budgeting toolsThere are several budgeting tools available online, and the best part is that many of them are completely free. You just need to know how to set a proper budget and you’re ready to go. Some of these tools require you to manually enter your information while others can link your accounts for automated tracking.

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Each tool has a great set of instructions that makes them easy to use for those that already know the basics of budgeting. If you already have solid budgeting skills, you should be able to setup an account and get started right away. It is recommended that you learn how to setup an effective budget before tackling any budgeting tool.

1. Mint.com

When it comes to free budgeting tools, Mint.com is one of the best. You can link and monitor all your financial accounts including savings accounts, retirement accounts and even student loan accounts and insurance policies. Your profile will also let you set up a budget, establish financial goals and get bill notices sent to your phone. It will also help you save money by searching the markets for you to find lower interest rates on credit cards and investment tools that provide higher interest rates. It truly is the one-stop-shop when it comes to free financial tools.

2. Manilla.com

Just like with Mint.com, Manilla.com allows you to link and monitor all your accounts but also includes the ability to link and monitor rewards clubs, coupon sites and vouchers. You can link your profile for customer programs at hotels, car rental agencies and airlines for instant reservation and payment. It also lets you set up bill payment options for easily paying your bills online.

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3. BudgetTracker.com

For those that don’t like linking their personal financial information and accounts to websites, BudgetTracker.com is another alternative. With BudgetTracker.com, you enter your account and transaction information manually. You do not need to enter account numbers, just name them so you know which accounts the profile is referring to. This will allow you to track and calculate your finances without linking personal information to other websites.

4. BudgetPulse.com

BudgetPulse.com is another free website that doesn’t require you to link your accounts to the website. Just like with BudgetTracker.com, you enter your information manually and identify your accounts by name without entering account numbers. It has all the same features and is a serious competitor of BudgetTracker.com.

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5. PayPivvy.com

Each financial tool has its strengths and weaknesses. PayPivvy.com shines when it comes to tracking joint expenses. With PayPivvy.com, you can easily separate expenses into separate accounts and track each person’s obligation to the expense. This works great when splitting expenses such as car rentals, hotel rooms and airline tickets. It is a great tool to use for separating joint vacation and business expenses.

6. BillPin.com

BillPin.com is another website that makes tracking joint expenses easy. It is just like PayPivvy.com and provides all the same features. It also have a mobile website that you can use from any smartphone. Just like PayPivvy.com, it can help you separate joint expenses such as hotel rooms, car rentals and airline tickets into separate, manageable accounts.

These are some great tools to help you budget your money better. However, they only work when you know how to set a good budget. Remember, the tools you use are only as good as your ability to use them. Take an online course to learn how to setup a budget and organize your financial life.

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