Career Ideas for Different Personalities

Road to successRemember when you were little and you were asked the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” You may have answered with: firefighter, teacher, rocket scientist, or (unfortunately) maybe your parent answered for you.  Whatever the case, now that you are older – what are you?  Is it in-line with your choice as a child?  Maybe you still have not settled on a career, are going back to school, or are trying to work up the corporate ladder.  Whatever the case, there are times when we all assess our current positions, our aspirations, and our goals.  If you are back on the path leading to a crossroads of finding the right career for you, let us give you some secrets to finding the way that will help steer you towards the right direction.  Here are some great options that will cater to any personality, work ethic, or individual.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before we get into throwing options out for you, let’s take a look at some questions you will want to ask yourself to start brainstorming.  Regardless of whether or not you are at a transitional crossroads or looking for your first job, it is always helpful to access your current position, interests, and passions.  Consider these questions when sealing a career option:

  1. What are my natural talents?  Everyone has natural talents, whether you know it or not.  It could be anything from knowing how to bake the best banana bread to knowing the ins and outs of the newest video editing software.  The point is, once you are able to pinpoint some of your natural abilities, you can better choose the right career or field that you want to go into.  Almost any skill that you have can be applied to a type of job, so do your research and figure out where your skills can be turned into job-related talents.
  2. What atmosphere would I enjoy?  What location would you like to work best in?  Some people thrive in quiet, cubicle office settings that keep them separated from any distractions.  Others enjoy working in a bustling corporate atmosphere that never slows down.  On the other hand, maybe you prefer to work at home, with animals, or around children – it all depends on you.
  3. What is my work style?  Every personality has a certain work style that they adhere to.  Make sure that your work style is in-line with your career choice or you could find yourself hitting a few road bumps.  Your might like working in a structured and consistent environment, flexibility, or possibly, in a very fast-paced job.
  4. Introvert or Extrovert?  This is a topic we will discuss in more detail later, but by now, you should know if you are a more social or less social person.  Some people like to be at the forefront of all the activity, while others enjoy more behind-the-scenes roles.
  5. What is your work-life balance preference?  Some people do not mind having to work weekends or overtime.  Many, however, have families to take care of once they clock-out for the day, or other responsibilities that do not allow them much work flexibility.  Determine where you are in life and consider where you want to be in five years from now before choosing a career.

All the Options

A nice way to narrow down all your options is by really zoning in on your personality traits.  After all, you will only have one personality for the rest of your life – and the chances are slim that it is going to change drastically.  Additionally your personality will help to determine your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Careers for Introverts

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be in the spotlight.  Being an introvert does not mean you lack self confidence or are incapable of doing certain things – it simply means that you do things differently and your energy is fueled by means other than constantly being around people.  If you know this about yourself, then it might make things easier when you are career-searching.  Here are some career options that will work great for introverted personalities:

  1. Social Media Manager: Even though you are extremely social online does not translate into being social in person (you should know this!)  Online jobs that require you to be engaging online, but not in person, are great for introverts to show a different side of their interaction.
  2. Lab Tech: A laboratory technician will be able to work in the comfort and solitude of a lab while dealing with diagnosing patients.  The best part about it for you is that you will be interacting with fluids and samples rather than the actual patients.
  3. Technical Writer:  Writers’ work generally does not require much interaction, and a technical writer is not much different.  You will spend your time researching, analyzing, and translating information into simpler terms for the average person to understand.
  4. Translator:  You would think that translating has a lot of talking involved, but if you are translating text, records, or recordings, then there is hardly any verbal communication involved.  This can be perfect for introverts who are fluent in a second language.  Even if you are not, consider transcribing or copy-writing.

Careers for Extroverts:

On the other side of the coin, there are the extroverts.  These are the people who love people, socializing, and being in the middle of bustling industries.  Luckily, if your teacher was always telling you to stop talking in class, there are plenty of jobs that you would excel in.  Here are a few:

  1. Project Manager:  Being a manger for any department or job requires a lot of interaction, communicating, and negotiating.  A project manager is at the hub of all the project’s current happenings, and the official go-to person.
  2. Sales Representative:  If you love talking to people and persuading them to do something, then sales is the field for you.  You will be representing the face of your company, and your role is essential into making sure that your company meets sales numbers.  Get talking!
  3. Hairstylist:  If you have ever been to a salon before, you will know what we mean.  Despite having specific skills for hairdressing, styling, and color, Hairstylists spend almost all of their day talking with their clients.  This is a perfect career for extroverts that love talking, connecting, and learning about different types of people all day, every day.
  4. Registered Nurse:  A registered nurse interacts with patients all day.  Their interactions with them go further beyond simply talking to them and their families, but also providing them with emotional and physical support.
  5. Teacher:  A teacher interacts with their students constantly.  They are expected to be enthusiastic, outgoing, and empathetic with their students.  Still, they will get to practice their creative control in a classroom and administer the learning experience to adhere to their individual teaching style.

Transitional Careers

If you are in the midst of a career change, like so many others, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.  There is nothing tougher than starting over from the beginning.  However, this can also be your time to shine in a career that you did not originally have planned.  Here are some great career options; all of which do not require more than three years of training, to get you flying forward towards your new position:

  1. Social Media Manager:  If you are a whiz on various social media platforms and have a passion for marketing, the position as a Social Media Manager will give you the chance to practice your skills with authority.
  2. Yoga Instructor:  You can practice yoga at any age, and as a Yoga instructor, you can help others achieve a sense of balance while keeping yourself in shape and grounded at the same time.
  3. Web Developer:  If you already have a technological background in Computer Science, and enjoy working with code, a career as a Web Developer will give you the chance to design online full-time.
  4. Licensed Practical Nurse:  Careers as a nurse have become popular for mothers transitioning back into the workforce, or people looking for second career options.  Medical nurses are always needed, and starting off as a LPN is a great way to dip your feet into the Medical Industry.
  5. Travel Guide:  Interested in traveling the world?  Do so while sharing your passion with others.  There is no certification involved; just great personable and communicative skills.

Choose Wisely!

Remember that you are going to be working for the rest of your life, which is probably many more years from now.  Choose something that you are not going to dread every day, yet something that is practical and suitable for your lifestyle and needs.  With Udemy’s helpful online courses that will cover everything from finding your dream job, to mastering interviews pertaining to your career—you will be well on your way to living your ideal life.