finally, here at Udemy, Cara Brennan Allamano, our Senior VP of HR, shares new data from our research that demonstrates the impact of learning & development on employee engagement and productivity.

Thank you to all the bloggers who shared their content this month! Learn more about Carnival of HR and get involved here.

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