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career successWhether you’re just starting your first job after graduating college or moving up the ranks in your current career, understanding the keys to career success can help you earn more and become more influential within your organization.

In this guide, we share nine practical tactics to help you get more from your career in the form of income, responsibility and recognition. Apply one, two or all nine to give your career a significant boost that pays dividends over the long term.

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Set short-term and long-term goals

career successThe key to career success is always having a goal to work on. Whether it’s getting a promotion within a year of joining a new company or making it all the way to upper management, you need to set both short and long term goals to succeed.

Create a list of goals and break them down into steps. While you’re at work, focus on achieving one step at a time until you’re nearing your goals. This trick of splitting up large goals into small steps makes achieving rapid career advancement possible.

Remember, sometimes the simplest goals are the best for taking real action. Learn more about setting big goals and breaking them down into achievable steps in our course, How to Set Simple Goals and Achieve Massive Success.

Learn the secrets of persuasion

career successNo matter how productive, effective and valuable you are, you’ll struggle to climb up the corporate ladder unless you can persuade your clients and bosses that you have what it takes to achieve great things.

From lobbying for job advancements to securing new clients and customers for your startup or consultancy business, being able to persuade people to trust you is one of the most important skills for career success.

Don’t believe the old saying that salespeople are born, not taught. Sales skills are like any other skill – they can be learned. With the right amount of training and practice, even the least naturally charismatic person can become a master of persuasion.

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Constantly acquire new skills

double negative examplesWho says learning ends once you graduate from high school or college? The world’s most successful people all share one common trait: they’re constantly learning new skills, techniques and abilities.

From instructional courses here on Udemy to non-fiction books, make learning new information and acquiring new skills part of your lifestyle. The benefits – from extra knowledge to technical skills – will help you make rapid progress in your career.

Become a SuperLearner: Speed Reading and Advanced Memory to rapidly acquire and retain new skills and knowledge.  Learn how to blaze through books, courses and training material and retain your knowledge with ease.

Optimize your productivity

career successAn increasing amount of work is performed digitally, making it easier than ever for companies to monitor productivity on an employee level. Because of this, being able to work efficiently is often the key to achieving promotions and salary raises.

Do you struggle with off days and poor productivity? Productivity is a skill, and it’s learnable just like another language or the ability to persuade people. With the right productivity techniques, you can double the amount of work you do in a single day.

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Build your self-confidence

Businessman Gazing At City With Cloudy UnderInfamous ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ inspiration Jordan Belfort had a simple quote he used to remind himself of what it takes to become successful: “Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and then you’ll surely become rich.”

While it might sound unbelievable, acting as if you’re already successful, motivated and confident really does work. Focus on developing your self-confidence and every aspect of your career – from sales skills to productivity – will magically improve.

Is your lack of self-confidence stopping you from standing out in the workplace or as an entrepreneur? Learn how to eliminate doubt from your mind and replace it with self confidence in our course, Transform Self Doubt into Confidence.

After work finishes, relax

career successYou can’t make it to the top of your career path without spending at least some time on yourself. When work finishes for the evening, force yourself to switch out of your productive, action-focused mindset and adopt one of peace and relaxation.

When you constantly think of work, you’ll quickly burn out and become significantly less driven. Whether you’re an ambitious upstart, an executive or an entrepreneur, take at least one day off a week to relax, unwind and give your mind a break.

Learn how to relax and release stress using the techniques in our course, The Art of Mindful Relaxation. Do you constantly think of work, even on the weekend? A busy career can catch up with you, making basic habits like sleep extremely difficult.

Master your body language

career successFrom a weak handshake to slouched posture, bad body language has a huge impact on other people’s perception of you. When this perception affects your bosses and clients, it can result in serious setbacks to your career.

Although body language might seem like an instinct, it’s definitely something that can be taught. By practicing common movements and posture, you can make your body language indicate absolute confidence instead of weakness and insecurity.

Do you want to learn how to make a subconscious positive impact on clients and bosses before you even say a word? Discover the secret techniques of great body language with  The Secrets of Body Language.

Network in your industry

career successHave you ever heard the saying: ”It’s not what you know, but who you know?” Having a big professional network gives you far greater access to influential people, new job opportunities and chances to advance your career.

Just like sales skills and body language, the ability to socialize and network with new people isn’t something that you’re born with. It’s a skill that, like any other skill, can be learned with the right amount of study and deliberate practice.

Do you want to brush up on your social skills and start meeting new people within your industry? Learn the secrets of networking – from making friends to meeting important influencers – in our Leveraging Links: Business Networking course.

Develop your personal brand

career successWhat do you want to be? More importantly, who do you want to be? When you send a résumé to a prospective employer or investor, they aren’t considering your history or your credentials – they’re considering you.

Building a strong, trustworthy personal brand is one of the most important things you can do as a professional. From a personal website to a long list of testimonials from employers, every part of your personal brand contributes to career success.

Even if you don’t have a marketing background, you can build a compelling personal brand that employers and clients remember. Learn how to establish and grow your personal brand in our course, The Ultimate Guide to Building a Personal Brand.

Start developing your career today

The first step to achieving career success is working out who you want to be and what you want to do. What are you good at? What are your passions? What could you feel satisfied dedicating the rest of your professional life to?

It’s difficult to climb to the top of a career you aren’t passionate about, so choose your career carefully. Read our blog post on pursuing the right career for you to learn more about developing a career you love and achieving true success.

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