Cake Decorating Ideas: Bake to Impress

cakedecoratingideasCelebrations all have one thing in common. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, a christening, a wedding or a graduation; when loved ones get together you need a fantastic cake! If you’re a newbie in the kitchen don’t worry, you can check out a simple baking course and start making fantastic treats right now!

Every big occasion needs a delicious cake to dominate the scene. From the classic vanilla and chocolate to exotic mango and tiramisu, a great cake is the mouthwatering centrepiece for any party. With the advent of fondant, icing sugar, gum paste, fillings, and an array of designing tools, basic cake designing has taken a leap to almost anything that you can think off. Have a look at the lessons from Jodi Schweiss and get some great inspiration. Your only limit is your own imagination.

Today’s cakes are a combination of exotic flavors and exquisite designs that take your breath away. Cakes are no longer just desserts; but a canvas to test your skills and creativity. Let your imagination fly and create the cake of your dreams. This article will cover some of the greatest ideas for cake decoration, and get you started thinking about the next beautiful dessert you can create.

Classic Wedding Cake

classic wedding cake

You can never go wrong with a classic, especially a pristine white wedding cake. Four to five tiered levels leave guests marvelling at the centerpiece, and waiting in anticipation for the bride and groom to cut and share with the crowd. Smaller versions for the guests tables work really well, and you can even design cupcakes in the same theme for every individual at the wedding. Despite the white icing, you can select from a huge range of cake flavors to suit any taste. Coffee or buttercream cake, yum! The best part is that it’s simple to decorate a wedding cake, why not have a look at Amy Noelle’s simple wedding cake design tutorial and start practicing yourself!

You can also take your imagination to the shape. Normally square or circular, many wedding cakes are now coming as heart-shaped, for example, to add a further touch of originality.

Themed Wedding Cakes

Another great idea is to match your wedding cake into the theme of the day. Follow the same central colour or flower scheme as you design your cake, and it will all look spectacular.

You can do this very subtly, tying the pink of the bridesmaids dresses in with small pink roses on the cake, or a matching fondant ribbon that underlines the cakes splendid tiers. Add in similar ribbons to the bridesmaid’s hair, and pink roses in their bouquets completes the perfect set.

You could also match the cake with your bridal bouquet. If you are carrying purple orchids, the cake could be adorned with an array of purple orchids. Tie this into all flower arrangements in both the ceremony and the reception, including the flowers on the cake and every guest table to complete the theme. You could even provide individual cupcakes with the same flower design for the guests at their table or to be taken home.

themed wedding cakesTo be really unique, why not match your wedding cake to the season? For winter weddings, go for an icy look on the cake – adorned with snowflakes and frosting. For a spring wedding, choose for wild flowers – both for the cake ornamentation and the real flower arrangements and the bouquet. An autumn wedding cake can have an array of autumn leaves, and a summer wedding may be able to capture the brightness of the sunlight and vibrant colors of this delightful season.  Complete the cake by tying in flavors based on the fruits of the particular season, to give the whole idea a completion.

Similar to using the season, your cake could also reflect the venue you have chosen for the ceremony. For a beach wedding, decorate the cake like the sea, with sea-shells and waves, and to be really special make the traditional white icing blue. Match this with the catering, and offer guests delicious seafood for their meals. If you want to go overboard with this theme, perhaps the entire colour scheme of the wedding could be blue to match the color of the sea, with a hint of blue in your wedding dress, blue in the bridesmaids’ dresses, flower arrangements, and a blue-fondant decorated cake.

On the same page, a woodland wedding will be made truly special by reflecting flora and fauna in your cake design. A little adventurous, but will provide a fantastic addition to the natural theme of your special day. You could tie this into organic vegetarian catering, with a delicious dinner that complements the woodland theme.

This idea can be applied to any common theme that you are after in your cake. Fondant allows you to feature any objects you like on your cake, whether it’s gardening tools you have a passion for or a sports team you want to honour. You could make a great zombie themed wedding cake – delicious with runny jam filling to create the undead look and wonderfully tasty too!

Tell a Story

tell a storyEvery couple has their own romantic story of how they met, what better way to express and share this with your guests than in a wedding cake. It’s a canvas as unique as it is delicious! This is also a great cake decorating idea for an anniversary party or vow renewal, when you might not want a traditional wedding cake.

Depending on where you met your spouse, tie it into your wedding cake design. If it was at a wine tasting, you could put two edible wine bottles or champagne glasses on the top instead of the bride and groom dolls. Or better yet, the entire cake could be in the shape of a wine bottle. Perhaps you met while travelling abroad. Why not make the different tiers into different pieces of luggage, and top off the design with a tribute to the city or the location where you met, you could even sneak in a famous landmark so everyone recognizes it at once.

Your original cake could also be dedicated to an activity that you both enjoy together, whether its music, dancing, or even a particular sport. So long as you both share the passion, you could use this idea to create a very special wedding cake for your perfect day.

Bring Passions into a Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are easy to design, because all you have to think about is what the birthday star loves the most.

For babies, you can get printed pictures on top of the cake, so guests can both marvel at how cute your little bundle of joy is before snacking into a tasty cake. If your daughter wants to be a princess, why not? Flowers and a pink themed cake can transform her special day into one to remember. Top it off with a tiara for her and a pair of fairy wings and she will love the party. You could build her Rapunzel’s tower, or the missing shoe from Cinderella.

birthday cakePerhaps your little man wants to be a rock star? You could decorate the cake with a guitar, or go a step further and get a cake actually shaped like one. Firetrucks are great for future firefighters, or build a rocket ship for your boy who wants to get to the moon. You could go a step sneakier and build a cake with pretty vegetables on top. Once your kids taste how great the fondant versions are, you may be able to entice them with the real thing! Want them to start learning their alphabet? A cake with the first ABC’s will get their interest running.

If your kids love movies, why not recreate their favourite characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo or any of the Disney and Pixar classics for a truly special cake. There are many bakeries that can offer fantastic designs in these themes, or you can use the skills you have learnt in the kitchen to design them yourself!

For the parents, your child’s first birthdays are treasured memories. Unfortunately though, your little one isn’t going to remember any of it – no matter how extravagant it is.

What you will have is a set of great photographs from the day. So why not craft your cake with this in mind, and do something special? You could add a design that matches their favourite dress, or a cherished soft toy. If they are a little older you could give them a purple cake for lovers of Barney the Dinosaur, Dora the Explorer, or any edible version of their favourite characters. It will be money well spent when you see their face light up as you bring the cake out!

You could even design the cake to be a present, the last gift of your childs special day. Fantastic if your little one loves presents – and don’t we all?

A simple idea, but one of the most classic decoration techniques for a birthday cake. Add numbers as a tribute to how old your special little one is turning, it also makes for some great photos to treasure – you’ll never forget which birthday the photos are from!

You could even take this a step further and instead of just adoring the cake with numbers actually shape the cake itself into their age. Get creative and decorate the final cake with their favorite colors and flavors, it will top off a fantastic birthday.

It gets more difficult to make a special cake as your children get older, but that doesn’t mean your teenagers don’t deserve a unique cake! Make their birthday great and design a cake especially for them.

You’re going to have to do a little research here. Is it Spiderman or Batman’s latest movie that your offspring is totally crazy for? Are pirates like Jack Sparrow still even cool? Or is there a new game that has 110% of their attention at all times, just make sure you get it right between Candy Crush or Angry Birds!

Pick a theme for the cake that matches their favorite hobby. It could be a violin or a saxophone for the budding musician, or you could add in a whole artsy theme to show you appreciate your kids interests. A cake shaped like a palette or an easel would be fantastic for a wannabe Picasso! If you’ve just hit the legal age where your teenager is hankering for their license and a car of their own, why not add some style and build them a fantastic new car as their birthday cake. Book lovers will be surprised their parents have such an insight into their life if you give them a cake with their favourite book cover designed on the top.

Sport loving kids will be very happy with a cake that matches their interest. If your son just made the soccer team, why not craft a cake with a soccer scene on the top? For a cheerleader a cake in their team colors complete with a set of pom-poms will be loved. Ballet shoes to suit the ballerina, or a chemistry themed cake for a science loving child. A tribute to Shakespeare would be a fantastic cake for a teenager who loves literature, or you could even add some equations if your teenager is a budding mathlete – just be sure you get the answers right!

There are literally thousands of ideas you can use to show you appreciate and encourage your teenagers interests with a themed birthday cake.

Anniversary Cake Designs

Anniversary Cake Designs

Why not make an anniversary one to remember and create a miniature version of your wedding cake? Simple and easy – especially if you’re making it cupcake size! You could also choose a favourite photo from your wedding and get it printed on the cake. You could even choose a picture of you cutting the cake, printed on a new cake – a cake with a cake on it! If that’s not what you’re looking for you could always imitate your wedding bands, of course designing a cake with them a little bit bigger than the real thing.


A classic for new graduates, decorate a cake complete with graduation caps and the diploma. You’ll get more brownie points if you add in a big “Congratulations,” or if it’s a high school ceremony why not add the logo for the college they’ve been accepted into. This could double as a great going-away party cake.


Halloween is the time to be especially creative with you cake decorations. Add to the horror theme with classic pumpkins and spider webs, or go all out and choose from skulls, ghouls, spiders to eyeballs and tombstones. The scariest cake is the perfect addition to a great Halloween party!

Another fun option for Halloween is a “gross out” cake that looks like blood and guts or a kitty litter box! This is of course best for an adult party, not a party filled with kids.

Everything else

You’re not limited to these occasions only, there’s plenty of chances to decorate a cake – whatever the reason!

  • For a christening pick a colour scheme for a christening that is pink or blue, and decorate it with edible accessories for your child.

  • In an engagement ceremonies, the perfect cake could depict the rings to be exchanged between the couple.

  • No Christmas is complete without traditional cakes, especially plum puddings and fruit cake. To add to the theme, decorate each with a Santa Claus, reindeers driving a sleigh or a big stack of presents – or what says Christmas more than mistletoe?

  • Celebrate friendship day with your best friends and decorate a delicious cake with a friendship bracelet, or hobbies you love to share together.

  • For a kid’s party, consider making a bunch of mini cakes, covering them in white icing, and allowing each child to decorate their own with sprinkles and colored icing.

  • Bake a cake for your parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day decorated with their favourite hobbies; perhaps its gardening or reading for your mom, golf and football for your dad.

  • Fresh fruit is an easy way to decorate a cake no matter what the occasion, plus the added benefit is that the topping is edible.

  • Chocolate makes cake decorating easy. Simply melt chocolate, use a bag to pipe designs on parchment paper, and allow to cook. You’ll have fun decorations you can stick in your cake. You can also make beautiful chocolate curls for an elegant design.

  • Play around with the different tips available for icing bags. You can test designs on a piece of parchment paper first, then scope the icing back into the bag to use on the cake. No waste!

  • Finally why not spice up a retirement party, and make a cake designed as a hammock, or an encouraging message as they move into the next phase of their life. The perfect reminder to relax a little bit and enjoy retirement, now is the time you can really start living.

Cakes are a delicious way to complete any occasion. The best part is that cooking and decorating them are also fun! You have a huge range of flavors to be truly unique in whatever you create, and so many different ways to design them you’ll be eager to bake – whatever the occasion. Once you get your skills mastered, why not make some instructional video’s for your friends? This great course will teach you how to create a perfect cooking video to show off your newly found cake decorating skills. Even the most figure-conscious person won’t be able to resist taking a bite of the delicious cakes you have decorated and made. Long live cakes!