Calorie Burning Exercises: Best Exercises to Lose Weight

calorie burning exercisesLet’s be honest, many of us exercise solely to burn calories or with the intention to shed some pounds – and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as our overall health is improving.   Calorie counting is popular way to measure health, and the good thing is, almost anything you do will burn some calories.  However, if you are exercising with the goal to burn as many calories as possible, we have some effective calorie burning exercises for you.

To make things simpler, we are going to focus on ways to burn 500 calories. Burning 500 calories a day will take off 1 pound a week. So, if you are looking to lose weight, let’s start shedding the pounds with these calorie burning exercises that will keep your heart pumping and the pounds dropping.

Easy 500 Calorie Burning Activities

  1. House Cleaning:  Drop calories and get your things organized.  If you clean the house for 2 hours you can burn up to 500 calories.  Plus, if you decide to clean the house to your favorite tunes, you can increase your calorie burning number by 15% (that is, if you boogey around while vacuuming).
  2. Garden:  Gardening allows you to be outside and get some fresh air while burning calories at the same time.  Grow some beautiful flowers or fresh produce and spend about an hour and a half outside
  3. Skiing:  In the winter, 65 minutes of downhill skiing will burn you 500 calories.  If you try cross-country skiing, you will only need 50 minutes of this activity to meet your 500 mark.
  4. Zumba:  This vigorous exercise will burn 500 calories each hour as long as you put your full effort into the workout.
  5. Racquetball:  This fun exercise will burn 500 calories in 55 minutes.  Make sure you have a partner to play with, and it will make the time go by a lot faster.
  6. Lawn mowing:  If your grass seems to be over flowing, consider going outside and doing an hour and 15 minutes of lawn mowing.
  7. Back Body Exercises:  Strengthen you back at the same time and try 45 minutes of some back bodyweight exercises.  This can burn you up to 500 calories, but stick to routines that only use bodyweight.
  8. Booty Boot Camps:  Try out a booty boot camp or kickboxing workout such as this one and you can look to burn 500 calories if about an hour.  If you can not attend a class, try a treadmill incline workout for about 30 minutes.
  9. Guitar Playing:  Feeling musical?  Play the guitar for two hours and ten minutes.  This will burn you 500 calories as well while you are listening to some sweet tunes.  Just make sure that you are standing up while you are playing.
  10. Belly Dancing:  This fun exercise will burn 500 calories in 120 minutes.  It will also strengthen and tone your core and abdominal area.
  11. Jump Rope:  Only 42 minutes of jump rope is required to burn 500 calories.  Jump rope will strengthen your calf muscles at the same time.
  12. Punching bag:  70 minutes of punching a bag will burn 500 calories.  Make sure you are wearing the appropriate gloves first.
  13. Rugby:  This fun exercise will burn 500 calories in 45 minutes, as you are running around a field most of the time.
  14. Basketball:  It is no surprise that you need less than an hour (50 minutes) of basketball to burn 500 calories.  Basketball is an excellent form of cardio if you want to work on your endurance and increase your metabolism at the same time.
  15. Martial Arts:  Regardless of whether or not you have a black belt, everyone can benefit from martial arts.  40 minutes of martial arts will burn 500 calories.  Martial arts also provides other benefits, such as: reducing stress, increasing focus, and helping you maintain your coordination.  There are plenty of different forms of martial arts that you can choose from.  Check out some fun online classes here.
  16. Rock climbing:  This is intense, yet rewarding activity that you can do at a local gym or climbing arena.  You only need 40 minutes of rock climbing to burn 500 calories.  Be sure that you wear the proper equipment, such as a hard helmet and a harness to prevent injury.
  17. Walk:  It might not seem like walking would burn a lot of calories, but if you walk at a moderately brisk pace for 90 minutes (about 4 miles per hour), then you can look to burn up to 500 calories.  Wear some comfortable and flat shoes while you are walking.
  18. Volleyball:  Not only will volleyball burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, but it will help tone your entire body.  To burn 500 calories, you will need about an hour and 45 minutes of playing time if you are playing in a gym, and 50 minutes of playing time if you are playing at a beach.
  19. Running:  It is no surprise that running can burn calories quick.  If you run at 6 miles per hour for 42 minutes, you will burn 500 calories.  Aim to run a ten minute mile.
  20. Horseback riding:  An hour and 45 minutes of horseback riding can burn 500 calories.  Who knew sitting could do so much?
  21. Golf:  Golf will burn 500 calories in an hour and a half.  However, you have to be walking around the golf course and carrying your own golf clubs in order to burn all of those calories.
  22. Playing:  Whether you are playing by yourself or with kids, 90 minutes of moderate playing time can burn 500 calories.  You will have fun and keep the little ones entertained at the same time.
  23. Water Aerobics:  Being in the water is a great way to exercise if you are looking for something that is low impact.  90 minutes of water aerobics will burn around 500 calories.
  24. Bowling:  If you enjoy bowling, try bowling for 2 hours and you will burn 500 calories.
  25. Aerobics:  If you are a gym member or enjoy doing exercise videos or online, try an hour long aerobics class to burn 500 calories.
  26. Kayak:  Being on top of the water can help you burn calories as well.  Kayaking for 55 minutes will burn you 500 calories and it will strengthen your upper body.
  27. Hula hooping:  Hula hooping burns a whopping 10 calories per minute.  If you hula hoop for 50 minutes, you can look to reach your calorie burning goal.  You will also strengthen your core muscles and build some strong calf muscles.
  28. Pilates or Yoga:  Either of these two exercises will burn 500 calories in 2 hours.  For a quicker burning option, consider combing one of these with a half an hour of cardiovascular activity for balance.
  29. Snorkeling:  If you enjoy being outside in nature, try an hour and 20 minutes of snorkeling.  This can burn you 500 calories and allow you to enjoy marine life at the same time.
  30. Kissing:  You will need to kiss for 6 hours to burn 500 calories, but this can be a fun and interesting exercise for some.  Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Alternative Ways to Burn Calories

pose method of runningCalorie burning exercises do not all have to involve jumping around.  Here are some other helpful ways that you can go about burning calories that may surprise you.

Fidgeting:  If you were one of those kids who liked to twirl their pencils around and was always asked to sit on their hands, you might be a bit more lean than other people you know who do not fidget.  Studies have shown that people who fidget for around 150 minutes a day were leaner than those who did not.  Small activities such as tapping your feet, twirling your hair, and making gestures while speaking can burn up to 350 calories each day.  This can turn into 10 to 30 pounds each year.  If you are interested in ways to keep your body moving throughout the day, here are a few ideas:

  • Stand.  When you are standing, you will burn 50% more calories than you would if you were sitting.  Try standing while on the phone, on the computer, or when you are talking to people.
  • Pace
  • Buy a workstation that enables you to stand instead of sitting at a desk.

Caffeine:  Do not go overboard on the caffeine, but a healthy amount of caffeine can work to increase the number of calories that you burn.  This is done when you body generates heat and energy from digesting food, which causes you to be more active.  For a place marker, having 250 milligrams of caffeine with each meal can increase the number of calories your body uses to metabolize your meal.

Drink cold water:  The colder the water you drink, the more calories you can burn.  Why?  Your body will use up more energy warming up the cold water.  For instance, if you have 8 glasses of ice-cold water a day, you will burn 70 more calories than you would if you drank room temperature water.

Exercise Away The Pounds

These calorie burning exercises will help you slim down overtime if you stick to them.  Remember that if you are looking to lose weight, a combination of both diet and exercise is going to be your best bet for quick success.  Begin your calorie burning exercises today with this helpful course for step by step calorie burning.