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c# methodMethod in C# is a group of statements that work together to perform a task. Every C# program contains at least one class which has a method named main. In any C# program, the statements are executed by calling the method and specifying any required method arguments. In C#, any instruction which is executed, is executed in the context of a method. To use methods in C#, two steps need to be followed. First you need to define a method and then you need to call the method, which has been defined, at an appropriate place in the program. Here we are going to study about the C# methods in detail. We will study about how these methods are defined and how can these be called in a program.

Before we begin our detailed discussion about methods, it would be a good idea to learn some of the basic programming techniques in C#. Learning these basic programming techniques is important because the concept which is being discussed here, C# methods, can be understood completely and effectively only when you will be familiar with the other related concepts like classes. Hence it is important to learn the basics. If you are a complete beginner in C# then it is highly advisable for you to go through this programming course for complete beginners in C#. This course will help you to develop an understanding of the language and will enable you to understand the concepts which are being discussed here. You can also read this blog post about learning C# to further enhance your knowledge about this programming language.

Now that we have the basic understanding about programming in C#, let us begin our discussion about C# methods.

Introduction to Methods in C#

As has already been discussed, a method is basically a group of statements. These statements work together to perform a task and each C# program must at least have one class with a method named main. Now how exactly can methods be used in a program. For using a method in a C# program, two steps need to be followed. These steps are to first define a method and then to call that method in the program appropriately. We are going to discuss both these steps here in detail. We will study the proper syntax required for defining a method and will also discuss about the different techniques which can be used for calling a method.

Defining Methods in C#

Declaring the elements of the structure of a method is known as defining the method.The syntax which is used for defining a method is given as,

<Access Specifier> <Return Type> <Method Name> (Parameter List)
 Method Body

The various terms which have been used in the above syntax have been explained below:

As the name suggests, the access specifier specifies the accessibility of the variable or the method. The access specifier determines the visibility of a variable or a method from some other class.

Some methods can return a value. The data type of the value that the method returns is known as the return type of a method. In case the method does not return any value, then in such cases the return type is always void. The value that a method returns can be of any data type like integer or double. The code for the data type should be used very carefully as even a small mistake here can affect the output of the program adversely.

The name of the method which is being defined is known as the method name. The method name is unique and is also case sensitive. Any method name cannot be the same as the name of any other identifier declared in the class. It has to be absolutely unique.

The parameters are used to pass and receive data from a method and these are enclosed within the parentheses in a program. The parameter list refers to the type, order, and number of the parameters of a method. Parameters are optional; that is, a method may contain no parameters.

The method body contains the set of instructions which are required to complete the necessary activity.

This is how the methods are defined in C#. The syntax which has been discussed above is to be used with the appropriate terminology which has also been discussed in detail and in this way you can define a method correctly. Here is an amazing course about the introduction of programming in C# which will teach you about data types and other related concepts in C# and will help you in understanding the concept of methods in a better way.

Calling Methods in C#

The simplest way to call a method is to call it by using the name of the method. This is the most general way in which the methods are called and is the most widely used one as well. Another way is to call a public method from some other class by using the instance of the class. This technique is used only in some particular cases where a public method is being used.

Another important concept which is going to be discussed with the calling techniques is Recursion. Recursion is a process by which a method can call itself.

Another important concept is about the methods with parameters. Whenever a method with parameters is called, the parameters must also be passed to the method. The parameters can be passed in C# by using methods like value parameters, reference parameters and output parameters. This course about the programming techniques in C# will help you in understanding these concepts in a better way.

This was all about methods in C#. Here we discussed the concept of methods in detail and all the related concepts were also properly discussed. We discussed all the techniques of defining and calling the methods and also studied relevant syntax for each of the techniques. Till now, our discussion has been theory based. We have discussed the syntax for the different functions on methods but have not actually written or complied any code to see how it actually works. To become a master in any programming language, it is very important to supplement the theoretical learning with the right practical training to completely understand all the concepts.

We have studied all the concepts theoretically and so now the next logical step for us would be to implement these concepts to some practical problems to gain valuable experience and to iron out any flaws that might be there. This beginners course in C# which provides a number of useful lessons and exercises will provide you with all the resources you will require to refine your knowledge and to gain the all important practical knowledge about methods in C#. This course has been specifically designed keeping the requirements of the beginners in C# in mind and hence it will prove equally beneficial for the users of all experience levels. So take this course and start learning!

Page Last Updated: April 2014

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