Business Card Design Inspiration: Top Business Card Design Trends

Business Card Design InspirationYour business card is one of the most prized and important marketing tools that you can have.  It is going to provide your contact information to potential clients, employers, and customers to establish connections and create solid networks.  As such, you are going to want to make your business card as professional, attractive, and as memorable as possible.  Business card design inspiration can come from anywhere, but it is helpful to look at some of the top trends of business card design to ensure that you will stand out in 2014. Learn how to create a professional logo for your business card with this course.

Business Card Design Inspiration

Eco Friendly and Sustainable In today’s business environment, we place a strong emphasis on Earth-friendly practices.  If you have a business card that reflects sustainability, you could make a positive statement to employers, customers, and other people in your industry that indicates you are environmentally friendly.  Not only that, but eco friendly and sustainable creations generally appear very modern, classic, and simple at the same time.

Example:  Consider using a seed packet as a card or a stamp based card.  These ideas can allow you to reuse old paper.

Non-Traditional Shapes Just because they are being handed does not mean that business cards need to stick to standard four corner cards.  Creating a different and non-traditional business card shape will help you stand out from the crowd.  These days, a lot of print vendors are making designing different shapes of business cards easier by offering more creative shapes and size options at reasonable prices.  Some of these newer and popular design trends include: squares, circles, ovals, and rounded rectangles.

Letter Press or Stamp Effects Texture papers and old-fashioned looking presses and stamps are making a comeback in the design world and moving onto business cards.  Because it would take a while to make a large amount of handcrafted designs, these old fashioned looks are being recreated digitally.  Letterpresses will indent a design on a business card to give it a beveled touch, and the ink will highlight the pressing.

Minimalist Design If you are looking to keep things simple, a minimalist design for a business card is an easy way to isolate a design and keep things simple and catchy at the same time.  Often times, business cards can be too busy or colorful in a small amount of space.  People and business are realizing that you only need to display your basic information and an elegant logo to get the point across.  Negative space can also be an easy way to create a simple and classic business card design for any industry.  You can combine a minimalist design with the above letter press trend for a unique business card design.

Interactive An interactive business card is a new trend that has continued since 2011.  Because of all the new technology advancements and programs designed for the printing industry, interactive business cards are a thing of the present and the future.  Take a look at some effects that a 3D printer can achieve to see how people are keeping things 3D and interactive these days.

Unique Unique business cards are a design trend that will not go outdated.  Design itself is meant to be imaginative and creative – and inspiration should never be mundane.  When creating a business card, do not try to think it should meet the typical business card “standards” of ones you have seen in the past.  Try to stand out from the crowd.  It is the 21st century, and things are becoming more innovative and unique as they progress.

Typography Typography is a popular design for not just business cards, but for other design layouts.  It focuses on arranging type of words in a way that will make the language appear to appealing and recognizable to its readers.  When you are working with typography for business cards, make sure that your text is legible and neatly spaced.  Once you have that down, you can contour the font size and add weight to some of your text for emphasis and effect.  You can even highlight different portions of the text or card with different colors to attract attention to your website, email, or social media handlers, for instance.

Symbolism or Imagery business card design inspirationJust like in storytelling, symbolism and imagery are good ways to make your business card appear less oppressive and stand out to your clients or other professionals.  Instead of saying things with font or text, use pictures or symbols to tell what you do or what your purpose is.  For example, if you run a catering business, then have a picture of a popular food item, or spoon and fork on your business card.  Try to keep a lot of text from overwhelming or eating up the entirety of your business card; it could make things look discouraging or overwhelming to those who see it.

Origami or Cut Outs Talk about some interesting looking business cards!  Origami or cut out style business cards is a unique trend that is setting the creative bar high.  This is truly 3D imagination at work.  For a lot of new printing companies, this could be a tough feat to conquer, but it will definitely leave those you give your business card to in awe.

Tips For Successful Business Cards

  • Have a Purpose in Mind
  • Cover Your Bases
  • Include a Photo
  • Utilize the Back
  • Make it Readable
  • Do not use Boarders
  • Choose your Colors Wisely
  • Don’t Skimp on Paper Quality
  • Consider Paper Thickness
  • Define Your Business or Self
  • Update regularly To Keep Information Current
  • Double Check and Proofread

Design Your Business Card with Inspiration

Business cards are one of the most utilized and tried and true tools of business; and it is important that you make yours look the best.  Use the above trends as design inspiration, and enroll in this course here for a helpful step by step course on creating your own business card with traditional or e-design.